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Check out this exclusive footage of metal champions In Flames talking about the creation of the new album Siren Charms, which premiered on Loudwire. Enjoy!

This is my favorite material from the band since the early days! Siren Charms will entice you in and make you question yourself. I sincerely hope and pray that this music can be a guiding force for people to bridge different styles and limitations that hold us back in the metal scene and world.

#melodyisalsogood #gothenburg

The album is out September 9.

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The hardened soldiers over at Metal Injection have awesomely been posting full pro shot sets from Wacken 2014 -including the likes of Motorhead, Emperor– and more. My fave so far has been the awesome performance from Amon Amarth, opening their set with “Father Of The Wolf” and laying waste from there to everything in their path.

Click HERE to watch the set and head bang for Odin.

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Huntress reveal pretty good tour news

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 6:15 PM (PST)




Thank you, Huntress for the Metal Monday news:

Stoked to tour with Arch Enemy, Kreator Official & Starkill this fall in North America! We’re now recording our 3rd album with Jim Rota & Andrew Alekel in Los Angeles to be released early 2015 via Napalm Records. Huntress will perform some new songs on tour with Arch Enemy, along with fan favorites from our albums Spell Eater & Starbound Beast — what songs do YOU want to see Huntress perform live?!  – from Huntress Facebook.

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Darkest Hour to release new album this summer

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 5:15 PM (PST)


Never ones to dissapoint, the lads in Darkest Hour have continued to deliver socially relevant and sonically consistent, monster album after monster album since day one. It is music that gives you hope and relief that someone is paying attention out there to what matters.

This August 5th the band will release their first Sumerian release, a sign that the label’s scooping up of an established and respected band like Dillinger was no fluke. I am very excited to hear the whole album based on the new teaser video, which you can hear below.

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Conducting From The Grave have released a rather straightforward performance video for “The Rise”, directed by Michael Alvarez. Despite the fact that I never need to hear another song called “Rise” or anything similar (or “Liar”, for that matter) in metal or hardcore again, it is a solid display of technical skill, if not originality. Seriously, there are sooo many bands with a similar song title over the years – ironic since this band’s name is fairly inspired.

Nonetheless, the band is on point, clearly hungry and firing on all cylinders, while the rhythm section especially kill it.

click HERE to watch.

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Monuments release “Origin of Escape” lyric video

Posted by longhairedpoet on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 6:33 PM (PST)


British melo-deathers Monuments have released the lyric video for their song “Origin of Escape” off of their forthcoming album The Amanuensis due out July 8 via Century Media.

Guitarist John Browne had this to say about the album:

“The album is about the Samsara cycle. The cyclical existence of life that we are all bound to.”

Check out the “Origin of Escape” lyric video as well as Monuments tour dates here.

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Wretched release Making of “Cannibal” Pt. 2

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 7:35 PM (PST)


This is the year I hope Wretched really blow up and show everyone they are much better than many of their “peers”. These guys put to shame all the death core and floppy breakdown bullshit and auto clean vocal djent crap I am so sick of as a music journalist/fan. If you like heavy death music, Wretched are genuinely exciting! Imagine that!

Now I thought cannibals were made through extreme exposure to cold and desperation after plane crashes or just a general sense of hunger. That is not the case if you are a world class metal band.

Check in with WRETCHED at the studio, as guitarist, Joel Moore, talks you through the process of recording their forthcoming album, Cannibal. Moore describes Cannibal as the “most badass album WRETCHED has ever created,” going on to say, “These are some of the most technically challenging songs that we’ve ever written. If something wasn’t sounding right, we scrapped it and started over.”

Watch the “Making Of Cannibal – Part 2”.

Don’t miss WRETCHED perform tracks from Cannibal live all summer long on the Victory Records Stage at the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. View the full list of dates

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Album Review: Arch Enemy – War Eternal

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, May 19, 2014 at 9:42 PM (PST)


It sent shock waves through the metal community when the startling news came down the vine that Angela Gossow was leaving the vocal throne of Arch Enamy to become the band’s manager, passing the microphone/baton to ex-The Agonist rising star Alissa White-Gluz. Look, skeptics have to remember that Michael Amott knows what he is doing. The guy could have stayed with Carcass I presume, but he chose instead to keep Arch Enemy as his main baby now (which is fine cuz I love Arch Enemy and Ben Ash was in Pig Iron, a sick bluesy stoner rock band with harmonica who played with Maiden once and are under appreciated in the USA…so, long story short, Ash gets my nod as a cool replacement in Carcass for Amott. But let’s get back to Arch Enemy proper.

“Tempore Nihil Sanat” opens the record with a flourish of ominous classical anticipation building. We hear some chanting that could be from The Omen or a Ghost B.C. record before…pay off! “Never Forgive, Never Forget” bangs in with such classic Arch Enemy style that you have to remind yourself there have been line up changes. “Never! Ever!” Even the album art is kind of cool, kind of ugly-like most of their CDs.

New guitarist Nick Cordle (ex-Arsis) does a great job, and though Chris’ leads are missed, the new stuff really is just as good. I mean, it is Arch Enemy. You know what you want and they deliver, with some surprises thrown in here and there. I’ll tell you this…I am more into this than the latest re-incarnation of The Haunted. Though maybe I am biased on both counts since I like Dolving-era Haunted the best and also since I heard Alissa is roomies with the drummer of Blackguard, Justine. Love me some Blackguard!

Anyway, “You Will Know My Name” starts off with almost power metal riffing, and the song could in fact be a mission statement for White-Gluz. She commands the number well, making it her own but showing she has the skill to also competently execute things in a style that makes this album sit well with Angela’s tenure.

Click HERE for more and to hear some music!


Lambgoat are streaming  “Morsel”  from Victory Records standouts Wretched. By far the most brutal band on the label now that Pathology are no longer on the roster,  WRETCHED’s Cannibal will be available everywhere on June 10th, 2014. Doesn’t that album cover warm your heart, metal heads?   A skull with skulls for eye balls eating heads. And if you Google “wretched” and “cannibal” you get a lot of results for The Wretched Spawn, a lesser appreciated Cannibal Corpse album, f.y.i.

You can also download the digital single for Wretched’s  “Cranial Infestation”at iTunes and AmazonMP3 today.

Check the animated head eating shenanigans HERE.

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Darkane Euro Tour footage of “Ostracized” will booyah your day

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 10:14 AM (PST)


Swedish melo-death quintet DARKANE have unveiled live footage from their recent European tour with Soilwork, which Metal-Discovery described as “aural epicness… a mesmerizing and riveting experience.” You can watch along as the band performs the track “Ostracized” from their acclaimed 2013 release The Sinister Supremacy filmed by Philipp Koch & Oliver Laux (Drumtalk) at the Biblelot in Dordrecht, Netherlands below!

Says the band, “We recently completed a European tour with Soilwork that took us through Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Holland and the UK. The tour went great and, with the two bands having previously toured together, everything went smoothly – apart from Soilwork’s drummer Dirk Verbeuren getting injured and having to sit out a few shows. Luckily our drummer Peter (Wildoer) isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so he took over the drum throne for Soilwork’s remaining gigs. Closing in on the end of the tour, Dirk felt good enough to play again, so he played the final show of the tour in Dordrecht. Spirits were high, and to make it even better, Phillip from Drumtalk showed up and asked if we wanted him to film the show. Of course we did! And he did a really nice job. Darkane 100% live and raw. As it should be.”


Click HERE for the footage.

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THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER announce “Fool ‘Em All” DVD; new trailer streaming now!

The Black Dahlia Murder are set to release their brand new DVD next month! “Fool ‘Em All” is the band’s second DVD and follows up their immensely popular “Majesty” DVD. Once again, director Robbie Tassaro captured the band on tour for another installment of absurdity and hilarity! This time around, put on your 3D glasses (included in the package!) to experience the band in stereoscopic 3D in select scenes throughout the DVD. “Fool ‘Em All” is scheduled for release on May 27th in North America. Fans can pre-order a copy and stream the brand new trailer HERE.

The Black Dahlia Murder’s previous DVD “Majesty” reached #2 on the Billboard Top Music Videos Chart US and #5 in Canada. The DVD would later be certified Gold in Canada.

The Black Dahlia Murder just wrapped up the Decibel Magazine tour with Carcass, Gorguts, and Noisem. In June, the band will return to Europe for club shows and festival appearances, including Hellfest, Download Festival, Graspop, and more!

Click HERE for tour dates.

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Arch Enemy show off new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (ex-The Agonist)

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 11:02 AM (PST)


So Arch Enemy shocked everyone earlier in the week and announced Angela Gossow will become the band’s manager and pass her vocal torch on to ex-The Agonist vocalist Alissa White-Gluz.

Angela Gossow, who joined ARCH ENEMY in 2000 and made her debut on the now classic Wages Of Sin (2001), will be stepping down as front-woman and focusing on the band’s management. Now it’s time to lift the veil and present the new line-up with the title track of the upcoming album “War Eternal”. The video was produced by the band’s long time friend Patric Ullaeus.

Alissa kicks butt and, while she doesn’t have the fear inducing and able to dominate your puny manhood in five seconds glare of the formidable Gossow, Alissa still manages to sound really fierce on this new track. Today is a great day. Fred Phelps is dead and choking on Satan’s ding dong. I just heard the new Hellyeah album and it blows away all their old stuff. Agalloch have a new song. And now this! Horns skyward!

Chief song-writer, guitarist and band leader Michael Amott comments: “This is a day to remember. It is such a great feeling to come back with new music and to unleash the first single and video off ‘War Eternal’. Behold the first chapter of the new Arch Enemy saga… This is f**king war!”

Click HERE for the video!

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Wacken Open Air 2006Surprising news today, as Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy reveals she has left the band and is turning vocal duties over to Alissa White-Gluz. Angela will now take over managerial duties of the band.

Founder and gutarist Michael Amott spoke about the change: “We are eternally grateful to Angela for all her passion, hard work and talent. Her legacy is tremendous and will always be a big part of the band’s history. We feel great pride in what has been achieved in the past, but also look forward to new battles and new victories. We welcome Alissa with open arms – and we hope you will have open ears. We might have just created our most wicked metal opus yet with our upcoming album War Eternal!”

War Eternal will be the first album with Alissa White-Gluz on vocals.

Click here for statements from both women.

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Interview: Shores of Null – Pain Masquerade

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 10:19 AM (PST)


In general, the lyrics reflects different moods and they talk about life, a precious gift we get to know day by day. They’re gloomy, cryptic, full of metaphors and revolve around the joys and sorrows of common people, their hope and resignations. – Davide (vocals)

Rome’s Shores of Null (newly signed to Candlelight) are purveyors of a powerful brand of metal fans of Edgar Allen Poe, Alice in Chains, Daylight Dies or any manner of gloom will want to glom up. These guys are fucking brilliant and the music on debut Quiescence is an absolute MUST HAVE release for anyone really suffering some deep pain in life or who just loves real rock music. This band can inspire, challenge your preconceptions, make you really deeply feel and embrace your vulnerability as mortal but also embolden the listener to confidence with riffs that are mountains. This may start the new Italian Renaissance.

Click HERE for our exclusive new interview with Raffaele and Davide.

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Album Review: Shores Of Null – Quiescence

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 7:58 PM (PST)


Shores Of Null‘s Quiescence continues a monster streak for Candlelight Records. Signing the Rome based band is a huge win for the label, who have been on fire lately with releases from The Wounded Kings, Shrapnel and Ihsahn all adrenalizing the current album release quarter for metal hungry maniacs. The dark and expansive sounds exhibited on Quiescence prove to be completely addictive with hints of everything from Alice In Chains to My Dying Bride and even (very) old In Flames combining for a memorable experience.

This is a total grower like The Old Dead Tree’s criminally underrated concept album The Water Fields where you are expecting it to be kinda cool and then it becomes the main thing you are listening to. As a writer for almost a decade I get a shit ton of promos. Sure, I’ll throw something I really love from an old favorite like Kylesa’s Ultraviolet that I know I am gonna go back to into my Itunes, but a lot of music I don’t have time to revisit often because between work and a constant influx of new shit to pay attention to or write about, I am swamped! Shores of Null have already defied the odds and are taking over my “Top 25 Most Played” list. The best metal can instantly move you and this has that quality in excess.

Click HERE to read more.