Three songs mentioning “Christmas” and “Hell”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, December 24, 2012 at 2:23 PM (PST)

Happy Ho Ho Ho. While it is undisputed that Christian Metalcore band August Burns Red’s Sleddin’ Hill pretty much kicks ass, we also should approach this “Christmas” thing from a “Metal” perspective and thus…three songs mentioning “Christmas” and “Hell”. Stop the Tivo of Clark Griswold hanging up Christmas Lights and click HERE (especially if you like Type O, Mours and Sixx:A.M.).

First up we have “Christmas From Hell” by Mours. This song isn’t exactly metal, but rather a spacious and haunting prog-pop song from a short lived band featuring Coheed and Cambria drummer Josh Eppard along with Ant Mas from Session 606, Dave Parker and Kurt Brown of DIVEST/Counterfeit Disaster and Dave Daw of Antidote 8. This song is pretty cool and has a sense of loneliness and regret merged with swirling guitars and vocals.

Type O Negative is next with “Halloween In Heaven”. My favorite on this list and one of the best late period Type O songs, this epic anthem is uplifting AND miserable! It is perfect and punky, a tribute to Dimebag and other dead musicians like Hendrix and Elvis as well. Just Type O being funny and managing to rock the house down at the same time. The bridge break bassline is a sure pit starter. R.I.P.

Sixx:A.M. is last with “X-mas In Hell”, an atmospheric track from “The Heroin Diaries”. It features 1986 Nikki Sixx narrative about missing friends and family naked under a Christmas tree in a Mansion in California. Shooting up heroin. “I didn’t speak to a single person today.Why should I ruin their fuckin’ Christmas?” asks Sixx, before odd Danny Elfman-esque pop metal evolves into a subverted ‘Carol Of The Bells”.

Well, this kind of ended up more about drugs and depression than the devil or something but…Hail Santa!!!

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