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Black Cobra Announce Tour of Australia & New Zealand With Fu Manchu

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 12:41 PM (PST)

Following their devastating shows at SXSW last week — both as part of the massive ToneDeaf Touring showcase as well as the Southern Lord/TPOTR/Brooklyn Vegan rager — Black Cobra have just confirmed a Spring tour of New Zealand and Australia with stoner rock icons Fu Manchu! The trek hits three cities in New Zealand then skips over to Australia for another eight shows, with several of the appearances confirmed as Black Cobra headlining shows without Fu Manchu.

This all comes in addition to the previously announced forthcoming Black Cobra tour actions including supporting Corrosion of Conformity through Europe alongside Zoroaster in April on the way to the annual Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland directly before the new tour, as well as massive North American tour supporting CoC once again, along with Torche and Gaza later in the Summer.

Get the full set of tour dates here.

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Saint Vitus releasing new album “Lillie: F-65”

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 11:00 AM (PST)

California doom metallers Saint Vitus are set to release their new album Lillie: F-65 on April 27th via Southern Lord Records. North America will see the album release in May.

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California doom metallers, Saint Vitus, have recently announced the completion of the first video from their forthcoming new record Lillie: F-65. The video, for the track “Let Them Fall,” was produced and directed by Michael Panduro and shot in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stills from the forthcoming clip can be seen at the band’s official Facebook page.

Lillie: F-65 will be the band’s band’s eight studio album as well as their first album since 1995. It also marks the return of vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich. The album is set to be  released this May via Season Of Mist.

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New Song: Pelican – “Lathe Biosas” from new EP Ataraxia/Taraxis

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 1:38 PM (PST)

Pelican BandIt’s been three years since What We All Come To Need, but Pelican is back with a new EP called Ataraxia/Taraxis, due out April 10th via Southern Lord.

The metal world has a gigantic hole that Isis created with their departure, and the new track “Lathe Biosas” is the best candidate to take over, although the focus on tasty riffs is higher than average.

Click here to check out the new song!

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MR Staff Picks: Top Ten Metal Albums Of 2011 (MetalRiotJD)

Posted by JDKleinhans on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 11:43 PM (PST)

A good new year to you, my fellow heathens, JD here with the list of the “Top Ten” metal albums of 2011.

I was hoping to have this list out before the end of 2011, but good lord… Not only was it a phenomenal year for metal but for music as a whole and narrowing it all down to a “Top Ten” list sucks! With that said, we’re here to keep it 100% Metal Riot.

Seeing how you heathens enjoy commenting on our picks for our Cover Art contests, I am thoroughly looking forward to the shredding I’m sure to receive for my “Top Ten” picks. So, take a wander through THE LIST and please, leave a comment.

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Cover Art Battle: The Devil’s Cranberry Edition

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 11:52 AM (PST)

How many of you Metal Rioters out there have gone to your local record store of choice and picked up a new metal album solely based on the art that graces its cover? Unfortunately, with the growth of iTunes and Pandora it seems easier and easier to overlook album cover art in general, but in the world of Heavy Metal we’re here to remind you that the art form is still alive and well!

Use the part of your skull you haven’t destroyed yet and VOTE RIGHT NOW!

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Southern Lord’s Free 20-Song “The Power Of The Riff” Mix Tape

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 11:10 PM (PST)

In preparation for THE POWER OF THE RIFF 2011, with five West Coast shows announced to take place later this month, Southern Lord Records is giving away a brutal 20-track mix tape featuring artists set to appear during the upcoming melee!

The free download includes tracks from ALL PIGS MUST DIE, BAPTISTS, EYEHATEGOD, PENTAGRAM, BLACK COBRA, PELICAN, NOOTHGRUSH, WINTER, TRAP THEM and more, as well as a collection of flyers from all of the upcoming TPOTR shows.

This is the perfect background music to play whilst you ponder crucial life-centric topics such as “Beamer, Benz or Bentley?” or “To Be or Not To Be?”


And for the complete track list click HERE.

“We’re not a political band. Of course it touches on political subject matter. If you want a theme for the band as a whole it’s…we’re all fuckin’ screwed.”-Kevin Baker

The intoxication of power fuels the rage filled, Entombed Core friendly batshit awesome GOD IS WAR (Southern Lord), the anticipated full length debut from All Pigs Must Die. Featuring members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge and Bloodhorse, APMD have been setting the underground ablaze. With one of the most insightful and ferocious LP’s of recent memory and an upcoming Power of the Riff appearance (also featuring Pentagram, black cobra, Eyehategod, Winter, Masakari and more) the APMD boys are taking names.

The band released their self-titled debut EP on their own Nonbeliever Records in 2010, and has toured regionally over recent months, already amassing a die hard legion of followers eager to rip into GOD IS WAR. Fans of Today Is The Day, Trap Them, Jungle Rot or the above mentioned bands will be nuts for this.

Click HERE to read a talk with vocalist Kevin Baker (one of the greatest voices in hardcore) about this new, metal leaning warhorse of a band.

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Weedeaster Announce North American Headline Tour

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, July 18, 2011 at 4:05 PM (PST)

North Carolina sludge demons, Weedeater, having enjoyed the last few months off the road, have decided that it’s time for another headlining North American tour for September/October in support of their recently-released latest full-length, “Jason… The Dragon”.

The mayhem of sludge shall begin in Raleigh, North Carolina on September 6 and continue its sludge-a-licious rampage through thirty-two American cities before closing out in Savannah, Georgia on October 14. While Weedeater’s caustic style of aggressive sludge is devastating on its own live, the trio have enlisted some help on this rampage from Saviours, Bison b.c. and Fight Amp to supply opening support for the duration of the venture. Saviours will not play the Philly or Brooklyn shows, but Oxbow will be supplying direct support for Weedeater at the Brooklyn gig.

Check out the tour dates, the full-size tour poster, and Weedeater’s freshly-baked “Mancoon/Turkey Warlock” video right here.

Don’t forget to stop by the band’s brand new website.

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After devoting late Winter season to writing and recording, ambient black metal cabal Wolves In The Throne Room are in the final stages of completing their fourth full-length opus of epic, earthen Black Metal ceremony.

For over six months the Weaver brothers, Aaron and Nathan, have been immersed in the painstaking writing and recording process of their newest album, and this week the process is nearly complete, at press time the album in its final mixing stages. The clan have confirmed the title of this forthcoming astral black metal document as “Celestial Lineage”.

Stated WITTR drummer Aaron Weaver of the writing process for “Celestial Lineage”: “An ornate constellation of imagery is what that guides the songwriting process. Cedar temples crowned with burnished bronze domes glimpsed in a remote valley. Wild Midsummer bonfires and feasting on roasted flesh. All of the sounds serve to evoke the images that exist in our minds eye. With this record we’re going to explore an entirely new palette of sound. We want the instruments to sound like the liturgical music of a cedar cult.”

Get in-studio photos and further details here.

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Wolves in the Throne Room back in the studio

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 12:47 PM (PST)

Wolves in The Throne Room GuitarWashington black metal duo Wolves in the Throne Room are back in the studio, recording their fourth release for Southern Lord Records. Little details have been revealed, but producer Randall Dunn is back and ready to top their prior two releases together, Two Hunters and Black Cascade.

Drummer Aaron Weaver had this to say about the new album:

“I got into a daily rhythm of greeting the weak winter sun in the morning, working outside in the rain until midday, then retiring to our studio to work on the music late into the night. I did this nearly every day for two months. Quite a monastic lifestyle, actually. I didn’t see many people. We were totally lost inside the record. Once the record was conceived from beginning to end, we met with Randall and started to slowly build the tracks at his studio in Seattle. I think that this album will be the best thing that Wolves in the Throne Room has created. We’ve never been able to devote this much time to writing and recording. It feels like this will be the culmination of everything we’ve done up to this point.”

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Sunday’s Metalliance Show in Chicago Moved Due to Gang Activity

Posted by jillettinger on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 1:32 PM (PST)

As the 2011 Metalliance Tour is just underway, the Chicago event scheduled for this Sunday had to make a last minute venue change because of scares from recent gang related incidents in the area.

The new location is now the venue Bada Brew, located on Theodore Street. All tickets will be honored and no lineup or schedule changes will be made.

The 2011 Metalliance Tour features bands Helmet, Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Kylesa, Red Fang, Howl, and Atlas Moth.

Click here to view the remaining Metalliance 2011 Tour dates.

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Weedeater cancels tour after guitarist Dave Shepard injures hand

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 2:36 PM (PST)

Weedeater Band PictureMonths after announcing a new album and starting a tour, doom rockers Weedeater are packing it in due to a hand injury to guitarist Dave Shepard.

Record label Southern Lord issued the official statement on the state of Weedeater and the rest of the tour:

“Guitarist Shep broke his hand and can no longer wield his mighty axe of six strings for the remaining four shows including Orlando (tonight), Atlanta, Spartanburg and Savannah; tour mates Zoroaster will still play the Orlando and Atlanta shows. But, as with every previous injury this band has sustained — while on or off of tour – Shep will heal his mangled bones and they’ll get back out there to hit you all with a dose of their inhumanly heavy live show once again in the near future.

Also, Weedeater’s upcoming European tour and appearance at Roadburn 2011 are still happening, so Europe, get ready to get pummeled. Weedeater raged for every single day since embarking on the tour in mid February, in support of their newest album Jason… The Dragon, including inciting some massive liver/ear damage to the masses at SXSW this past week, and with many of the shows on the tour completely sold-out.”

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Interview: Earth – Earth Angel, Earth Demon?

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, March 14, 2011 at 11:03 AM (PST)

Earth are a band that it feels senseless to “pitch” to new fans in any sort of contrived marketing descriptive sense, as their legendary track record and career is nothing short of ritual. One of my favorite quotes ever that I often cite and probably paraphrase (and I don’t know who to accredit it to) is in the sleeve of the underrated post Acid Bath Dax Riggs’ project Agents Of Oblivion. It says, “Making an album is like living or dying.” Let’s just say that sometimes it is both and that Earth manages to encompass that level of simple complexity nearly every album, with a true sense of pioneering and adventurous clairvoyance.

Listening to Earth’s new Southern Lord release, ANGELS OF DARKNESS, DEMONS OF LIGHT 1 is to be invited into the full fledged world of a band with nothing to prove and thus removed from insecurity, leaving the focus solely on their brooding (or often blissfully resigned) compositions. Lifer artist Dylan Carlson along with Adrienne Davies (of course) and friends have created a masterpiece of transformative music that is far from simple escapism, a monument to deeply reflective emotion and release. With heady and great releases from Earth, Subrosa and Dark Castle (on the horizon) 2011 is already shaping up to be a rock solid year for forward thinking “metal”.

Read a discussion with Adrienne Davies about the powerful record here

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Southern Lord Artists Black Breath And Nails added to Scion Rock Fest

Posted by Christine on Friday, January 21, 2011 at 11:02 PM (PST)

Southern Lord label mates Black Breath and Nails are both confirmed to take part in the recently announced Scion Rock Fest, scheduled to take place in Pomona, California on March 5th, 2011.

The double-stage lineup also includes Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death Angel, Municipal Waste, Agalloch, Integrity, Bastard Noise, Atheist, Floor, Crom, Wormrot, Kvelertak, Necrite, Woe, Fuck The Facts, Bonded By Blood and Christian Mistress.

Visit the Scion Rock Fest web site for more info.

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