Woe stream “The Ones We Lost” with Decibel

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 5:01 PM (PST)


Woe, the favorite black metal band of Blossom‘s Joey Lawrence (I made that up), might not look super corpse painty, but they indeed will harsh your mellow yellow and send you spiralling down into a dark hole of awesome, yet despondent, bottomless black metal anguish. They might look like baristas or your ex girlfriend’s cool older brother who you got to do your homework once before you stole his Pabst and he told his sister he was gonna kick your ass, but they are not just hipsters turned metal weekend warriors. Actually, one of the long haired dudes looks like he would be down to put out a cigarette on your arm. But don’t hold anyone else’s potential intellectual vibes and handsome looks against them.

In all seriousness, Woe is grim AF. Hope Attrition is due soon on Vendetta and today Decibel Magazine offers up “The Ones We Lost,” for those who want to feel even fucking shittier alone on Valentine’s Day. I have watched the heart ripping out and catching on fire of Temple Of Doom a few times today and am obviously also kind of buzzed, so …count me in!

Woe are no joke. When you hear the stream pay careful attention at the 6:48 mark for some sheer brilliance.

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“If the name doesn’t give it away, ‘The Ones We Lost’ is about coming to terms with a loved one’s death,” elaborates founding guitarist/vocalist Chris Grigg. “For me, it is the most draining song of WOE‘s entire catalog. I, the other members of the band, and seemingly everyone I know had to deal with sudden deaths of family and friends over the past few years. Even if you recover, it leaves you changed. The cognitive dissonance between your body’s sense of something fundamentally broken in the world and the world’s indifference never really goes away. I think of this song as the emotional centerpiece of the album, a statement about grappling with the individual’s powerlessness in the face of the ultimate, final uncaring force.


Let me stop being an asshole and say that this song is really dark and moving. I am being glib not because the band isn’t amazing but because my mom has dementia and seeing her today struggling with memories as well as me being single and alone on crappy Valentine’s Day, even if I am on an artistically validating personal path, makes me think how fleeting time and opportunities are. This song sort of hit me hard and underscores that uncomfortable truth, but it is a truth that it is better to face rather than miss a chance to shine. So give chocolates to the one you love or bang a stranger today or punch a Nazi or whatever gets you through the night, but make it count.


Hear ”The Ones We Lost,” now playing at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

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