Eluveitie premiere “King” music video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 11:10 AM (PST)


Swiss folk metal mainstays Eluveitie have premiered the music video for their track “King”.

“King” comes off of the band’s forthcoming album Origins which is due out August 4.

Check out the music video for “King” as well as statements from the band here.

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Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave was a friend and roommate of the late Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. His short-lived project Temple of the Dog, which features members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, was created as a tribute dedication to Wood.

Evergreen Terrace Man Crush “less known metalcore” band contest

Posted by morganyevans on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 9:21 AM (PST)


Ok, boys and girls, girl boys and boy girls. In Metalcore there are certain truths. New England and German Metalcore is still the best, though the Aussies do a pretty fair job of it these days (sans a penchant for some shitty melodic vocals here and there). Cali and West Coast lags behind due to an insistence to still bite on 18 Visions dicks so hard it distracts from what once made 18 Visions cool (but there are a ton of more crust/thrash minded bands out that way who are fucking better than almost anything else here I’m mentioning). Southwest, Texas and Latin America pretty much rule, with bands like Seeker, Powertrip and Xibalba being so heavy they don’t even count as Metalcore.

But yeah, then you get a Florida based band like Evergreen Terrace and they can consistently be the  only good news to ever come out of Florida besides occasional death metal flashes of a return to greatness. Do Evergreen get enough love despite years and years of touring and great albums? Shit, they have an album called fucking Wolf Biker!!! Give them love!!! They are like Shai Hulud or Bleeding Through in that they are quite popular and yet still somehow underrated. Granted, the boys are on a great label these days with Rise and have a big European summer tour, but they worked like beasts for it all when less deserving bands blew past them over the years.

In that spirit of dedication to what matters, let’s host a Metal Riot Metal Core contest. Please go to the corresponding contest post I’ll post to Facebook and leave comments or write us about who, if anyone, is a really deserving Metalcore band who aren’t that well known…and we will give them some press or an interview or some shite here on out humble, horns throwing web site. Ok? Good. I am already biased and thinking about just writing a whole bunch about how awesome We Are Triumphant Records are, so sway my mind if you’ve got a better idea.

Click HERE for an Evergreen Terrace video and tour dates, kids.

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Interview: Hindsight – Growth and Purpose

Posted by morganyevans on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 7:43 PM (PST)


Hindsight is always important, but now there is an important band called Hindsight as well.

Click HERE for our interview with the Pittsburgh hardcore crew about their rock solid full length Draining Satellites. Crank “Unearth, Sustain” and you’ll be hooked from the jump.


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Album Review: Ministry – “Last Tangle In Paris (Live 2012)”

Posted by morganyevans on Monday, July 7, 2014 at 4:04 PM (PST)


You aint gonna sell every fanboy on the latter day line ups of great bands. I know not everyone is ever going to accept Guns N Roses or Smashing  Pumpkins as they are today, though both are still great bands. I can holler about how great current Stratovarius or how cool the 2014 live line up of Prong is or even Danzig (ha, a double tommy victor shout out), but some chuckleheads will still only desire the original or most “classic” era.This is only appropriate in the case of the Misfits, folks. I don’t even mind the current incarnation of Slayer and think Tom and Kerry found the most perfect people to be in the band if it wasn’t gonna be Jeff and Dave (I’m also giddy with excitement about Lombardo playing with legendary political punk assault team Amen).

That said, perhaps the greatest sin of all is when people crap on the latter day works of the great industrial metal giants Ministry. The band survived like radiated cockroaches through so many twists and turns over the years, never beating to anyone else’s drum. There are many, many great Ministry songs written post Psalm 69. Grow up, people. If you missed out on Uncle Al’s anti George Bush trilogy or the gulch heat awesome sauce satire of Houses of The Mole, let alone “Ghouldiggers” from Relapse (easilly one of Al’s most powerful music industry lampooning songs of all time), you should be on suicide watch cuz the snob thing aint workin’ out so cute for ya anymore.

The final Ministry live touring outfit of Al, guitar speed-blazer Mike Scaccia (R.I.P.), theatrical fan fave Sin Qurin, big man Casey Orr on bass and the hellfire drumming of aaron Rossi, was a force of fucking reckoning I’m honored to say I got to witness in their live glory.“Last Tangle in Paris,” an artistic collaboration between UDR Music and 13th Planet Records, Inc., is set for a July 8 North American release and will be available in 2-CD and DVD digipak, BluRay and 2-CD Amaray, 2 X vinyl Gatefold 160 gram configurations, digital audio and video, and as a simple CD
package. Al Jourgensen is a true ringmaster, a roadshow of karma and philosophy married to tattoos, clouds of smoke and a cheshire grin.

Click HERE for more and some footage.

Ereb Altor to decimate Summer Breeze 2014

Posted by morganyevans on Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 11:50 AM (PST)


So, this news is a month old, but I am looking for any reason to post about Ereb Altor today. I am stoned and listening to “Nifelheim”. More people simply need to appreciate the majestic, vast strength of this band.

The festival announcement update from the Summer Breeze folks recently proclaimed:

All fans of harsh, yet epic sounds are already familiar with our next confirmed band: EREB ALTOR are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2014!
The Swedes can be considered the legitimate successors of Bathory, because, just as the viking metal pioneers, EREB ALTOR know too well how to perfectly combine snappy melodies with epic song structures. Add to this a bit of ice-cold nordic atmosphere and what you get is a sonic brew that grabs you and won’t let you go. As an example, may we mention their 2013 album ‘Fire Meets Ice’, the title of which is a pretty accurate description of EREB ALTOR’s music, and that belongs in every proper metal collection. Check it out!

Tickets: http://www.summer-breeze.de/de/tickets/info.html

Some of the other confirmed acts this year include Alcest, Bodyfarm, Of Mice & Men, Enforcer, Biohazard and too many more to list!


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Interview: Tarja – Classical and Rock, Beauty and The Beat

Posted by morganyevans on Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 9:12 AM (PST)


It was very demanding, really demanding for me as a vocalist. But it’s finally an opportunity for me to show that this is what I am…For me, I’ve never had the barrier in my soul, even being in very different genres of music like rock and classical. – Tarja Turunen

Operatic metal songbird Tarja Turunen has paired with respected drummer Mike Terrana to create an unforgettable listening experience in Beauty & The Beat.  Originally intended as a novel, one-time event in 2011, the show garnered critical adoration from fans and media alike. In the Spring of 2013,former Nightwish songstress, Turunen, and drummer Terrana, brought these eclectic sounds to the stage again, touring throughout the world, from Poland to Russia to Mexico, all captured on the 2XCD set, Beauty & The Beat.

The compositions comprising Beauty & The Beat include classic pieces by Bach, Strauss, Mozart and Rossini, without neglecting pure rock numbers from Led Zep, Queen and Tarja’s own work. It’s all combined with an orchestra and choir with more than one-hundred musicians on stage, an enormous sound, spirited drum work and her  angelic voice. Turunen and Terrana complement each other musically. Whereas Terrana bangs his drums with rock attitude, Tarja shines with her crystal clear voice and majestic stage presence all lulled with the warm, full sound of an orchestra.

Turunen elaborates: “The idea of having a symphonic orchestra, choir and Mr. TERRANA on drums was originally mine. Mike has done a recording with drums over classical pieces that I think is great. I immediately imagined it performed live on a stage with a real orchestra as a part of a bigger concept. Ibelieve this kind of combination of instruments, particularly playing mainly classical music, is very unique. I have been making collaborations withorchestras before and I could foresee a great outcome. Our main goal with these kind of concerts is that the younger audience experiences the beauty and power of a symphonic orchestra and choir. Hopefully it will serve as an introduction to classical music for some of our fans.”

It is more evidence that Tarja is doing just fine without Nightwish, who have done well with other singers but as much as I respect those other ladies, none of them come near Tarja’s level of chameleon-like range, vocal strength of such resonant beauty and glass shattering range.”You Take My Breath Away” is less just the opening cut of cd 2 for Beauty & The Beat, but also serves as a statement from fans awestruck at Tarja’s range, composure and beauty. Tarja singing “Kashmir” fully backed by strings is intense. Lot of power there and a must hear experience. I also want to make a side note here and say much respect to Turunen for taking great bands who are younger like Sepiroth or Intérprete out on her rock tours and giving them a big break.

But back to this amazing new collection with Terrana. “Swanheart” from Nightwish is stunning here. The arrangement is mellow, pastoral, sweeping, haunting, and more. Full of golden sorrows, tenderness and longing. If it catches you in the right moment, you will be melted and deeply moved. There are also many great moments of drumming from Mike Terrana, who for the most part manages to really command a lively interraction between his kit drums and the great many string and choir players he at times must help steer or playfully showboat with from behind the kit. A version of the well known “Barber Of Seville” is particularly spirited and fun, a successful merger of worlds. Dave from Megadeth should take some lessons from Tarja and Mike on how to actually play with classical musicians.

It was a pleasure to roll out of bed, make coffee and then talk to Tarja on the phone the other morning. She is just in a league all her own.

Click HERE for the interview.

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Mournful Congregation post Martyrdoom Footage!

Posted by morganyevans on Friday, July 4, 2014 at 10:52 AM (PST)


This is a fuckin’ unexpected treat for my weekend!

From the Mournful Congregation Official Facebook:

Full footage of our second and final performance at this year’s Martyrdoom Fest in NYC.
Thanks to Vinny and the Signature Riff crew for making this possible, along with everyone who came out to our shows!

Next stop is Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen before returning to our desolate shores.

I can’t believe this. I’m thrilled. Was so bummed I wasn’t there but this is next best thing. Click HERE for the footage and keepi it on and on…doom on through the Golden fireworks Dawn.

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Gilby Clarke kicks off tour with Faster Pussycat, Quiet Riot

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 11:42 PM (PST)


Happy 4th, y’all. Let’s celebrate all that the best of American metal and hard rock, in the big stadiums or underground clubs ,  shares a family spirit that transcends conflict and is some of the best fabric of modern society. No longer just outcasts, metal is now part of the national language more than ever. People always say metal bands are the nicest people. Let’s keep changing the game.

Here’s someone best known for playing with two bands as American as Cleveland Browns games and bad apple pie metaphors for a woman’s privates…Guns n Roses and MC5 (and think about it…the MC5 were a buncha commies, right?!!).

Gilby Clarke embarks solo on a worldwide summer tour – kicking off in London, England at The Underworld. Before Clarke crosses the pond, he will deliver to all the fans a new track, which will be announced in the weeks to come.

Recently, Clarke released a new video “Tijuana Jail” – Originally released in 1994, Clarke updated this fan favorite with a 2014 video version that can be seen below.

Best known for his tour of duty with Guns n’ Roses, Gilby Clarke was 17 when he traded Cleveland for Hollywood. A troubadour in the Ronnie Wood tradition: a barroom brawler with attendant Stonesy swagger, plus a catalog of well-written ditties. Clarke joined Guns in the early 90’s as the Use Your Illusion tour kicked off. He appeared on the bands Spaghetti Incident, Live Era ’88-’91 & Greatest Hits albums. Surviving the longest tour in history – Clarke went solo & came out swinging with PawnShop Guitars. A catalog of rock n roll purity: “Tijuana Jail”, “Cure Me or Kill Me… & The Stone’s “Dead Flowers” put this record on many year-end top 10 lists.

Along the way Clarke split time producing worthy bands: LA Guns & The Bronx while touring/recording with Heart, The MC5, Nancy Sinatra & Slash’s Snakepit. Clarke also starred in the CBS TV show Rockstar Supernova with Tommy Lee and joined his new bandmate for an all-star VH1 Rock Honors appearance. Recently, Clarke & his GNR alumni pulled off an amazing Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame performance when the band was inducted in 2012 & continues to play with the ex-gunners from time to time in Kings Of Chaos.

Click HERE for tour dates. Support the Gilbster.

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Final Nachtmystium album will blow you away this August

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 5:40 PM (PST)


Nachtmystium has had some very valuable contributors over the years, but is still at the end of the day Blake Judd’s baby. That said, though I love every era of the troubled black metal band, the latest pending (and final) Nachtmystium album The World We Left Behind is going to destroy pretty much everything in front of and behind it. The record is that good. All drama and controversy surrounding the band aside. it is the best thing Blake has ever had his name (or any alias) on. I was lucky to hear most of it months ago (thanks Blake. Eternal horns for that)…and it is simply a future classic, a landmark of cathartic pain and a humbling yet powerfully bold end to the band’s long quest for meaning amidst nihilism.

The nine song album is set for release on August 5th in North America and August 4th in Europe/Australia/New Zealand via Century Media Records.

Click HERE for track listing.

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Album Review: Mayhem – “Esoteric Warfare”

Posted by morganyevans on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 9:05 AM (PST)


I have been listening to Esoteric Warfare quite a bit, trying to let it sink into my brain, to let it confuse me.Other than the “MILAB” track’s great structural twists and out of body drift through chaos clouds, it is a more straight forward fair than I expected, though still incredibly engaging. While it may not be their violently rawest or most idiosyncratic/experimental release, it is in some ways the most ambitious Mayhem release of all. Whether that ambition is realized is up to the listener.

A more triumphant album marrying raw rage and esoteric philosophy with moments of inspired weirdness would be Inquisition’s masterful Obscure Verses For The Multiverse (yet now, much like most of Mayhem’s career, tragically overshadowed by recent controversy the band seemingly brought on themselves). Mayhem have spent the better part of their career being known for a relatively brief, yet massively infamous period. People can’t listen to them without thinking of it (much like how Nachtmystium’s amazing music takes a back seat to debates about if it is ok to like Blake or who really wrote what on which Nachtmystium album, for another sad example).

Mayhem should not be punished for having more self-awareness as writers and people these days than the early days of their raw as fuck, shoot from the hip, hack and slash approach (an unintentionally horrible metaphor since former members actually killed themselves or others). Esoteric Warfare doesn’t feature my favorite line-up (blasphemer/rune is the best guitarist for Mayhem ever), but it nonetheless is a killer album that seems to attempt to unify various parts of the band’s career into a palatable whole. The “fuck you” spirit remains, but it is a fairly cohesive record. The question is, is that enough?

My answer is yes.

Click HERE for more of the review.

Interview: Madball – Hardcore Lives Forever, Of Course

Posted by morganyevans on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 9:02 AM (PST)


Someone on Facebook this morning had a post about “What bands changed the world”? Of course everyone said The Beatles. I said Bad Brains. Why? Because the bands from D.C. and NYC who started hardcore created the touring circuit, helped unite progressive minded folks from across the USA, which has led to regionalism movements that affect everything from organic, local farming to music scenes. And hardcore itself, however much “studio-jingle” punk gets used in car commercials…true hardcore will always be there for the working class.

As I write this up I am listening to power-prog metal heroes Stratovarius’ epic key-laced intro to “King Of Nothing” from Polaris. It is even hard to wonder if we would ever have the creative quirks of our most niche bands like this to enjoy if, arguably, hardcore and metal hadn’t reared their heads from the outcasts cry for freedom, causing mass movements in the underground across the world that led to the alternative rock movement and the many splinters of sub genres we have today.

Amidst all of this is Madball. Formed in the late 80′s by most of Agnostic Front, Madball over the years fought in the trenches. Freddy Cricien’s musical baby is the emblem of nyhc hardcore for so many people. Madball are fittingly at the tip top of their game on new release Hardcore Lives. “DNA”, “My Armor” with CM Punk, Chad Gilbert and Toby Morse, “True School” with Scott from Terror…I could list many highlights.

But let’s check in w Freddy HERE to see what’s goin’ on.

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Suicide Silence release “You Can’t Stop Me” music video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 8:39 PM (PST)


I have been waiting all day to write this post and here it is! These California metalheads have brought it hard.

Suicide Silence today released the music video for the title track to their upcoming album, You Can’t Stop Me.

They had this to say about the video on their Facebook page:

“This is the final song Mitch had written lyrically & we’re very proud to present it in his honor. Check out the official video for “You Can’t Stop Me” & share the hell out of it!”

These are definitely classic Lucker lyrics a la “You Only Live Once”, “If you’re reckless! And free! Speak up! Sing this with me: “We’re free! We’re free! You can’t fucking stop me!”

The song and video are brutal and intense, with a little twist at the end. Click here and break the knob off! Raise horns for Eddie and Co. and hail the legacy of Mitch Lucker!

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Electric Wizard release “Time To Die” title and cover art

Posted by morganyevans on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 8:14 AM (PST)


Dorian Gray wants to cheat death and live longer or better, like many a Faustian protagonist. Hero or anti-hero, it stems as much from fear of death as a genuine excitement to not want to lose all of life’s fleeting, delectable pleasure. Gray’s appetite for sensuality and experience was a bottomless well. The charm of life frozen as passing moments in time is ironically also part of the fuel that keeps the lamp fire burning, our souls the brief candle we don’t want to see snuffed out.

Electric Wizard have announced Time to Die as the title of their forthcoming studio album.  These guys/gal know that the best thing to do is  be thankful for what you’ve got and worked hard for, while knowing that potency of riffage is better than grasping at futility.

Time to Die is the eighth full-length offering from the masters of aural punishment and is testament to the fact that Electric Wizard continue to be the most uncompromisingly heavy, genuinely twisted and evil band in the world.

This will be the band’s first album release since signing a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records.

Says Electric Wizard founding member, Jus Oborn:

“All of our albums in the past have had a theme — revenge, drugs, black magick — and the theme of this one is death.  Of course, death to us really means rebirth, so this album is a manifestation of a very primal occult belief in the final sacrifice.  We have gone full circle — it was inevitable, but we had to do it.  We had to kill the band so we could be reborn.  It was the only way to ensure we could come back even stronger.”

The artwork, once again created by Oborn, is an extension of that theme; this is further solidified by the LP gatefold image, which will be revealed soon.

Electric Wizard, having just played Hellfest in France, have the following festival appearances lined up for 2014, with more shows to be added:

July 3     Roskilde, Denmark     Roskilde Festival (Arena Stage)
July 4     Knebworth Park, UK     Sonisphere (Stage headline)
August 16     London, UK     Jabberwocky (The Excel Centre)
September 12     Valada, Portugal     Reverence Valada (headline w/Hawkwind)
October 10 – 12     Antwerp, Belgium     Desert Fest

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USA Hero Web

Goooooooood morning Vietnam! It’s 0600 hours. What does the “O” stand for? O my God, it’s early! Speaking of early, let’s hear it for that Marty Lee Drywitz. Silky smooth sounds, making me sound like Peggy Lee…

The following interview was conducted with guitarist/singer Son of Fogman from Montreal heavy psych band USA Out of Vietnam. Click here for this great debate with national moods and, in essence, music theory itself. 

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Accept post “Stampede” music video for your viewing pleasure

Posted by morganyevans on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 3:13 PM (PST)


Accept have unleashed their “Stampede” music video, which is more epic than even that Metallica song “IDisappear” that sounded like Godsmack and was in the Mission Impossible movie. You can watch Accept get real gnarly and outdoorsy HERE. Blind Rage track names also included.

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