Time falls back: Four October recommendations

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 12:01 PM (PST)

Another month has passed us by. The time has just fallen back, meaning shorter and darker days are upon us. The situations we’re in seem to get darker, too, with each passing day. If you’re here reading this then you, like me, probably turn to music to deal with the shit going on in the world. The sun continues to rise and set, and for those of us who see it rise and see it set, we have an obligation, a duty, to do our best to make the world suck a little fucking less each and every day. Hopefully these four albums can be your soundtrack for that.

Check out the four albums I enjoy the most this month here.

  1. High on Fire have returned with their follow-up to 2015’s LuminiferousElectric Messiah is the band’s eighth studio album. With cover art that will give you nightmares (or at least inspire your next game of Dungeons and Dragons) Electric Messiah brings an offering to a late great – Lemmy. In fact, the title track is an ode to that bad-ass on the bass himself – “All give praise as the ace hits the stage // All are amazed at the cards that he played // My homage paid to the king in his grave // He’s playing bass & he’s melting your face.” Check out the title track, and if you dig it (you will) check out the full album.

  2. Windhand are back with Eternal Return. This is their  fourth studio album and the follow up to 2015’s Grief’s Infernal Flower. Windhand remain one of my favorite doom metal bands and they do not disappoint with this album. I’m going to recommend “Pilgrim’s Rest” for folks to check out. It’s one of the shortest tracks on the album at 3:17 while remaining representative of the band’s and the album’s sound.

  3. Third on the list is probably the album I’m most excited about, The Browning‘s Geist. Geist is the band’s second album with Spinefarm Records and the follow up to 2016’s Isolation. It is the band’s fourth album overall. I constantly staying losing my shit over The Browning’s combination of electronic music and heavy metal, and in this respect Geist doesn’t disappoint. Check out “Carnage” which features a lyric from Jake Hill.

  4.  My fourth pick for this month is Iron Reagan‘s Dark Days Ahead EP. Before this EP, Iron Reagan had earlier this year released a split with Gatecreeper and last year released their third studio album Crossover Ministry. The whole EP will take less than eight minutes to listen to, but if you need something to convince you to check it out, here’s the title track.

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