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Coal Chamber premiere title track for “Rivals”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, March 9, 2015 at 10:12 AM (PST)



As a career non shit giver I’m gonna buck the “all nu metal sucks” trend and say that I’m stoked on the new Coal Chamber.

Title track RIVALS from the return LP (slated for a May 19th Napalm Records release) is nice and raw like Dark Days but has the sort of unhinged theatrical verses, albeit darker than before, of the early CC stuff. Check it out HERE. The chorus kind of sounds like Machine Head but Dez has his own trademark voice. This song has movement and bark. I don’t see how it isn’t better than the vast majority of shitty deathcore or Christ-core bands out now, especially since there are less derivative “nu” clone bands copying Korn and Coal Chamber these days and no one gives a fuck about the Woodstock 99′ frat boy plague of Limp Bizkit. It makes it a little bit easier to remember what was good about this style (ie: groove, catharsis and big, dumb mosh pits), especially since Korn and Coal Chamber , as well as Sevendust, are making some of their best new tunes in forever.

Live  fan shot video BELOW.

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Interview: Wake Up Lucid – It’s a family fuzz rock affair

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 10:10 AM (PST)
Photo by Angela Holtzen

Live photos by Angela Holtzen


Like a good dream, Wake Up Lucid  linger with you in a surreal haze for awhile during their drifty sleep hang over type moments while at other times their fuzzed attack leaves the charred aftermath of a West Coast forest fire. The band have played to discerning L.A. audiences and put their time in the last few years all perhaps building up to an emphasis on being as dynamic as possible these days. I’d love to see them alongside a Dead Meadow or White Hills type band or two.

I just love these guys. They remind me of when I was in bands in Woodstock, NY and it was all for the right reasons…cranking out good memories and riffs. As their bio says: Early on, cousins Ryan, Ian, and Jamie from Wake Up Lucid set up home base at Silverlake Lounge on Sunset Boulevard as a challenge to themselves, honing their writing and performance skills in front of one of the most demanding audiences in the world. What resulted was…being offered an album release party, then a residency, followed swiftly by media acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, LA Times, Vice/Noisey, Filter, Nylon, MOKB, KEXP… and plenty of others!

Producer Joe Cardamone has kind of adopted the band and the results have been great. New EP Gone With The Night is an indicator of more hurdles leapt by this promising power trio. Taste making stoner Mecca of blogs The Obelisk recently premiered “Get Fucked” from Gone With The Night HERE (incidentally I was the 69th Facebook “like” which is almost as cool as being the 666th RTX like awhile ago). Anyway, it was a good time to interview all 3 members of the band BELOW.

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I just did what gravitates towards my soul, genres and barriers are disconnected from my listening pleasure – Brock Lindow

Music should break you out of your self prescribed mode, peel the veneer off of life’s everyday patterns and expose the nerves. I know some scene purists want to be metaller than thou or write off the new At The Gates (which is superb) because it isnt 20 years old and how dare they write a new album. I personally liked Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey as an examination of depression and the grey scale of vulnerability and power play of sensuality far more than the majority of heavy revenge fantasy albums that I crossed paths with last year. Music should bring you inside of new ways of thinking, shake the dust or at least make you wonder or relate to the artist.

Alaska’s 36 Crazyfists have made what is possibly their crowning jewel with Time And Trauma (Spinefarm). This is just one of those records that defies critics and is destined to be a classic, much like Deftones Around The Fur or V.O.D.’s Imprint were just other records in a cluttered release year when they came out.

“I’ve seen the devil in many of my days/lately I’ve decorated far too many graves,” belts out singer Brock Lindow on title track “Time And Trauma” with such pain and raw emotion in his trembling but strong as hell vocal performance. You can’t help but be gripped. It’s like in The Art Of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba , true strength is bringing people into your sphere. For years 36CF have been not so quietly winning converts and KEEPING their fans through consistency, belief in the underground and hard touring regardless of trends.

You’d be a fool not to give this album respect.

For an interview with actually unique vocalist Brock see BELOW.

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Faith No More announce “Sol Invictus”, full tour sold out

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 9:37 AM (PST)

Dustin Rabin Photography, Faith No More, FNM, Dustin Rabin

Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s follow-up to Album of the Year no one thought would ever happen, arrives on May 19 via Reclamation Recordings/Ipecac Recordings. Can you guys and gals wait that long for the real thing? It wil probably end up being the album of THIS year.

“What I can say is that I think through our experience as musicians over the years, I think what we’re doing reflects where we’ve gone since we made our last record as Faith No More. I think this kicks things up a notch,” explained Bill Gould in a recent Rolling Stone interview. “And I think there’s parts that are very powerful and there’s parts that have a lot of “space.” Everything we do, with our chemistry, the way we play; it’s always going to sound like us. It’s just what we do, that makes us feel good. “

Sol Invictus was produced by Gould and recorded in the band’s Oakland, Calif. studio. All dates for their North American tour sold out faster than you can say ,”Don’t look at me- I’m ugly in the morning!!!!”


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By any standard the Papa Roach and Seether tour (with up and comers Kyng and a band I often hype called Islander) has been a huge success all around. Somehow the bill, which featured a blend of nu metal and hard rock, was a blend of both PMA and mope but the bands gelled together great.

Islander opened it up, far and away my favorite younger band of the moment. I’ve interviewed them 3 times already! It was cool to finally meet the dudes in person. Like myself back when I sang for a nu-hardcore band Divest, the Islander boys have collaborated with someone from the legendary Bad Brains (arguably the first hardcore band) . The  Islander guys just seemed so psyched to be playing the big room. It reminded me of when I saw Polar Bear Club open for mighty Bad Religion in this same venue and they kind of stole the show from BR and The Bronx (both of whom I love). Islander were the hungriest band here and they killed it with NO backing tracks like some bands use these days. “Lucky Rabbit” (the song H.R. from Bad Brains sang on with them on their first EP) was intense, a post-hardcore and groove hybrid that found vocalist Mikey screaming for all the ones “slipping through the cracks in the system.” I told the band backstage they had only been beaten in year end polls for this site by a slim margin, and by the Foo Fighters. “If you’re close behind the Foo Fighters that’s not too bad,” said Mikey. “Dave Grohl still has a punk rock heart. We’re just kids who grew up on Bad Brains and Zao. I think we’re doing well. Mayhem Fest seasoned us a little bit. ”

Thanks to Islander’s label Victory Records for hooking us up with access and for supporting hard rock, metal and hard core now with a wider range. I love the old Victory era as much as anyone but this is 2015 and with people not buying records as much it is important for a label with a solid brand and passionate staff to get behind and unify a diverse roster and keep “rock” in general going strong! I’ve only ever had great experiences with Victory.

For tons of pics by Catharina Christiana and a full show review see BELOW.

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Faith No More tour dates, new single “Super Hero”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, January 26, 2015 at 10:15 AM (PST)

Dustin Rabin Photography, Faith No More, FNM, Dustin Rabin

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26, 2015 – Faith No More confirm their first North American shows since 2010 with a spring outing kicking off April 15 in Vancouver.

The announcement comes as the Bay Area band wraps up work on their follow-up to 1997’s Album of the Year. The as-of-yet untitled album is due this May via the band’s newly formed imprint, Reclamation Recordings, which is distributed by Ipecac Recordings. Faith No More founder and bass player, Bill Gould is overseeing production.

“Here we go,” said Gould. “First North American tour dates, some in cities we haven’t played in over 17 years. We are armed with the new material and ready for whatever comes our way.”

For dates and single news see BELOW.

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Korn, Slipknot cover Beasties

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 6:13 PM (PST)



This just went down at the Wembley Arena here in London! Korn and Slipknot just rocked the house playing “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys
Photo by Tony Adams
#Korn #KornTour2015 #PrepareForHellTour #Sabotage

For footage see BELOW and have some fun with it!

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_MG_8824_1 web

Hard Rock n 2014 had great highlights (no dyed hair joke intended). From Charm City Devils making a bigger name for their brash selves to Chevelle‘s thunderous Terminal 5 show (and tightly wound single “Take Out the Gunman” ) it was a solid year. Buckcherry have also been hitting the road and maintaining a dedicated tour ethic, while Pop Evil  put out a very cool LIVE version of a “Trenches” video thanking fans for the solid support given the nearly unstoppable ascent of Onyx. Diablo Blvd had the best goth hard rocker “Follow The Deadlights” this side of The 69 Eyes and the Belgians killed it opening for Life Of Agony in New Jersey. Best of all is Black Star Riders new record The Killer Instinct, which keeps alive the Thin Lizzy legacy into 2015 and MORE than ensures/proves the genre of hard rock is still worth the fuss.

To see some shots of a few of said bands from recent live concerts shot by our photographer friend Catharina Christiana and to immerse yourself in a river of rock, see BELOW.

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Catch Islander’s “New Wave”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 11:32 AM (PST)

imgres Fusion metal Victory Records disciples Islander are back with a new video for “New Wave” (via @billboard) that finds the boys doing their thing, beach style swagger and all. It’s a more reflective and spaced out track from #violenceanddestruction , the band’s hit album.

For more, see BELOW.

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Enter Shikari US tour date data for dat azz

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 10:21 AM (PST)


Let’s keep this simple. This band is genius. Photo credit Tom Martin


Mar 20 Never Say Never Festival – Mission, TX

Mar 21 South By So What?! – Grand Prairie, TX

Mar 23 Fitzgerald’s Downstairs – Houston, TX

Mar 24 House of Blues – New Orleans, LA

Mar 26 The Social – Orlando, FL

Mar 27 The State Theatre – St. Petersburg, FL

Mar 28 Underbelly – Jacksonville, FL

Mar 30 The Masquerade – Hell – Atlanta, GA

Mar 31 Cone Denim Center – Greensboro, NC

Apr 01 Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

Apr 03 The Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY

Apr 04 Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

Apr 06 Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA

Apr 07 Club Soda – Montreal, QC

Apr 08 Virgin Mobile Mod Club – Toronto, ON

Apr 09 The Crofoot Ballroom – Pontiac, MI

Apr 10 Fubar – St. Louis, MO

Apr 11 The Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL

Apr 12 The Granada Theatre – Lawrence, KS

Apr 14 The Marquis Theater – Denver, CO

Apr 16 Murray Theater – Murray, UT

Apr 17 Knitting Factory – Boise, ID

Apr 18 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

Apr 19 El Corazon – Seattle, WA

Apr 21 Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA

Apr 23 House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA

Apr 24 Soma Sidestage – San Diego, CA

Apr 25 Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ

Apr 26 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM

Apr 28 The Korova – San Antonio, TX



You hear that there is no protest music, anymore. That’s simply not true, but Mongrel are a band who blur the distinction… in a good way! The social awareness and yet ability to enjoy their lives approach makes the band more human, and more invested, than most. When you hear “Tarnished Halo” or “Snakes” for the first time,  you know this band is special and living their songs.

Mongrel’s snarling punk rock vocals over gritty rock n roll tinged punk, hard rock and metal fuses together different elements to create a direct impact on any listener with blood in their veins. Fans of Otep’s ragier Atavist moments or even something as abrasive as Amen’s prime We Have Come For Tour Children ought to pee when they find out this band has been under their radar, if for some reason they don’t already know about Mongrel’s fun blend of fiery hard rock.

I checked in  with Adam Savage (guitarist/founder)  to learn about Evolution. Read more BELOW.

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Album Review: Nothing More “S/T”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 1:52 PM (PST)


Nothing More are winning converts in the rock world with sophisticated philosophical elements, a wry sense of satire and cultural critique and music that swings between pop emo and psuedo Killing Joke intensity. It makes sense they landed on the Periphery Juggernaut tour along with Evil Ink records artist’ Thank You Scientist and the dudes in Wovenwar. TYS are pretty much Coheed disciples while Wovenwar always wrestled with inner emotions and spiritual elements (think As I Lay Dying’s rise and fall). Periphery are widely considered the leaders of the new school of young prog metal bands (No offense to all the Chicago Sumerian-core bands like Veil Of Maya and Born Of Osiris). Nothing More are perfect for the Juggernaut tour package. Not many bands can citeEckharte Tolle and Dustin Kensrue as influences (and the all is one trip “Pyre” is the best semi secret track on a release since QOTSA’s Songs for the Deaf Acid Bath sounding “Mosquito Song” or maybe even Nirvana’s Nevermind noise bomb “Endless Nameless”).

“Do you feel the appeal?” The soaring vocals Asking Alexandria or Coheed fans love are here, but probably more appealing to the average listener. “This Is The Time (Ballast”) has an opening riff that’s generic groove core but the band gets much more interesting from there.

Click HERE for more.

Rosetta: Audio/Visual Score released online

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 8:05 AM (PST)


Good day for amazing band related film news from the Indecision movie trailer (!!!!) and screening in Brooklyn to Rosetta releasing the score for Audio/Visual HERE. An East Coast band of considerable note, Rosetta prove  they are still on another level. This is very exciting and fans from Mogwai to Converge to Sigur Rós should be chuffed. Great strides in band/cinema/documentary relationships have evolved lately as the post-MTV era and Reality TV sle-epoch time we are in now is finally producing items of merit and depth again such as Audio/Visual  or the recent almighty Sam Black Church effort.

Says the band:

This is our original score for Justin Jackson’s documentary, Rosetta: Audio/Visual (released 12/25/14). While the film is Justin’s independent creation and not our work, we contributed original music to the project.

This is a full-length instrumental ambient album made up of long versions of the score pieces appearing in the film. They have not been previously released anywhere else.

We are offering it in digital format only as a pay-what-you-wish download. All the revenue from the score album will go directly to the recording sessions for Rosetta’s next full length, to be released in mid-2015.

Enjoy! Lots more to come in 2015.

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Divest release “Clear The Smoke” live CBGB’s 9/24/01 album

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, January 2, 2015 at 11:56 AM (PST)


“Keep truth in your head/get back from the floor…find your peace”.

It’s crazy listening to the DIVEST set from just after 9/11 which was just posted as name your price on Bandcamp HERE. It’s raw and real. This was one of the most intense performances of my life and was from before my old band I sang for changed our name to Divest and worked with Dr. Know from Bad Brains. About a year before we started the album Ghost Town Reckoning. We were still called Bleed Theory at the time of this live set.

We had a song called “Valley” that said ,”The streets are now empty even when full. A token of appreciation from zero tolerance. It’s a no legged dance but truth is the ship’s fuckin’ sinking. So leave us be, we’ll prove there’s more than your inefficiency.”  

Those words really hit me today listening to this thinking of how 9/11 was avoidable and how Bush and Cheney fucked up so much. I get goosebumps recalling the feeling of performing for the New Yorkers that week, just two weeks after the attacks. People were so glad to be back out and hearing rock n roll, participating in celebrating life together.  Dave She Wolf (aka Donna Lupe) guested on “The Hollow Point” and now plays guitar in Star And Dagger (with Sean Yseult of White Zombie notoriety).

Nate Kelley (of Shabutie/ early- Coheed And Cambria fame) was our bassist in DIVEST/Bleed Theory at the time and had this to say about the show:

 The mood was still pretty surreal; the buildings had only gone down two weeks before. We put a lot of heart into this one. There are points where the performance is in danger of careening off the tracks, but we ended super-strong. One of the best ever, especially tracks 6 and 7 (dig the no-count entrance into “Atlas”).

Zac Shaw (now of Dead Unicorn) was on drums for this show.

Cover design by Matt Goldpaugh of Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones.

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Linkin Park offer “The Hunting Party” for free on Google Play

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 at 4:47 PM (PST)


Linkin Park‘s recent The Hunting Party is by far one of their better and more bold releases (up there with Meteora for moment after attention grabbing moment). There are earmarks of every era of their sound but a willingness to push themselves on tracks like “Rebellion” (with D. Malakian from System Of A Down) or the surprisingly heavy “The Keys To The Kingdom” that opens the record with a serious punk roar and drums infused into their alt rock/nu-metal sound. This album is a lot of fun if you can get your heads out of your snobby butts for a minute and admit it rules. The percussive twists and turns alone shows their “hybrid theory” of stadium alt rock and hip hop fusion still has staying power and room to evolve. Shit, I’m also just glad I have a record in my library that has both Rakim and Page Hamilton on it.

Just in time for the holidays, the Google Play store is having a special Linkin Park sale. Get The Hunting Party FREE now for a limited time. You can also purchase other Linkin Park albums for only $1.99 each. Get your albums now at:

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