Turisas stream new song “The Great Escape”

Posted by Dudehammer on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 5:30 PM (PST)

Finnish Viking metallers Turisas have teamed up with Decibel magazine to stream a new song called “The Great Escape” from their upcoming album “Stand Up and Fight” which will see release March 8th, 2011 on Century Media. A link to the song, and an in-depth description of the song from frontman Mathias Nygård can be found here.

“‘The Great Escape’ is a song about the legendary Harald Hardrada of Norway, who is one of the historical figures featured in the story running through The Varangian Way and Stand Up And Fight albums. Harald was a Norwegian prince in the 11th century who was forced into exile and his path took him down south to the Byzantine Empire, where he made a career as a mercenary in the so-called Varangian Guard — an elite mercenary force of the Byzantine army, which in those days consisted mainly of Scandinavian and Eastern European troops. He served from around 1034 to 1042, when events back home in Norway started to pull him back. He asked the Emperor for permission to leave, but it was denied. According to the legend he then summoned his men and snuck down to the Golden Horn — the sound in the heart of Constantinople which was cut off from the Bosphorus with a heavy chain running all the way across it. They manned the ships and ran them heavily against the chain, so that the bow would lie on top of the chain, and then the men ran from the stern to the bow to shift the weight of the vessel and tilt them over the chain. Some of the ships broke in half, but some made it over, and so Harald and his men escaped and started the long journey back home. Later, Harald claimed the throne of Norway and while attempting to conquer England, he died at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 which is regarded as the end of the Viking Era.”

The song can be streamed here.

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