Thrash Art: HeXen open up about new album

Posted by NichTheHair on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 4:04 PM (PST)

Los Angeles-based melodic thrash metallers HeXen have sent a few text messages officially announced their new album, Being and Nothingness. What’s that? Haven’t heard of HeXan? Because I’m a nice guy, I included a wee video on the next page of some well weilded melo-thrash that I thoroughly enjoyed. Normally, I’m not a thrash guy, which this predominantly is. However, these guys really exploit the opportunity to take their song structure to the next level and push the envelope further into their capabilities.

Sooooo…their new album from Pulverised Records has been described to be one that is poised to separate them from the mill, not just another novelty. The track listing for Being and Nothingness looks brave, they are taking on an eight part nocturne suite.  It has been four years since they released their debut, State of Insurgency.

HeXen commented saying:

“We are completely stoked for this long worked on; long awaited second release and we can’t wait to showcase this opus live to all our fans. Unlearn what you have learned about metal!”

I like that. “Unlearn what you have learned about metal!”

Click here for a good shot at the hand-painted art for Being and Nothingness and track listing.

Grave New World
Defcon Rising
Private Hell
Walk As Many, Stand As One
Stream Of Unconsciousness
Indefinite Archetype
The Nescient
Nocturne –
i. Opus 55 № 1 in Fmin
ii. Out of Reach
iii. Existential Crisis
iv. Entrance of the Absurd
v. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
vi. With Salvation I Persist
vii. Elegy of the Night
viii. End in Purplexity


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