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Deep Cuts: Enslaved

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 3:50 AM (PST)


Whether thrilling with a recent philosophical game changer like Axioma Ethica Odini or setting the scope for viking metal and black metal’s long dialogue beyond the Bathory-scope via their early material, dark metal godfathers Enslaved are one of a fucking kind. Never to be cloned with justice or matched in earnest bravery, this band has never released a poor record and dodge the missteps that hinder many artists this late into their careers by simply always evolving in a way that still holds up next to the quality of what has come before. As it stands in 2014, in order for something to get the Enslaved name stamped on it with Mjolnir’s clang of approval, it has to really have integrity. How many bands can say that they have held things up to such a standard while still growing?

This is not a band with hits. It couldn’t matter less. But they are vital and crucial for an understanding of the language and development of metal. And they have never ceased to be incredibly relevant to this day, to this very breath that the members are currently drawing into their hearty lungs somewhere. Maximum hails and thanks to true kings of the heavy arts.

Think of this less as a “rarities” version of our Deep Cuts series as a humble holding up of a lens to a few facets of this band’s massive influence on the underground, with many a tendril in the mainstream as well. Like Thor unwittingly draining the seas lower with a trick drinking horn , you could fill yourself on the unquenchable heady waters of Enslaved’s songs and still have more powerful waves left over to slake your thirst next time.

click HERE to read more.

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Deep Cuts: Life of Agony

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 4:19 PM (PST)

Horns Up Rocka Joey Z Peter Steele

We are so pleased that Life of Agony are reuniting for summer European shows with Marilyn Manson and Machine Head, giving the finger to anyone in the heavy world too freaked out by Mina Caputo’s transition to give respect to one of the best bands of all time, that we are doing an LOA deep cuts for ya.

Ever since I first heard “Bad Seed” on Vassar College radio years ago, I was hooked on the dark guitar of Joey Z, the trauma laced emotionally overpowering yet comforting vocals of Caputo, the pounding drums of Sal and the supportive bass work of Alan. This band saved my life and should be a part of any hard rock diet.

Click HERE to see which 3 cuts from this legendary live act and group of true New York originals made the cut.

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All Shall PerishxSuicide Silence Deep Cuts

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 2:30 PM (PST)

Suicide Silence.All Shall Perish

Former All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida has already made his live debut with Suicide Silence.

This summer the band, now fronted by Hermida will head out on Mayhem Fest and on July 15 will drop their first album with Hermida, You Can’t Stop Me.

In preparation for that album, I’d like to look at some deep cuts from both the three albums Hermida did with All Shall Perish as well as all the Lucker-led albums, EPs and demos Suicide Silence has released.

To check out all the deathcore mayhem click here. RIP Mitch!

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Deep Cuts: Gwar

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 9:28 AM (PST)


Slaves! It is only fitting that with the passage of Oderus Urungus into the maw of Gor Gor that we celebrate the earthly misdeeds of Gwar to the fullest with a Deep Cuts/Metal Riot tribute. In some ways, despite being loved and loathed Gwar were always underrated. The band was such a creative effort over the years. Brockie was a one of a kind maniac who knew how to push people’s buttons and stay in the media. Go Redskins!

I read years ago some bullshit that said they weren’t good musicians and had just recycled Slayer riffs. At the risk of taking shit I will say Gwar is much less of a one trick pony than Slayer (who I love, obviously). But Gwar have comedy, social critique, theatrics, great riffs, movies, many musical styles from “The Road Behind” to “Madness at the Core of Time”. A whole universe of characters. Shit, the only shirt of mine my mom actually took offense enough to douse with gasoline and BURN was my Gwar ‘I died on the flesh column’ Skulhedface t-shirt.

I remember a college class we had to share memories of Princess Diana and all I had was Gwar beating her to death with J. Benet Ramsey then decapitating and sodomizing O.J. Simpson. I will also never forget being pulled over in NJ in Asbury Park covered in fake Gwar blood with my friends after a Stone Pony show. Suddenly 8 (!!!) cop cars surrounded us and thought we had all killed someone. Thank God they didnt find the katana sword and drugs incidentally in the trunk, but I remember a butch lady cop groped my friend’s junk and we teased him. I also remember walking into the Stone Pony at that show and they kicked on red lights as the band blasted into “Ham On The Bone” from AMERICA MUST BE DESTROYED (a ballsy title if ever there was one). Blood was flying everywhere and I felt like I had entered a realm of pure madness! Shit, I remember when I first got the tape of that album from a friend and I was actually scared of the band at first before I became a real metalhead. “The Morality Squad” stands up alongside the best of The Dead Kennedys as a perfect indictment of the Bush/Reagan and the Democratic party led PMRC bullshit witch hunts against anyone different enough to say “Fuck You” in a damn metal or rap song. Diiiickbags!

Light up your crack rocks and hail Gwar. They were the first metal band to play Antarctica, Lars! “Have You Seen Me?” was the first bassline I ever learned to play!

Click HERE for the Gwar tunes that made this Deep Cuts Gwar-ticle. RIP Oderus!

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Deep Cuts: Unearth

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 9:11 PM (PST)


Aaand…We’re back with another edition of Metal Riot’s DEEP CUTS. This is a series where we take three songs that are less known from any given heavy bands albums and shine some light into their eyes. Past cutters include Korn and King Diamond (to name a few).

This time we look at the headbanging bad boys in Unearth. Sure, it isn’t like this take no prisoners New England band has a slew of top 40 hits. We aren’t delving into multi-platinum jukebox kings Journey’s repertoire and dusting off “Suzanne” from Raised on Radio here (damn, that song is catchy though).

Nah, we are showing some love to one of the most consistent and best metalcore bands on the planet. These guys are road dogs and true metal beleivers and that kind of integrity deserves some Metal Riot accolades. Some people think they always sound the same, but the same gets thrown at Slayer. If it aint broke, don’t fix it! Unearth’s sound is exciting, angry and endless.

Click HERE to see what songs made this edition of Deep Cuts.

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Deep Cuts: Coheed and Shabutie

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 10:00 PM (PST)


Shabutie picture I took circa 1997, i think. * (Claudio, Nate, Mic)

This Deep Cuts we are going to look at different eras of Coheed & Cambria, including some Shabutie early stuff.

To hear my three song picks and read more click HERE.

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Deep Cuts: Vivian Campbell

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 5:36 AM (PST)


Is there a name in metal and hard rock more fun to say in a fake British accent or L.A. A&R rep voice than “Mr. Vivian Campbell”? Seriously, it just sounds like the dude is supposed to be a rock hero from the 80’s…which he is. For the 5th and long overdue “Deep Cuts” we are gonna focus on Def Leppard, Dio and Whitesnake veteran guitarist Vivian Campbell. In November the Vivster announced he is in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and so here’s some positive vibes sent his way.

If you don’t like Def Leppard (“Die Hard The Hunter” rules, even if it was pre-Viv) you are a whiny little death metal brat with smelly socks, probably. But you must admit Vivian’s tenure with Dio is legend.

So, we haven’t done a “Deep Cuts” installment over here at MR for awhile (and I do get asked about them). The last one on King Diamond was about a year ago! What have I been doing? Well, I think I was busy getting laid or actually listening to newer music and being a workaholic. Now that I am single and alone again (not a Dokken reference), I have more useless free time to write about things like Vivian Campbell’s career (sure to get my wick wet in no time).

Anyway, here are three deep cuts of rad Vivian-ness for ya! Click HERE!

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Deep Cuts: King Diamond

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:49 PM (PST)

For the latest in the MR “Deep Cuts” series (where we examine lesser known tunes by a great band), it is time to look at the awesome records of the one and only King Diamond. The Danish legend of horror and high pitched banshee shrieks is truly one of a kind. Who else can yell “bringing the blood of a newborn child” in quite as cool a way!? No one.

Billy Riker of the fantastic progressive band Three (very old friends of mine who I respect and love a lot) helped me with this one and chose a song! Thanks for being my first assistant on a “Deep Cuts” piece, Billy! Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh! Billy is himself a sick shred master.

Speaking of guitar…we also had to cover King because guitarist Andy LaRocque consistently drops some of, if not THE, best solos in heavy metal. Metal Blade has recently really amped up their King Diamond merch promotion online  and it is overdue! Shit, I almost seriously tried to write a book about the album ABIGAIL once! King is the best.

King has brought so much awe, headbanging and joy into my life. Seeing him live for the first time I will always remember screaming “18 is 9”!!!!! I have never screamed along with such manic insanity to another artist (even Danzig or Dio) and with the exception of maybe “Mr. Freeze” Arnold one-liners, nothing ever makes me laugh as much as King’s crazy ideas either.

I used to work at a fabric wholesale shop with my friend Ryan who now is on the show ODDITIES. We would listen to KD (not Lang, though she is also metal) as much as possible and laugh our heads off and fuck up expensive orders because we were too busy being psyched.

Anyway, fire up your Corvette, pet a black cat and click HERE to read this rad article!!!

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Deep Cuts: Sepultura

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, December 14, 2012 at 6:28 PM (PST)

For the third notch in the Metal Riot “Deep Cuts” belt, I decided to take a look at the legendary force of nature from Brazil, the almighty Sepultura. Whichever era of the band (and yes, whichever singer) they just keep kicking ass. Whether leading the charge for death thrash back in the day, championing world music and metal colliding in explosive fusion or drop tuning and adding groove, whatever they have done is almost always brutality defined.

Growing up, the first heavy tape I got was Agnostic Front on one side and Sepultura on the other. That one little cassette introduced me to the first hardcore and death metal bands I would grow to love. These are not so much simply artists as much as war horses who to me were heroes upholding pure expression through heavy music. Shit, Sepultura reminded people that metal existed in other places besides England and America!

Let’s take a peek at what Sepultura cuts made “Deep Cuts”. Click HERE and mosh!

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Deep Cuts : Soundgarden

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 12:35 PM (PST)

For the second installment in the Metal Riot “Deep Cuts” series (the first was Korn), we are going to look into the stunning catalogue of one of grunge and heavy metal’s most revered bands, Soundgarden. With King Animal (the long hoped for return record) due to soon be released to the hungry masses, it is only fair to thank Soundgarden for a great career of massive, inspiring jams by showcasing them as the next artist in this column.

From their early days with the raw, unhinged glory of Screaming Life to the more polished but still brilliant compositions on Down On The Upside, they truly have never made a bad record. With many bands taking the path of least resistance when it comes to creative choices these days, we are lucky for true music like this as an eternal rebuke.

There is so much to choose from, but click HERE to see which three cuts made “Deep Cuts”.

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Deep Cuts: Korn

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, September 21, 2012 at 1:21 PM (PST)

Ever wonder why a band chose the single they did instead of a much better song on an album? Ever just have a song that stuck in your head for a long time after a record’s release date? Wanna get more metal than thou and pontificate about songs casual fans don’t really know? That’s what this is about (also “Deep Cuts” sounds very serial killer-esque).

I wanted to start a Metal Riot series that every so often takes a look at three songs from cool bands in the hard rock/metal world that might be underappreciated gems within a group’s catalogue. Up first we have three tunes from the Bakersfield Beasts, Korn.

Here are a few tunes from the Nu Metal titans that help explain their staying power and which deserve another listen.

Click HERE to see which cuts made Deep Cuts!

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