Mos Generator now streaming ‘Abyssinia’ via Listenable Records

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, August 5, 2016 at 6:35 PM (PST)


Washington state heavy rockers Mos Generator are streaming their latest studio album Abyssinia via Listenable Records.

“Abyssinia is the continuation of an open relationship with many musical styles,” said hyper creative mainman and composer of more than one-thousand songs, Tony Reed, “This kind of exploration has always been a part of my writing but now I’m letting the flood gates open and I’m welcoming all of my musical influences to flow through the songs. ‘Strangest Times’ and ‘Red Canyons’ are very typical Mos Generator style heavy rock songs but tunes like ‘Outlander,’ which takes a lot from the soundtrack era Pink Floyd, or ‘Catspaw,’ which sounds like something I would have written at age twenty under the influence of Husker Du and Voivod, move the band into a whole new area that I’m very excited to be moving towards.”

Stream Abyssinia in its entirety here.

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Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I. are known as the "fathers of crossover thrash". They were both punk rock bands before they paved their way into thrash metal.

Abigail Williams announce headlining tour dates

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, August 5, 2016 at 4:14 PM (PST)


Washington state black metallers Abigail Williams are going to be touring in support of Belphegor. Belphegor will also see support on that tour from Origin and Shining.

That tour, the ”Conjuring the Dead North American Raid Pt II” tour will start on August 11. Abigail Williams will be playing two shows leading up to the tour, one in Oregon and one in Sacramento.

Belphegor’s tour will wrap up on September 4 in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Abigail Williams will be playing shows from September 6 through September 10.

Abigail Williams are currently touring in support of of their latest studio effort The Accuser which was released in October via Candlelight Records.

Check out the full list of tour dates here.

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Danish metal band Rising announce live performances

Posted by Metal Riot on Friday, August 5, 2016 at 5:21 AM (PST)


Danish metal ensemble RISING released its third album, the epic and crushing Oceans Into Their Graves LP, this past April, the first with the band’s new lineup. After two release shows and a successful performance at the esteemed Roskilde Festival, RISING now announces three Fall shows in Denmark.

The release of RISING’s third Oceans Into Their Graves marked the beginning of a new era, being the first album with a new line-up, giving way to a more melodic and classic heavy metal feel to the band’s aggressive and sludgy trademark sound. The album was received with praise with fans and press alike, having The Sludgelord stating that the album is, “Armed with fat, sledgehammer riffs, crafty harmonies and glorious vocal melodies… RISING have created a monster,” and Loudwire proclaiming, “if you bow down at the altar of the RIFF, here’s your new preachers.”

In connection with the release, RISING played a couple of shows in their native Denmark, among those a successful performance at this year’s Roskilde Festival, one the biggest and most esteemed music festivals in Northern Europe. Now, the band announces another three Danish headlining club shows in the Fall. RISING will bring along special guests for the shows in the shape of sludgy doomsters Bethmoora in Copenhagen and blackened heavy metal horde Slægt in Aalborg and Aarhus.

Dates BELOW.


Album Review: Skeletonwitch – “The Apothic Gloom EP”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 11:41 AM (PST)


Don’t throw yourself into a “Well Of Despair”, Skeletonwitch are back with The Apothic Gloom . In fact, you can instead throw yourself into a pit while the ready made for flying elbows “Well Of Despair” undoubtedly blasts from a stage near you soon.

The extra high rating here is due to the band bucking the odds and starting anew in the face of doubters while also delivering the hard task of making an EP that is vital and full enough it will bear many a repeat listening.

Opening with the cold acoustic guitar intro of the title track which wouldn’t sound out of place on a medieval version of some strange Nine Inch Nails/Elliot Smith collaboration, maximum attention capturing moodiness is pursued by big dueling guitars. Finally a truly heroic and vintage sounding Witch pure heavy metal series of riffs open up and the vocal era of Adam Clemans (Wolvhammer, Veil Of Maya) era properly begins.

As a big Wolvhammer fan, the extra pressure here has only made Clemans deliver even more strongly. 2:28 onward of “Well of Despair” (after Clemans’ epic grunt), you can rage to some pit starting shit that’d even give Goatwhore a run for their  money  if you don’t believe me.

Fans of older Skeletonwitch will be pleased that the qualities you often loved remain strong, while the epic closer “Red Death, White Light” and certain moments of the title track here take them to even more blackened shores than their thrashy history. This is a fusion of the past with an ever darkening yet bright future.

“Black Waters” is my favorite here, a marching and fist pumping riff that demands neck movement charges in with melodeath confidence and Clemans roars like a tormented titan that “all light is gone from the sky” (I think). The band before were evil and teeth gnashing while simultaneously feeling a little bit fun at times, but now things just feel even more undead and the technical brilliance paired with actually memorable riffs remains as sharp as ever. If anything the EP writing is kind of epic and I wonder if they will scale back a bit on the next full length and write shorter singles. In the meantime, “Black Waters” certainly will also appeal to shred heads with a gorgeous widdly widdly solo over some charged up chordal grimness.

It’s vindicating to know that the band responsible for such modern classics as Beyond The Permafrost and Serpent’s Unleashed is not going quietly into the night even after a substantial lineup shift.

This IS metal. 



He Whose Ox Is Gored tour with Retox and Silent

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 3:38 PM (PST)


He Whose Ox Is Gored are a favorite around here and should be in your household as well. They perfectly compliment summertime sadness, Monday-Friday raging at the end of a shitty workday or a night alone binging on cookies. Recent album The Camel, The Lion, The Child is flat out brilliant and the band continue to develop their own sound passionately.

Now they have a new tour with Retox, Silent and Netherlands (select dates).

Comments the band of their upcoming journey, “We are excited to announce that we’ll not only be expanding dates to the south, east coast and midwest, but that we’ll be supporting the awesome Retox and Silent. Last time we caught Retox in Seattle, they packed the house and brought the shred with precision and snarl. Can’t wait!”

Dates below.

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The Dread Crew of Oddwood preparing for North American tour

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 1:46 PM (PST)


California folk metal pirates The Dread Crew of Oddwood are preparing to take to land next week when they embark on their North American tour.

Check out the full slate of tour dates as well as videos for their songs “Sulfur” and “Dead Man’s Medley” and the entire stream of their latest album Lawful Evil here.

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Carnophage prepare to release ‘Monument’

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 12:29 PM (PST)


Turkish technnical death metallers Carnophage are preparing to release their newest album Monument on September 23 via Unique Leader Records.

Check out the video for “At The Backside of Our Civilization” and the Monument track list here.

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The Devil Wears Prada announce tour dates

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 12:16 PM (PST)
Confirmed dates for the North American leg of “The Rise Up Tour” are BELOW.
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Black Wizard to tour in support of Volbeat

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 11:58 AM (PST)


Canadian stoner metallers Black Wizard are preparing to head on a North American tour in support of Volbeat.

The tour will also feature Killswitch Engage.

Black Wizard will be touring in support of their New Waste album, released in February via Listenable Records.

Check out the tour dates here.

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Neurosis releases ‘Fires Within Fires’ preview video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 11:44 AM (PST)


Oakland, California post-metal noise makers Neurosis are gearing up to release their latest album Fires Within Fires.

Fires Within Fires will be released on September 23 (via Neurot Recordings). It will be the band’s first studio effort since 2012′s Honor Found In Decay.

Check out the preview video for the album as well as Neurosis tour dates here.

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Masculinity means different things to different people. Some people think it means gay bashing (when actually what is more masculine than two guys loving each other)? Other people think it means having to show your insecurities by attacking others in the name of free speech. KKWarslut from Destroyer 666 has been extra repugnant the last few weeks defending himself like a caveman saying he isn’t racist but saying effeminate men are a detriment to the metal scene and calling women “bitches” in the same breath on Facebook threads.

I have stood shirtless with Manowar fans drunk yelling “May your sword be wet, like a young girl in her prime”. If that was a default setting for how metal always has to be, however, it would quickly lose any relevance and be worse than Spinal Tap for lack of the cerebral.

Look, no one cares if you don’t like modern gender theory, KK. Fact is, modern life is more aware and nuanced thankfully than ever before and allows a society where people like Mina Caputo can transition bravely or even Metal Riot’s own Longhairedpoet who helps run this site every day, you ungrateful fuckers. I myself am bi but lots of trauma and have a hard time trusting even nice smelling men who hit on me at bars and are sweet. Out of the forty or fifty girls I have dated over the years casually or seriously, the MAJORITY told me experiences in their past of being raped. Think about that. Heartbreaking. Is it any wonder after being closeted so long and hearing so much stuff like that or experiencing a  sociopath harass someone dear to me that I’d have a hard time subbing for anyone often?

In the metal scene, you should be able to have any look, style, gender, fluidity…whatever. Even faux military looks in black metal don’t bother me if the band isn’t hateful towards women, gays, other races, etc. I don’t care if you have a vagina on your God Damn face if we are mutual fans of something (or anyway). This is supposed to be an inclusive place. Maybe I’m more of a hardcore kid at heart with unity shit like that than some black metal outdated bullshit that is actually pathetic and not rebellious. Fear of others for perceived weakness is not strength.

There are still problems. Orlando proved that. G.L.O.S.S. shouldn’t have to advocate violent revenge on their new album Trans Day Of Revenge. It shouldn’t have to get that sadly dark but people are murdered while others laugh and show no compassion or objectivity, so their rage is understandable.

But briefly back to Destroyer 666…10,000 metal fans buying a cd from a guy who casually uses “faggot” and says men shouldn’t be effeminate in an election year could definitely have a negative social impact  if they then go and vote for Trump (again, you have to follow the above link to know what I’m referencing).

So, some very welcome news today comes from Slipknot then. The Iowa outsiders who became HUGER than fuck have done something VERY cool:

When we started this tour, we had reservations about playing in North Carolina because of a law recently passed there called HB2. The law halts the rights of LGBTQ people, doesn’t allow for cities to pass a living wage for the working class. We believe that regardless of who you are, or what you believe in this country- and in our own metal community- that everyone should be given access to equal opportunities they need to succeed. This law flies in the face of those values.

We believe that regardless of who you are, or who you love, you shouldn’t have to face hatred at home or in your community. Our fans in North Carolina deserve better, so we decided not to cancel. We don’t care where you pee- just please flush. It’s pretty simple, really.

We’ve decided to partner with Equality NC, the LGBTQ advocacy group leading the fight against this hateful bill. You can talk to Equality NC at our show about how to get involved, and get registered to vote in NC. That way we won’t have to talk about this the next time we come back there. We’re coming to North Carolina to show our fans that they can make the difference needed to repeal this law and return their state to a place that welcomes everyone and values differences.

We here at Metal Riot are thrilled to see a band so big in a genre often still too callous take a stand for the right thing.


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Slayer’s ‘Christ Illusion’ turns 10!

Posted by longhairedpoet on Monday, August 1, 2016 at 4:43 PM (PST)


Next week on August 8 Slayer‘s Christ Illusion will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Christ Illusion was the band’s tenth studio effort and when it was released in August of 2006 I was preparing to enter 8th grade. As someone who was born between the time the band released Seasons In The Abyss (which some may consider the band’s last good album and may group it with the band’s 80′s efforts even though it was released in 1990) and the time they released Divine Intervention in 1994, to mature to the ripe old age of 14 in time for Christ Illusion seems like a blessing to me.

I remember getting on message boards to talk about my love for Christ Illusion and what a fucking mistake that was. I was lambasted by curmudgeons who thought that anything after Haunting the Chapel was exclusively for poseurs and scene kids. You had the occasional kind soul who argued with the curmudgeons that the first four albums were good fare, but the general consensus was that Illusion sucked!

Still this album (along with the likes of See You On The Other Side and the Marilyn Manson greatest hits CD) are what initially made me a metalhead, so I do owe it some fucking credit.

Read my full retrospective on Slayer’s Christ Illusion here.

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Norwegian-American electronic metallers Combichrist are preparing to head out on the road in support of Max and Igor Cavalera on the “Return to Roots” tour.

The tour will also feature The Black Dahlia Murder (select dates only), Allegaeon, All Hail The Yeti and Oni.

Check out the tour dates as well as videos for “My Life My Rules” (NSFW) & “Skullcrusher” here.

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Airbourne releases “Breakin’ Outta Hell” lyric video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, July 29, 2016 at 12:49 PM (PST)


Australian hard rockers Airbourne have released their latest lyric video “Breakin’ Outta Hell” today.

“Breakin’ Outta Hell” is the title track off of Airbourne’s next album, which due out on September 23 via Spinefarm Records.

Check out the lyric video for “Breakin’ Outta Hell” here.

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Rev Theory to release ‘The Revelation’ on September 9

Posted by longhairedpoet on Friday, July 29, 2016 at 12:25 PM (PST)


Massachusetts hard rockers Rev Theory are preparing to release their fourth album The Revelation (Another Century) on September 9.

Check out the lyric video for the newest track ”Guns”, which was released today, here.

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