Venom Prison announced as direct support for Suicide Silence

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 2:19 PM (PST)


One of our current top favorites Venom Prison have been announced as direct support for Suicide Silence on an upcoming brief UK run. This reflects well on Suicide Silence. Honestly, Venom Prison are on fire right now and while Suicide Silence are great live…well, Venom Prison are hungry and out to take heads right now. If the sound guy doesn’t duck down the levels of the opener like in many wussy tour packages, there is actually a risk Venom Prison could hand Suicide Silence their ass a little bit (except of course the crowd will favor the band they know better). Still, I love when headliners are down with not having shit openers to make themselves look better and I would skip across the pond not to see these dates (and to escape “Agent Orange”) lickety split if I could.

Whether you like what some have dubbed “Kornicide Silence” or not, these shows will be dope.

The early days of Suicide Silence pushed us into wider ranges of heavier music and diversified our influences, there is no doubt that Suicide Silence are an influential and phenomenal live band to this day” remarked VENOM PRISON.

Extreme music is an impressively broad spectrum, and if anything, fans are deprived of the opportunity to explore and diversify their tastes in the same way that we did, due to increasingly tight and niche sub-genres. This tour provides an opportunity to spread our debut full length ‘Animus’ to yet another audience and it allows those fans to embrace a newer band like Venom Prison, with whom they may not yet be familiar.”



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