Walking Bombs, Gridfailure and friends unite to flip off Trump

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, September 30, 2016 at 9:41 AM (PST)

Morgan Evans, Laurie Safdie, Jay Andersen

Morgan Evans, Laurie Safdie, Jay Andersen

Hey folks. Taking a break from being stoked as hell on Luke Cage to spread some cool news. My solo/collaborative project Walking Bombs is an ongoing mutation of genres, inspired by the likes of Pigface, Ulver or Josh Homme’s Desert Sessions to never quite be stuck in one mode. I’ve got an EP out in a month or so called PEACE QUEST and Pre Orders went live yesterday as well as a stream of the first song “Demagogue” at Bandcamp and over at Blow The Scene right HERE.

“Demagogue” is a team up between myself, Surmiser’s Jay Andersen, doom/punk scene lifer Laurie Safdie and Dave Brenner’s disgusting noise project Gridfailure to hoist a big collective middle finger to the unfit for office orange sexist menace that is Trump. Blow The Scene wrote that ,” The song’s underbelly consists of naturally dry and driving rock riffs with lyrics taking clear aim at Trump before the song transmutates into a sludgy groove encased in the eerie noise offerings of Gridfailure.”

The PEACE QUEST EP is being mastered entirely by grunge legend Tad Doyle of Tad/Brothers of the Sonic Cloth fame at Witch Ape Studio and was mixed and engineered by Jay Andersen. To have Tad tweak something I was involved in feels amazing and it is so cool we got so many chill people in on this. Almost as cool as taco trucks on every corner!

Trump is so toxic for this country, him and all his sexist, racist followers chanting “cuck” like idiot Minions from Alt-Right Hell. I had these lyrics and enlisted Jay Andersen and my friend from the doom/punk scene Laurie Safdie. I think I met her years ago through our friend Dava She Wolf of Cycle Sluts From Hell/Star & Dagger fame and we kept in touch. Laurie came Upstate and we tracked her and Jay hashing out rhythm patterns, then Jay added guitar. We then sent it to Dave Brenner, the mad genius. Jay had this effected, end guitar riff that sounded like HP Lovecraft jerking off into a black hole and I knew Brenner would add some truly disturbing further layers of societal collapse. He most certainly did.

“Can we seriously get extra love for Laurie Safdie for showing up and creating the frame work of this whole track in a total of 2 hours including tracking with a total stranger on drums and no preconceived structure or progression?” –  Jay Andersen (Surmiser)

Speaking of Further Layers Of Societal Collapse, I kind of gave Brenner the idea for that exact name for his new Gridfailure EP! He used my description in a conversation for the name of the free EP, which you can get a taste of TODAY over at Loudwire’s excellent Rumblings From The Underground column HERE. They are premiering Gridfailure‘s lovely “Woodlands Of Self-Impalement” number! Hails!!!

Me and Jay are actually in the woods of Upstate, NY and promised Brenner we would sample some weird power tool noises and saws and machines for him soon, so “Woodlands Of Self-Impalement” is a fitting title to remind us not to kill ourselves while doing so.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the sounds. Check out the respective art for PEACE QUEST and FURTHER LAYERS OF SOCIETAL COLLAPSE right below.













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