Wacken Open Air Exclusive: John Kevill and Carlos Cruz of Warbringer

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 11:07 AM (PST)

We here at Metal Riot were lucky enough to get over to Wacken Open Air in Germany and on top of that, secure an interview with thrash metal torch bearers Warbringer on Friday, August 3. John and Carlos were nice enough to give us a bit of their time and we got to ask them a few questions. Find out answers to critical questions about unicorns, Iron Maiden and whats next for Warbringer.

You can read the interview here and stay tuned for more interviews and Wacken reviews over the next couple of days.

What is the scene like for you coming from the states? Is it a totally different thing?

John: Different, yes and no. It’s a little less mainstream in the States in the way that its more popular here is actually a very good thing. Large shows like this one we are at right now really do a lot to further bands careers. In the States, you kind of hammer it out or make it over here and coast into the States by reputation of being over here. That does happen.

What do you think of the female presence here?

J: There are a lot more girls over here. It’s not viewed as much as an outsider thing over here. People are more use to it. There are more bands at shows. In the states, thrash and death metal is like purely a guy thing.

We spoke to John Henry (of Darkest Hour) earlier and found out that there is a rule that you don’t shit on the tour bus. Is that a universal thing?

J: Yes, that’s true.

Carlos: I was working for Isis and their previous drum tech had shit on the tour bus twice and he didn’t get fired for that, but for some reason he parted ways with them, and they told me the story of walking by the bathroom and smelling something.

Have you ever shit yourself on stage?

J: No, no, I have never shit myself on stage and I never will god damn it because I am not five fucking years old. I will run off and shit on the side of the stage if I have too. It’s never come to that but I will if I have to. I will never shit myself on stage.

C: Worst case you have to take a piss like right before and the intro is rolling but you just sweat it out. One way or another you’re good.

Unicorn or Pegasus?

C: Pegasus.

J: Pegasus. A unicorn for some reason is the weakest of magical beasts. First you get like trolls, orcs, ogres goblins, that’s like my A tier. Pegasus, that’s still pretty wimpy, but it’s not as wimpy as a fucking unicorn. Pegasus you can get out of there and unicorns…people hunt you for your fucking horn.

You could tape a horn or dildo to your Pegasus if you wanted?

J: I wouldn’t want a dildo growing out of my skull. Give me a Pegasus with wings of steel.

We saw you guys play with Finntroll back in 2008 at the Middle East in Boston and the lead singer of Finntroll (Vreth) was drinking a martini on the stage after the set and some girl called him a “faggot” and he spit his entire drink in the girls face…do you remember that?

J: I don’t remember that but that’s awesome. Hey look, James Bond drinks a martini. You can’t say you are a faggot for drinking a martini.

What’s up next for you guys?

C: We have been in Europe for 5 weeks now and we have one week left.

J: No, one month to the day as of tomorrow!

C: Whatever!

J: Get your facts right dude. You can’t say something wrong or the time police will stop you. You cannot escape from the time police.

C: Yeah…well, it ends not this Monday but the following Monday and after that we will be taking a break and working on new materiel and you know, working on other aspects of the band because this tour run has been going on since October. We have played like 200 shows, 180 shows. You know Metallica scheduled like that back in their hey day when they hit the grind. Now they can play one show and they will be fine for the next year or 5 years.

Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath?

J: Those were both my favorite band at one period or another. So, I don’t know dude I am going to call it a dead even tie. Sabbath got me into Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath was my favorite band, which then Iron Maiden became my favorite band and then I got into all kinds of other metal. So, both of them are pretty much a dead tie. Also both of the things they do well are completely different. Black Sabbath is a loose, like jam band based on big lumbering riffs and Iron Maiden is about gallops, soaring vocals and harmonies…totally different. Dead tie. Great at what they do and I love both of them.

C: For me it would probably be the place and time. More so now I would probably pick Sabbath because I like the early vibe that they gave off and the idea of creating something completely new. I try to put myself in the mindset of well, 40 years ago my guitar turned into this distorted noise petal and I just changed the face of what is known as music. I had my Iron Maiden phase for sure but I would pick Sabbath. Huge fan of both bands and they both have their place in influencing us.

Well can we buy you guys a beer?

Both: Yes.

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    Hell yeah!!! It was a fucking awesome time hanging with these guys.

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