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Mastodon announce Euro tour dates

Posted by metalrocker on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 5:09 PM (PST)

mastodon the hunter coverGeorgian doom metallers, Mastodon, have announced new European tour dates. The tour will last from January 10th through February 10th and will visit fourteen different countries. The band will also be supported by Red Fang.

To see the full list of tour dates click here.

Mastodon’s latest album, “The Hunter” was released in September 2011 through Reprise Records.

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Cover Art Tuesday: Mastodon vs The World

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 11:50 AM (PST)

How many of you Metal Rioters out there have gone to your local record store of choice and picked up a new metal album solely based on the art that graces its cover? Unfortunately, with the growth of iTunes and Pandora it seems easier and easier to overlook album cover art in general, but in the world of Heavy Metal we’re here to remind you that the art form is still alive and well!

Each Tuesday we will present to you the best album covers of the week and draw focus into what makes each cover so damn badass.This week, the metal giants Mastodon have their newest offering The Hunter and tons of other fantastic new albums are out by bands like Landmine Marathon, Machine Head, and Saxon.

Check out this week’s offering right here and vote on which cover YOU think should win “Cover Art of the Week”! Check it out!

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New Video- Mastodon – “Curl of the Burl”

Posted by NichTheHair on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 10:37 AM (PST)

Taken from Mastodon‘s upcoming release “The Hunter,” Atlanta’s prog doom  metallers release the “official” video for “Curl of the Burl.” If you have been following our coverage like a good little cretin, you might have observed this is the second video for the song. The first was offered up about a month ago. It looks a bit similar to the new one, with lots of sweet kaleidoscoped forest action, but sans the crazy drugged-out woodsman.

Check out his bender here.

“The Hunter” comes out September 27th on Reprise.

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Mastodon announce tour with Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 10:35 AM (PST)

mastodon the hunter coverIn what might be the best metal tour this year, metal CEOs Mastodon has announced a fall/winter tour with insane musicians Dillinger Escape Plan and rowdy youngsters Red Fang.

Mastodon has finished their recording of the new album The Hunter, while DEP and Red Fang will be promoting albums that came out prior to this tour, although DEP is working on a new album. The tour kicks off November 1st in Los Angeles, CA and runs through December 1st in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Click here for the tour dates!

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New Music: Mastodon – “Spectrelight”

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 10:38 AM (PST)

mastodon the hunter coverAlmost a month after releasing “Curl of the Burl,” Mastodon is back with another new track in “Spectrelight.”

Featuring Scott Kelly from Neurosis, as did a track from Blood Mountain, the track is much more straight-foward metal than “Curl” was. The Hunter is still due out on September 27th via Reprise.

Click here for the new track!

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New Video: Mastodon – “Curl of the Burl”

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 at 1:20 PM (PST)

mastodon the hunter coverIt’s been a busy summer for Mastodon, who have unveiled their new video for the first single off of The Hunter in the form of “Curl of the Burl.” Sticking to a more concise songwriting form and simple video style, the track breathes atmosphere into a 3:40 explosion while still delivering the iconic Mastodon crunch.

The band has also announced a contest, allowing fans to download the track, record their own guitar and/or drum parts and share them with the band. Mastodon will then pick the best, and, well, I’ll let the website explain the winning (and losing) prizes:

The band will pick the best entry based on originality and skill in a few weeks, and one grand prize winner will get a new MacBook Air notebook, $50 in the Mastodon online merch store, a personal message from the band, and a 1-year pro Soundcloud account. 2 runners up will get $25 in the Mastodon store and a 1-year pro Soundcloud account. One loser will be chosen and will receive an empty bag of chips via US mail.

Click here to get started on that contest and click HERE to watch the new video!

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Mastodon reveal track listing for “The Hunter”

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 12:48 AM (PST)

mastodon the hunter coverDue on September 27th, Mastodon‘s latest album The Hunter is potentially the most anticipated heavy album of the year. The band is primed to release some new material to a fan base that gobbled up their live album and bought tickets like it was their last tour ever. The 13 tracks (15 if you buy the limited edition) were recorded in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Click here for the video for “Black Tongue” and the album’s track list!

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Video: Mastodon preview new album “The Hunter”

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 5:16 PM (PST)

mastodon the hunter coverMastodon fans rejoice, as the band has released their first glimpse at the sound and style of upcoming record The Hunter, due this fall. A semi-complete list of track titles have been released, including “Blasteroids,” “Stargasm,” and “The Octopus Has No Friends.”

Featuring a full minute of new music from the iconic Georgia-based band, this trailer gives fans a sense of what new track “Black Tongue” is all about. We recently reported on guitarist Brent Hinds’ new side project dubbed Giraffe Tongue, an animal known for having a black tongue.


Click here to watch the trailer!

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Album Review: Mastodon – “Live At The Aragon”

Posted by chuck_asawesna on Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 6:50 AM (PST)

A band is only as good as its live performance, plain and simple. All the time spent in the studio making your album sound immaculate means little if your concerts don’t set you apart from your peers. Fortunately, Mastodon is one of those bands that put as much effort, if not more, into their live show. Their latest release, “Live At The Aragon”, was recorded from their show on October 17, 2009 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago during their tour in support of “Crack The Skye”. It not only captures the brilliance of their latest studio release, but the aural essence of a Mastodon show.

Get a description of that aural essence here.

New Video: Mastodon – “Deathbound”

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 1:56 PM (PST)

Although a new Mastodon record is a few months away, the Georgia quartet has dusted off a track recorded during the Crack The Skye sessions entitled “Deathbound.” The track is featured on Adult Swim’s summer music series, releasing new and unreleased material from popular bands all summer long. Adult Swim and Mastodon have teamed up before on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, shown here.

The video fits the humor and comedy most Mastodon projects lend themselves to (just check out Brent Hinds hilarious restaurant commercial here). The new album entitled The Hunter is due out this fall.

Click here to see the puppet-massacring video and here to download it.

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Giraffe Tongue: (members Mastodon, DEP, Mars Volta, Jane’s Addiction)

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 2:55 PM (PST)

Mastodon Brent HindsMastodon guitarist and face tattoo enthusiast Brent Hinds has unveiled plans to record with a new metal supergroup entitled Giraffe Tongue.

The band includes Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen, and former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery. Hinds hopes that the group can record an album’s worth of material as soon each prospective member’s busy schedule allows.

Hinds spoke about the project:

“We tried to get together and do an album, but there’s been no time. We want to record crazy stuff and Ben is working on that, but it’s been hard to get together.”

Recently, Hinds lent his acting talent to a local burrito restaurant and filmed a funny commercial for the spot. Check it out here!

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Metal Movie Moments: Don’t talk, watch!

Posted by jessepac on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 1:06 PM (PST)

Aqua Teen PosterSome of the best music from the world of metal has influenced some of the best movies ever made. From the classics to the most brutal new additions in the metal cinematic pantheon, Metal Riot is here to suggest some of the best movies that feature metal, are about metal musicians, or feature a metal moment. Going beyond just the soundtrack, we hope to show you selections from the metal movie library that every metal fan needs to see. Metalheads love movies too, so let’s take a look at some Metal Movie Moments!

Stoners, cartoons, and metal somehow always seem to go hand in hand in hand and this week’s Metal Movie Moment is taken from the opening credits to an Adult Swim comedy that made it to the big screen. Think you know what is it? Click here to find out!

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Mastodon’s Brann Dailor talks about upcoming album

Posted by NichTheHair on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 12:18 PM (PST)

Atlanta,Georgia’s proggy doomsters Mastodon are currently working on the follow up to 2009’s Reprise release, “Crack The Skye.” Drummer Brann Dailor had a few things to divulge about the impending fifth album:

“It doesn’t seem as proggy. There’s moments, but it seems more riff-oriented. It seems a little more stripped down. [2004’s] ‘Leviathan’ was a little more stripped down, and it feels like that to me. Everything always changes once you go in the studio, but at the moment it seems like a really super-heavy Led Zeppelin or something. It has a lot of that [John] Bonham-esque groove to it, but really heavy and dark. I really like playing like that, and when it goes into those parts, I’m psyched,” Dailor said.

“It’s (the concept of the record) all worked out. I don’t want to talk about it yet, though. It’s not totally ready, but it’s gonna be cool. I feel like it’s a classic story about redemption. It’s a mythology that’s invented because we care so deeply as human beings for one another, it’s hard to think that you just go into a hole [after you die] and that’s it. So you want to see your loved ones be exalted in some way, or be a part of something that’s much more grandiose.”

Mastodon recently released “Live at the Aragon,” a live CD/DVD set from their 2009 tour. They are due for a busy summer with several dates across Europe.

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Mastodon announce upcoming European tour

Posted by Theis Doomlund on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 7:54 PM (PST)

The band that restored the term “progressive metal” to its former glory, Mastodon, have announced that they will be taking a trip across the pond this summer to tour Europe. Mastodon will be making their way across the continent through out all of June and most of July and you can check up on the dates right here.

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System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian recently performed his latest single “Goodbye-Gate 21 (rock remix)” on NBC’s The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno. Click here to watch.

The single is off his latest digital-only EP “Imperfect Remixes,” released  March 1st on Reprise/ Serjical Strike Records.

System Of A Down will be playing a handful of North American headline shows before heading over to Europe this summer. This is the first time since August 2006 that they have played together and will be joined by New York Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello.

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