Turbid North throw down some major metal with “The Pyramid Drones”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 8:52 AM (PST)


Turbid North have been a lower radar favorite for a few years now, one of the best kept secrets of extreme metal. The new tune “The Pyramid Drones” could change that. Complete with a performance video that combines truly sick death metal chops that rips like old Morbid Angel combined with the fatter, sludgier earlier Mastodon sound many miss, this song is is a bigger grand slam than you can half finish at Denny’s. Complete with Illuminaughty sounding song title that reminds us all to not be toooo shocked at the troops still being stuck in Afghanistan. Never trust anybody.

Actually, nevermind. “The Pyramid Drones” is taken from Turbid Norths forthcoming album, Eyes Alive to drop on the bands own label, November 20th. Guitarist Nick Forkel described it as a dystopian sci-fi concept album that takes place in a future where the sun is a red giant and most people are forced to live underground. It follows one mans life in this society from when he first discovers whats been hidden from him, up to his final days and the hard journey he had to take in-between.”

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