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Touchstone Discuss Latest Album, The City Sleeps

Posted by JDKleinhans on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 4:58 PM (PST)

January’s week 2 Cover Art Battle Winner, Touchstone, took a moment to talk about their latest album’s, The City Sleeps, cover art.

Touchstone guitarsist / SFX & Artwork guru, Adam Hodgson, took a moment to speak about this splendid piece of work: “Very happy to receive the award, the cover was actually very quick to come together in design… I had the plan in my head that this cover should be more of an emblem rather than a landscape that I had done for previous releases.

“I wanted something that could be recognised and used across all other mediums for posters / merch / t-shirts. The emblem is the crest for the mythical city of Archangel created for Wintercoast and it follows the theme from the story within the tracks.

“The actual images is a real big PhotoShop “mash up” of a statue in the city of Dusseldorf and some other elements from other references. Also if you look closely there are parts of every other album cover in the image also… the image itself took a very long time cutting out all my location shots and then creating the finished design, it looks symmetrical but I have changed little elements so its not a straight mirror –

“I think in the end there is over 150 separate layers making up the image. The background texture is a tapestry I photographed in a church in Rome changed in Photoshop again and the ”blood splat’ is a stock image. Other items in the artwork show images of the city gates which I created from location shots taken in Berlin. I am really happy with the way it looks and seeing it all over the world now really great… thanks again for the chance to talk about the cover and check out the album.

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