Video: Arch Enemy Studio Update II

Posted by NichTheHair on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 12:22 PM (PST)

Swedish death metallers Arch Enemy bestow unto us the second glimpse into their recording process. This update focuses on a bit of guitar, but primarily bassist Sharlee D’Angelo thumping away on his Iceman. The end of the video promises lead guitars and vocals in the next update, so stay tuned!

“Khaos Legions” is due out in May on Century Media.

Click here to watch the update and read about what gear Sharlee uses on his recordings for “Khaos Legions.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the low end is firmly in place! After a long day of ploughing through an absolutely massive array of bass guitars, different amps and cabs, and various other electronic gadgets the choice finally fell on my white custom shop Ibanez Iceman run through an MXR Bass D.I.+ and an Aguilar Tonehammer into an Aguilar DB751 head and a DB810 cab, complimented by a Marshall VBC 412 cab, hidden behind a veritable forest of expensive microphones on serious looking mic stands. And the result? Fucking awesome, people! Our engineer Rickard Bengtsson is an audio nerd with a rock’n’roll backbone who does not give up until he finds what he’s looking for – and thank fuck for that. Cause the songs on this album really need to be presented in the best way possible. Having laid down all the bass tracks now I just can’t wait for everybody to hear the album, and to play all these songs live for you all! But we’re not quite there yet, next up are blistering leads from the depths of hell…”

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