Fit For An Autopsy release super heavy “Heads Will Hang” video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 6:02 PM (PST)


Fit For An Autopsy have premiered perhaps their best video yet for “Heads Will Hang” exclusively with Alternative Press HERE. If you aren’t feeling those bad ass intro drums or don’t get a little bit of a chill at the 3:28 mosh mark of this bad boy, we don’t know what to tell you.

Personally, I gotta say that it sounds like the band are poised to make a serious grab for the deathcore crown as several of the bigger bands have made some questionable choices lately while FFAA seem to be more focused than ever. The new material and artwork for The Great Collapse show the band growing by leaps and bounds. Pre Orders for some sick ass bundles are HERE.

Directed by Max Moore, (CODE ORANGE, OF MICE AND MEN) this is the first music video the band has released from their upcoming new release. Founding guitarist / producer Will Putney comments, “The concept behind the song/video was to set a scenario in America where a normal happy family was placed in a similar extreme situation, in the hope that it creates a certain feeling of empathy for what less fortunate nations are experiencing right now. And to shed some light on just how close we are to the same tragedies hitting our homes.”

“People in the United States always seems to form these really strong opinions about war, refugees, and other crisis situations in third world nations without really having the perspective of what’s actually happening there,” says Putney. “Everyone’s guilty of it to some extent; a lot of us live very privileged lives in comparison to other pockets of the world, where the basic comforts like clean water, power, shelter, and safety are not guaranteed.”

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Jex Thoth were originally known as Totem.


Los Angeles based Metal band Athanasia has released the official music video for the lead single off their upcoming debut album, The Order Of The Sliver Compass. This is the second music video release from the album, following the critically acclaimed “Spoils Of War“. Originally premiered on Metal Underground, “The Order Of The Silver Compass” was directed by renowned filmmaker Matt Zane and filmed at Modern Sector Studios in Burbank, CA.

This power trio have been working hard and you can pre order their upcoming debut HERE (there are also some sick patches with tight, evil design work). I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from this group, as they could likely appeal to fans of everyone from Venom to Cradle Of Filth to Bullet For My Valentine. These guys have a big and impressive sound.

Mastodon to release “Emperor of Sand” in March

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 2:53 PM (PST)


Atlanta metallers Mastodon have announced the release date of their latest album Emperor of Sand.

The album will come out on March 31 via Reprise Records.

In support of the release of the album the band have announced tour dates. Mastodon will be supported on the tour by the Eagles of Death Metal and Russian Circles.

Emperor of Sand is like the grim reaper,”says drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor. “Sand represents time. If you or anyone you know has ever received a terminal diagnosis, the first thought is about time. Invariably, you ask, ‘How much time is left?’”

“We’re reflecting on mortality,” adds bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders. “To that end, the album ties into our entire discography. It’s 17 years in the making, but it’s also a direct reaction to the last two years. We tend to draw inspiration from very real things in our lives.”

Check out the full list of tour dates and the track list for Emperor of Sand here.

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Decibel premiere new track from Germany’s FROWNING

Posted by Metal Riot on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 8:06 AM (PST)


The majestic gloomy sound of the debut full length turned Frowning into an admirable name inside the Funeral Doom Metal scene. Extinct, a nice follow up to the debut album, contains 5 stunning tracks of pure Funeral Doom. Mournful gut-wrenching growls, eerie cold melodic atmosphere, desolate tones of acoustic guitar, slow, crumbling and drone oriented riffs — all of these elements of the album ensure that a phenomenal Funeral Doom journey is awaiting for the listeners. With two released singles of this album, Frowning has already stunned the listeners, and now “Nocturnal Void” the first track of the album is exclusively premiered by Decibel Magazine, which can be streamed at this location.

Check remarks on this track from Val, the sole member of the band:

 ”"Nocturnal Void” is musically inspired by Worship, lyric is taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s “Spirits Of The Dead”, it features guest vocal from Stanislav Govorukha of Suffer Yourself. The idea was to create the atmosphere of a cold, mystical night, and I think I succeed.”


The metal world suffered a tragic blow today with the death of Geoff Nicholls, the longtime unsung hero of the mighty BLACK SABBATH who was sadly taken from us after a long battle with lung cancer. Geoff was the guitarist / keyboardist of Quartz until 1979 before joining SABBATH for the 1980 masterpiece Heaven And Hell. Nicholls was a part of SABBATH until 2004, and even was a part of the Tony Martin Band following his departure from BLACK SABBATH.

Former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin had this to say: “Although I have known for some time of his cancer, and I spoke to him regularly through that period, our last conversation was just before Christmas. He was resigned to his deteriorating health and wished me well. That was the last I spoke to him. I can’t tell you how much I am saddened by his passing, even though we knew of his diagnosis. He will be VERY missed. I will always regard him as my writing partner and advisor and all around friend and confidante”.

BLACK SABBATH main man Tony Iommi issued a statement via Facebook. “Geoff and I have always been very close and he has been a real true friend to me and supported me all the way for nearly 40 years. I will miss him dearly and he will live in my heart until we meet again.”

As a tribute, I thought it would be appropriate timing to really share 3 severely deep cuts from SABBATH that prominently features Geoff’s keyboarding. These are songs I have enjoyed for years, and regardless if you’ve grown up with them or are hearing them for the first time now, I hope you like these picks too.


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Among many of their peers in metalcore, Betraying The Martyrs just seem to have a little more confidence, a little more camaraderie and a lot more energy than most. Now the Paris, FRA based act return with their finest hour to date, the complex and satisfying The Resilient. It is where a lot of the band’s potential as a younger act was leading and this could really be their moment.

It was chill to interview vocalist Aaron Matts on the focus of this record, why it was important for it to be over a year in the making and the band’s imminent tour with Chelsea Grin.

Check it out BELOW!


Album Review: Sepultura – “Machine Messiah”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 3:06 PM (PST)


There is something for even the most casual Sepultura fan on new album Machine Messiah, but it is far from a fan pandering checklist. I should say, there is something
for anyone who can deal with no Cavalera brothers. At this point, if you can’t get on board anything the band has done 8 albums post-Roots (and 9 if you count the super dope collab with Les Tambours Du Bronx), you are deaf, a poseur or
grandstanding. This record matches and surpasses several of their former greatest triumphs.

A lot of people think Dante XXI is the best Derrick Green-era Sep record, though I am actually VERY partial to the incredibly underrated Against record (I like it better
than Roots, honestly), his near twenty years old debut with the group. Under immense pressure, Green delivered on all fronts with one of the most intense (ie. “Choke”,
“Boycott”) and consistently confident cases of picking up a torch and saving a group since Dio joined Sabbath. The difference being that Green stuck around for 7
records since and has never gotten enough respect. Frankly, he is one of the best screamers and frontmen in metal by far. I honestly think Roorback and Nation would be looked at more fondly by some too cool for non-early days types if the band had simply used different, more old school logo fonts on the album art.

Now, I am torn between Against and this new absolute monster of an album as to which is my favorite Derrick record (in case you are wondering, Beneath The Remains is my favorite Max one at the moment).

I just watched the excellent Jodie Foster directed Money Monster on cable,starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The plight of common people in the face of
manipulatable markets and cloaks of secrecy and corruption from trusted institutions rings especially strong with Trump’s Goldman stacked cabinet facing us. Sepultura
have tackled some big populist issues during the Green-era, from the themes of vital decisions in life putting you at a crossroads that made up Kairos to the Clockwork
Orange/brainwashing themes of the triumph A-Lex to the urban dystopia Metropolis referencing The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart. The band even tackled a cover of Bad Brains “Gene Machine/Don’t Bother Me” once, perhaps the best parallel to the themes of Machine Messiah, where technology has become near predatory.

Read more BELOW.


Iron Monkey sign to Relapse

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 1:04 PM (PST)


Funny enough, I heard Iron Monkey before I knew more about some better known extreme UK bands like Napalm Death, Godflesh or Bolt Thrower. It was almost 20+ years ago and I had just started reading (maybe) Terrorizer and something about those guys and Cathedral really interested me the most. Johnny and Lee both just looked like particularly demented frontmen, which I related to. I can’t even remember where I managed to actually hear Iron Monkey first. I didn’t own Our Problem, but…almost like a UK Buzzov*en with a looser groove, I thought they were very impressive. I had a few songs on a tape.

The band didn’t make a dent on the radars of many but those who dug them, it was like a revelation. There are some people who are like those rare lunatics who love everything Sam Black Church, Acid Bath or Today Is The Day put out. Iron Monkey are another cult band like that for some people. When Johnny died it was a big shock to the underground.

Now, almost two decades later, the band has decided to reform as a trio with co-founding members S. Watson on bass and J. Rushby on guitar / vocals. They’re rounded out by new member S. Briggs (Chaos U.K.,) who also played with original IRON MONKEY vocalist J.P. Morrow in the short-lived sludge supergroup My War.

The group have signed to Relapse and will be newly discovered by a whole new generation! I know some people might be critical, but is it really a cash grab? No. These guys are trying to continue the band’s legacy and it is way cooler and more tasteful than a friggin’ Dio hologram.

The band commented on the reformation and new material:

We’re older, more cynical, more isolationist. Musically, we’re more aggressive, more focused – a direct assault. We intend to take what is rightfully ours, usurp the scene, then crush its skull.” 

Stay tuned for more details on IRON MONKEY and follow/welcome the band back on their new Facebook page here (

King Woman share video for “Deny” via Consequence Of Sound

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 6:40 PM (PST)


King Woman have released a powerful video for “Deny” from the band’s intoxicating inundation of doom and mood, their Relapse debut Created In The Image Of Suffering. The video deals with repression and how religion is often less about love in some instances than fear.

Vocalist and lyricist Kristina Esfandiari commented:

The video for ‘Deny’ is a depiction of the shadow aspect in Jungian psychology.  It’s about the inner darkness buried deep within the subconscious. In the video you see this portion of the mind surfacing and coaxing the preacher into his truest form; drawing out the aspects of himself which he loathes because it doesn’t fit in with his beliefs.

In church, I saw others being raised with a rod in their backs, trying to fight their own carnality – buried in shame and guilt. The belief was to deny anything inside of themselves that was considered ugly or wrong, and instead attain a pristine image. With this video, we aimed to paint a picture of how tormenting and exhausting it is to wrestle with your true self.”

Check out the “Deny” video, directed by Kevin Haus, here. We also recommend this cool interview she did at recently (some great photos).

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Phil Labonte is being berated, rightly so, again for calling a metal editor a “fucking faggot”. Whether the guy was trolling him or not, that is wack. ESPECIALLY in the current climate. There is a reason people are fed up and starting to punch Nazi sympathizers.

Phil has done this many times despite repeated requests he acknowledge it is harmful to a marginalized group. I can only guess at this point he does it for press or is lazy or really believes it is the best way to prove freedom of speech is more important than acknowledging it is a word with harmful connotations to people like me who were closeted for literal decades in the metal scene for various reasons. What if all the ATR fans who hear him bandy it about casually every time he is pissed go and use it at a school? So rebellious to harm people who might be your allies in metal or outsider music otherwise and make them feel like your use of ‘faggot’ is more important than their actual existence. I can understand some uses of it in satire, like Mindless Self Indulgence, but as an angry retort to someone? No.

Tonight Phil and lesbian metal activist OTEP, one of my favorite people, got into it on Twitter. After she called him out he tweeted “Faggot” at her over and over and continues to defend that it doesn’t mean LGBTQ if he doesn’t mean it that way. Would he tweet N Bombs and say it doesn’t mean the same thing to him? Now OTEP and fans are considering  asking Welcome To Rockville Fest to consider boycotting All That Remains for Phil’s continued disregard, and I can’t blame them.

He calls himself “Pro Gay/Anti-Faggot” but ignores the way that word has been used to target LGBTQ.

Look, call someone an asshole or whatever but some things, while protected under freedom of speech, are next level. There is nothing weak about being a “faggot”. It actually makes you a lot braver than a lot of cis het crowd killing mosh dudes out there oblivious of the unity the scene could be about because they are more concerned with, ironically, hard-core coreography. Even more ironic, OTEP or myself aren’t even anti-2A like a lot of critics of Labonte (who I believe is Libertarian). I just think we need more responsible gun owners and some serious acknowledgement that there is a huge gun violence related problem , shite background checks and scant waiting periods and that a lot of the NRA are rabid psychos who think Pizzagate is real.

Granted, some people have been making fun of Labonte’s divorce and I can understand why that has him fuming.

On a side note, can anyone tell me if Hellhammer from black metallers Mayhem ever apologized for his 2009 praising in the film Until The Light Takes Us of Faust (ex-Emperor) for killing a gay man years ago? Sorry, Hellhammer said ,”fucking faggot”.

Faust stabbed a gay man and went to jail and seems genuinely shaken by what happened and remorseful to me. He claimed fear and youth and an adrenaline spike and intolerance guided him and that he remembers it like being out of body, which is not uncommon in violent incidents or crimes for people to describe in hindsight. And Hellhammer jokes about it and said he “honors him” for it in the documentary. Shit, I am fine with them making as many bad Hollywood Lords Of Chaos movies as they want if he never apologized for such a horrible statement. It isn’t virtue signalling or call out culture to find that intolerable, especially in 2017 with corporate fascism on the rise.

I love the music of Mayhem and have seen A. Csihar perform with Sunn O))) and loved it! Interviewed former Mayhem guitarist Blasphemer and he was awesome. BUT if this Hellhammer UTLTU crap was never addressed to a satisfactory close and Hellhammer is still getting a pass on it, that is fucking BS and vile. It def made me hesitate and not go to the current Mayhem/Inquisition tour. Guess I am not allowed to like black metal because I care about LGBTQ rights and respect, huh? Guess what? A blizzard of snowflakes once stopped the Nazis.

Please consider helping this OTEP ‘Defend Equality’ shirt sell the fuck out. I am sick of this shit! It isn’t edgy or PC to not think it is cool to use the potential of extreme music as a platform for intolerance, whether intended or not. But if people are telling you over and over it is harmful and you disregard them?

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Vocalist Steve Grimmett remains in a South American hospital after being refused flight home when the airline disallowed him to board on Saturday evening.  Grimmett has been battling a life-threatening condition for a week after being rushed to a local hospital in Ecuador; the singer was amidst a tour in support of GRIM REAPER’s latest album, Walking In The Shadows. (It made one of our year end lists last year HERE).


Grimmett’s wife, Amelia Grimmett, has been updating fans around the globe of the singer’s condition via the band’s official Facebook page since the reports started to surface on January 14.  “Last Saturday, whilst doing a gig in Ecuador, Steve was taken very ill,” she noted.  “He finished the gig sitting down but was transported to a local hospital immediately after the performance where they operated to remove an infection.”


In an interview with Jimmy Kay of The Metal Voice this past weekend, Ms. Grimmett further detailed the situation. “The band was only ten days into a South American tour when Steve began to feel ill.  He took some tablets thinking it was maybe altitude sickness.  However during the early part of the band’s performance, Steve’s health went downhill quickly.  He was taken to hospital and rushed into surgery to attempt to remove a growing infection on his foot.  The following morning, they scanned him and confirmed the infection had spread.  He was rushed back in to surgery and was told he would at minimum loose a few toes, worse-case scenario his foot.  Additional tests were conducted and the infection had again spread.  On Wednesday, a decision was made for a third operation; one that resulted in doctors removing Steve’s right leg below the knee in order to stop the infection that could, if allowed to spread, take his life.”


Fans have taken to social media since initial reports started to appear regarding the beloved singer.  Now an official fundraising page has been created to help Steve with costs that are quickly rising.  Donations can be made HERE.
Grimmett is currently expected to return to England on Friday. “Steve is booked on a plane to fly home this week,” notes Amelia.  She shares, “the rest of the band has now flown back so Steve will be on his own in the hospital but he says he’s ok.  The embassy has promised they will look after him and get him back to the UK safely.”
Steve Grimmett has issued the following statement, “I would like to thank my band mates for their support and to our fans for doing the same.”  Amelia adds, “I am overwhelmed with all the messages of support.  Even though this was a life-changing operation, it saved Steve’s life, and me and the rest of our family are eternally grateful.”
All forthcoming Grim Reaper dates are cancelled.  Updates as they relate to Steve’s status will be shared via the band’s official Facebook page at
The full The Metal Voice video interview can be seen HERE.


Walking In The Shadows is available now from Dissonance Productions.

SCREAM release “Politics Is Entertainment”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 5:28 PM (PST)


DC hardcore punks SCREAM have released a video for their song “Politics Is Entertainment”.

In addition to the release of this song Southern Lord are planning to reissue the band’s album No More Censorship.

Read more about SCREAM and the No More Censorship reissue and watch “Politics Is Entertainment” here.

Chelsea Grin to reissue “Self Inflicted” with two new tracks

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 4:53 PM (PST)


Utah deathcore rockers Chelsea Grin are preparing to reissue their most recent release Self Inflicted on January 27 via Rise Records.

The re-issue will feature two new tracks: “American Dream” and “Avidus”.

The band is also gearing up for a tour with Ice Nine Kills, Gideon, and Enterprise Earth.

Check out tour dates, “American Dream” and the tracklist for the Self Inflicted re-issue here.

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OmnisighT release ‘Power of One’ EP

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 4:36 PM (PST)


Vancouver prog metallers OmnisighT have released their latest EP ‘Power of One’.

Drummer Chris Warunki comments on the release:

“The Power Of One is the sound of a band firing on all cylinders. Guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists will all have something in-store for them here with this EP. We are excited to get this out to the prog/rock/metal masses both musically and lyrically. Speaking of lyrically, the album will come with a PDF booklet exclusive to our Bandcamp supporters. We took a “more is more” approach with this one and it will be a real challenge, but a welcome challenge; to take it to the stage. A local Vancouver EP release party/show is in the works and TBA. We want to keep the musicianship in the music, that has been our agenda since day one!”

Check out the Power of One EP here.

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Anti-Flag hit the road & release new material

Posted by longhairedpoet on Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 3:59 PM (PST)


Pittsburgh punks Anti-Flag are currently on tour with Reel Big Fish, Ballyhoo!, Direct Hit!, and Pkew Pkew Pkew.

Anti-Flag have also released Live Vol. 1. Additionally, the band has created a new video series called “I AM ANTI.” The videos feature each band member sharing their story and experience by tackling an issue that is near to them. The band speaks out against war, classism, violence, and Islamophobia — all growing epidemics and key staples of the incoming Trump administration.

Check out Anti-Flag tour dates as well as the “Death of a Nation (Live)” video and the “I Am Anti” videos here.