Vital Remains won’t play on stage with Jesus, crowd chants mean,funny blasphemy

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 9:38 AM (PST)

It’s too bad about that racist Trayvon Martin hoodie  that death metal’s not so favorite community watch/do gooders Vital Remains made for Stand Your Ground (TM), because this anti-Jesus tantrum viral video is pretty funny and on point as a protest (considering Disney banning metal acts from House Of Blues lately for “objectionable content”). But I doubt I’ll ever really listen to these dudes much again. I’d rather hear a band with Tim Yeung or Glen Benton STILL in it, anyway. dear Jesus, please let the next Morbid Angel album be good like the recent Deicide thankfully was.

Anyway, a club owner wants her cross back and the band object to it being on stage, blah, blah. Brian Werner takes the cross and says “Give it to me, we’re gonna have some fun with that” :


And cuz I miss George Carlin: [youtube][/youtube]

Meanwhile somewhere some guy just shot a 50 year old black man in the back 8 times . That link goes to the twitter of the baldest white dude I can think of besides me and Billy Corgan, techno artist Moby. Moby links to the shooting article. He is white. Maybe now some of you will believe it is a problem. Hail Satan. #blacklivesmatter


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