Within Temptation release “And We Run” video feat. Xzibit

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 8:30 AM (PST)


Symphonic metal top sellers  Within Temptation have released a new video from their Hydra release, a very sci-fi enhanced production for the song “And We Run”, which features rapper Xzibit. Startlingly, the sort of baritone barrage rap style of Xzibit sounds pretty cool over the crazy string arrangements and vocal chants of “I can do this epic shit in my sleep” mega talented chanteuse Sharon den Adel.

Hydra features some of the band’s catchiest and most realized material and is one of the most exciting releases in the genre in recent memory (along with tourmate’s Delain’s The Human Contradiction).

The band unleashed the following statement:

The song is about the fact we sometimes get caught up in a situation where we can’t be ourselves; breaking loose and moving on can be difficult but it’s necessary to stay true to who you are. The video is about escaping darkness, solving your issues and moving into a brighter future. Check it out now!

Click HERE to watch the very over the top video. I mean, Xzibit punches down a wall! It’s awesome.


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