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There are about a million reasons why the new cover art from Crucifixion BR‘s pending Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ is all win (and pure sin). I’m gonna go with the man tits on that Baphomet though. And the stud and B-grade porn factor of some of the seraphim. This just made my day. On top of it, the release will be on the awesome Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and the band rules! Out Oct 7th, below is the official description from the label:

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes Brazil’s blasphemous Black Metal bulldozers Crucifixion BR to the roster with their debut album “Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ”. Formed in 1996 in the Rio Grande by Lord Grave War an DarkMoon, Crucifixion BR finally unleash this beast of brutality, a release full of pure hatred, raw energy and intense aggression. With the aim of creating original, diabolic Black Metal, a heavy influence of 80’s Thrash Metal and Death Metal are thrown into the mix further expanding Hell’s horizons, and also re-animating the Brazilian scene. With the combination of powerful riffs and brutal blasts by a talented female drummer, the result is the sheer essence of evil! “Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ” was mixed and mastered at Hurricane Studio, a renowned studio southern Brazil… follow Crucifixion BR’s path into the Obscure Arts! For fans of Astarte, Bathory, Behemoth, Celtic Frost, Dark Funeral, Deicide, Emperor, Hellhammer, Krisiun, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Sepultura and Venom

Click HERE to check out the angel ass ripping title track. And how could you not, really?

Anaal Nathrakh new scorcher “Monstrum In Animo” debuts at Decibel

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 12:16 PM (PST)


Long running UK extreme metal duo/recent Metal Blade signees, ANAAL NATHRAKH, are pleased to soil your day with the repugnant sounds of “Monstrum In Animo,” now playing at Decibel Magazine.

The ferocious new hymn comes by way of the band’s soon-to-be detonated Desideratum full-length. Produced by guitarist/bassist/programmer Mick Kenney, with vocals recorded at Necrodeath Studios in Birmingham, and music tracked and mixed at The Black Flamingo in Orange County, California, Desideratum flaunts eleven fantastically mischievous odes of agony and despair. Declares Decibel Magazine, “the ridiculously consistent Birmingham black metallers are simply one of the most utterly fearsome and inventive outfits currently operating in the modern extreme metal scene. Elite level mind-fuckers. Aural devastators…”

Click HERE for the premiere. And as always, ride the snake to the lady of the lake.

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Krieg “Ruin Our Lives” with a music video

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 3:39 PM (PST)


Krieg and Decibel have teamed up to bring you this “Ruin Our Lives” video business…HERE.

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Wolvhammer tour dates with Mortals announced

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 10:51 AM (PST)


Wolvhammer are leaders of the pack because of consistent quality, even more so than quantity. That is not a penis joke. Clawing Into Black Sun has the attention to minor details yet larger surrender to the music that makes it one of the top black metal releases in recent daze. Now the band have announced tour dates with Mortals and you should be frothin’ at the mouth, rockers.

Click HERE for dates.

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Interview: Two Fisted Law – Late nights and wrestling tights

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 9:18 AM (PST)


“My match with Booker T as the Enforcer for the champ in Spring Valley, NY… Booker punched me in the ear with his rings on. It rang for like 3 hours” – Jym Parrella

Not many punk bands can open a Goatwhore show, but Altercation Records rockers Two Fisted Law recently did just that. The group possess the rare blend of insanity, working class truths and melodic power to capture the attention of most crowds, even grizzled black metaller followers of the ‘Whore. Listen to the Law! The Two Fisted Law!

Did I mention Jym Parrella is also a wrestler? This gets interesting real quick.

Click HERE for George Carlin, Lifetime from NJ, Upstart Fest and much more.

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Interview: Krieg – Transient nature in tangible fires

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 9:17 AM (PST)


“We treat each other like shit. We’re selfish and short sighted. We hold prejudices that no civilized person should hold. We’re fucking ruining the planet.” – Imperial

Krieg, the black metal baby of band leader/founder Imperial (aka Neill Jameson) have a certain essence missing in many metal bands, a sense that they exist much like the inevitable forces of nature around us. The music is vast and often unwelcoming, but at other times bleakly comforting, like snow blanketing a corpse. The band exist on a plane of discontinuity with trends, more likely to be found dealing with larger issues like the role of the lone soul amidst the march of  time, contrasted to the cacophony of bullshit that clamors for attention in the blogosphere and commercial entertainment realms. While Imperial is known as a popular writer for Decibel, his band is much more focused on letting the music talk.

In the following exclusive, Imperial communicated to me from the record store he works at about life after black metal “super group” Twilight, the essence of new album Transient and methods of conquering depression. Click HERE to read it.

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Album Review: Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 12:04 AM (PST)


Nachtmystium‘s The World We Left Behind is going to fly over people’s heads, but not for lack of scrutiny on their parts. I could make a bad joke and say it will fly over heads because the guy who wrote it was really fuckin’ high a lot, but…it’s truly because it can’t be properly accessed in a context of snark or outcry at the “Blake Judd” controversies surrounding the record. The addict struggling to be clean, in the true throes of a bottoming out, is in a desperate vertiginous hell. It is like being underwater and being (to name drop a great Albany, Ny band) Surrounded By Teeth.

The essence of the looming pressure to make a final Nachtmystium record was very real. The outcry over Blake’s handling of money from the public as well as angry former band mates (who say they will never work with him again) was a very palpable thing. It’s interesting that Jeff Wilson’s Wolvhammer have made the killer black metal album, Clawing Into Black Sun, that many people wish had been The World We Left Behind. I did the first interview on this record awhile before the arrest scandal broke, for Metal Riot.

Judd was in great spirits then…about getting his life on track and working with the musicians who he had found to be in TWWLB-era line up. I also spoke extensively with Blake during the cold winter while this album was coming together.My own life was falling apart at this time and a lengthy relationship. Blake and I ended up deeply discussing addiction , stress and and personal goals in our lives, friends we missed and other cool matters from trivial to deadly serious.

I believe he was being genuine during that time.

Click HERE to read more.

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Triptykon 14.04.2010

Triptykon are exclusively premiering their new video, the first since the death of close friend and collaborator H.R. Giger at decibel magazine online. Melana Chasmata is powerful enough without visuals but the vertigo inducing brave strength of this dirge nearly defies death itself. To, respectfully, witness more metal history in the making…Click HERE

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Streaming “Roads To The North” by Panopticon at NPR

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 4:27 PM (PST)


NPR is currently streaming Panopticon‘s new full-length, ‘Roads to the North – check out the tunes and the writeup here,

I recommend The Long Road Part 1 #onelastfire for the last Hunger Games adaptation. It’s the best song.

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Belphegor are underrated, the type of band I try to get babes to listen to with me as a litmus test (though with really cool girls they are already down). The title track to their latest is a blood boiler, complete with a crazy evil lady crawling around and somehow being sexy even as she pukes up bloody nails and writhes in evil ways while the band use bones as drumsticks and act Satan as fuck. I had some edibles a little while ago and this shit is bugging me out. Hope this band finally get more of the props they deserve, especially since they have come back so strong after vocal beast Helmuth had fucking typhoid fever!!! How metal is that? The only thing more metal is Jeff from Slayer getting that necro-rot spider disease the poor guitar legend endured in his last days.

But yeah, if King Diamond cared about ass at all and not ghosts and tea cups, he would probably spank to this video and throw out his back. No one thought Belphegor could top Blood Magick Necromance but click HERE and see what you think, if you dare. They just might have done it.

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Oslo library praises “METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 7:21 AM (PST)


The Oslo Public Library, Norway’s oldest and largest literary institution, has recognized and praised Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen‘s monumental METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries (ISBN 978-0979616341, Bazillion Points Books) as a “unique and important” book in Norwegian history and culture.

Get the book HERE.

Oslo librarian Terje Haugsgjerd writes: “Which is the heaviest book published in Norway the past few years? No, it’s not [Karl Ove] Knausgård’s My Struggle even if the title would be a fitting one for this book too. The book in question is Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries. The period is depicted from the point-of-view of the author and paints a personal, but certainly non romanticizing, picture of an astonishingly creative period in Norwegian metal, a period that was also dangerous and controversial with its murders, suicides and church burnings.”

“In short, this is, for me, a unique Norwegian book, both physically with all its kilos, but especially for its content. In one hundred years, this will be a book about what once was.”

Comments Jon Kristiansen: “From the start, I made Slayer Mag as honestly and as well as I could. I never knew any other way. I hope that I have produced something that will stand the test of time.”

In 756 pages, METALION unravels thirty years of underground metal history, centered on the unique Norwegian black metal music scene of which author Kristiansen was a central figure. The book includes reproduction pages from every issue of the Slayer Mag metal fanzine, spanning from the early 1980s through 2010. In addition, Kristiansen recounts his personal experiences in tumultuous “diary” section.

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French black metal/chaotic hardcore outfit PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND will be heading out on a full US tour August 4th – August 25th with Reproacher. The very awesome tour will support their recently released second full-length, Lowgazers, which came out a few weeks ago via Throatruiner Records. Order (2xLP/CD), stream and download Lowgazers for free at this location.

I am super amped up for this tour and have to try and make a date. Their new Music video for “Thrvst” is completely frightening, a seizure-like summary of modern disorientation amidst chaos. Music video directed by Adrien Broué. Recorded and mixed in January 2014 by Amaury Sauvé at ‘La Senelle’ studio.Watch it HERE and check the tour dates as well.

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Interview: Goatwhore – Never Say Die

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 1:53 PM (PST)


Extreme metal in general is kind of a minority within metal. When I say extreme I mean death metal, thrash metal, black metal. Even though people know of it, it’s still lower on the scale. Within it, you’re always trying to fight to maintain and get things going. At some point you feel like an animal locked in a cage or in a corner, and you’re either gonna curl up in a ball or come out clawing and tear through everything. – Ben Falgoust

I have been looking at summer festivals and noticing the sad trend continuing of EDM that has been co-opted by the Lowest Common Denominator of Bro step/jock dub/rape raves combined with bad jam band shit plus a few indie bands and some so so hip hop tacked on to please the Pitchfork crowd. I’d rather go, ironically, to heavy metal or black metal shows where people are actually courteous and smart (hahaha)! How crazy is that? But you hear from most people in the music business about how metal bands are often the most down to earth motherfuckers. That is definitely the case with New Orleans’ mighty Goatwhore, one of the hardest working and heaviest bands in metal since their inception in ’97.

The band’s latest is Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, which we gave a full 5 star review. The band have potentially never sounded more focused or filthier on this thrash-tastic death trip into a black hole of Hades. It was great to pick the brain of Mr. Ben Falgoust (vocals) as the band gear up to start Summer Slaughter this year. Special thanks on some extra questions from Mucus Barfbag of Dead Witch Walks and Aabeg from Dying Out Flame .

Click HERE for more ‘whore than you can handle.

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Exordium Mors premiere ‘The Apotheosis of Death’

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 2:10 PM (PST)


New Zealand extreme metallers Exordium Mors have premiered their album The Apotheosis of Death.

You can stream the entire album over at Soundcloud now.

Stream The Apotheosis of Death here.

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Dark Fortress premiere “Venereal Dawn”

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 at 11:36 AM (PST)

Dark Fortress

German black metallers Dark Fortress have today released an eleven-minute slab of putrid metal onto the world in the form of “Venereal Dawn”.

“Venereal Dawn” is the title track off of Dark Fortress’s upcoming album, which will be released on September 2 via Century Media Records.

Check out the track, as well as comments from frontman and lyricist Morean here.

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