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Tom Hess joins Rhapsody of Fire, band issues free download of “Aeons Of Raging Darkness” from upcoming album, “From Chaos To Eternity”

Posted by NichTheHair on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 12:39 PM (PST)

Tom Hess, the guitar virtuoso well known worldwide for his unique guitar skills and for being the creator of the famous online guitar courses, is now officially a new member of Rhapsody Of Fire! He recorded most of the rhythmic parts of the new upcoming album “From Chaos To Eternity” (out on June, 17th) and also two guitar solos!

Keyboardist Alex Staropoli comments: “I saw Tom Hess playing on stage several times and always got impressed by his great stage presence and his way of playing. When I have heard the rhythmic and the solo guitars he recorded for Rhapsody Of Fire I was blown away, I could feel that strong presence in between every single note”.

Rhapsody of Fire’s “From Chaos To Eternity” is slated for release June 17th on Nuclear Blast.

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Guitarist Luca Turilli adds: “I know Tom since many years. He is a great person, a good friend of mine and I am not surprised of the success he’s having teaching his guitar techniques all around the world. I am really proud to have built a strong partnership with him and I will always thank him for the support he gave me when I decided to create my Neoclassical Revelation Guitar Course. Therefore I am really honored to present Tom to all the fans of Rhapsody Of Fire as I am sure he will be the one who, through his artistic talent and unique skills, will make the difference in this band for the years to come!”

And now a true gift from Rhapsody Of Fire to all their fans around the world.

From the new album “From Chaos To Eternity” you can download for free the most brutal song composed by Luca and Alex and entitled “Aeons Of Raging Darkness”.

“Such a song is dedicated to all the innocent people victims of the war, of the abuses, of those acts of violence that on a daily basis rape the soul of our wonderful planet” says Luca.

Click here to be linked to the download of “Aeons Of Raging Darkness.”

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