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Marty Friedman adds South American tour dates

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 4:32 AM (PST)


Globally-renowned guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN is gearing up for the next leg of his “Inferno” world tour – an extensive jaunt throughout Brazil starting next Friday to support the March 6 domestic release of his acclaimed, Billboard-charting solo release. Altogether, FRIEDMAN will visit 19 Brazilian cities throughout March, followed by stops in Chile and Argentina. Full dates can be found below.

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The idea behind Sonic Child was to write a concept album about our love for music. “Just music” is what we are about, not style or fashion. – Nick van Delft

Germany’s Zodiac are one of the best classic sounding hard rock bands going at the moment (in addition to having one of the trippiest cover images of last year for Sonic Child). It was a pleasure to communicate with Nick van Delft from the band for New Noise (USA) and you can check out our introductory chat HERE. Highly recommend these guys. RIYL Graveyard, Kyng, Steppenwolf

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Prosthetic Icelandic news today in a big way, after the jump.

Ufomammut also are afoot with Ecate splendor. Ensiferum have a new video, regalia and power included.  A Forest Of Stars, most wonderfully, are back in action with a March 3rd release for Beware The Sword You Cannot See.

It’s a good time for heavy metal!

Chomp, chomp, growl.

Heck, I’m gonna see Geezer , Mountain of Wizard and High On Fire in a few daze.

Turn your frowns upside down, but don’t be a day walker.

And now…(in a Kermit the frog announcing the next act on the Muppet Show voice): MUCK from Iceland have a new music video “My City”  and have teamed up with Alternative Press and Prosthetic for the clip!!!!!!!! (I like ’em. They remind me of the Tar stuff on Touch and Go or even that old EVR band Prevent Falls, a bit).

See artwork and the video BELOW.


How hot is that purple Blind vinyl?!!! SO damn hot! Corrosion Of Conformity in any incarnation is fantabulous for letting your freak flag fry but two of the band’s most fuzzed out masterpieces (up for pre-order since August or so) are getting a Prosthetic Records official street date of January 27th, 2015. Fly on!

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“It takes courage to confront the weaknesses we share” – Mina Caputo 

Go buy music. I’m doing my year end list early this year instead of butted right up against New Year’s Eve on the pretext that some of you might actually want to purchase albums and support bands as well as share and trade and be hippies. It is great we can share and be exposed to more music these days, which also gives us the choice to choose what succeeds, directly interfacing with our heroes and/or peers in the “scene”.

Black Friday is pure “Mob Rules” insanity at the chain stores, so why don’t you order any of the albums on my list online (or at least stream them)? This year instead of 5 best records I chose one for each of Metal Riot’s sub-genre catagories, though all are basically one form or another of heavy or edgy rock. Best music video is also included.

This year was a stunning series of highs and lows, from triumphs of death metal to huge tours to  Oderus, Wayne Static and Athon leaving us too soon (also R.I.P. Johnny Winter)!

This list is a sample of some of the best albums (or certain songs) that moved me in 2014. Songs about unity needed in this Fergusson-tense environment , songs for self growth or songs that just kicked ass.

Click HERE to read the top picks.

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No, we don’t have three unlikely bands covering renditions of Slaughter’s “Up All Night” (though that would be interesting). Instead however there are three new videos you should peep below from prog upstarts White Arms Of Athena, legends At The Gates and a lyric vid from Travis from Coheed’s always rather interesting side project Davenport Cabinet.

Check ’em out HERE and start the weekend early.

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White Arms of Athena’s “On The Edge” is a trip worth taking

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:35 AM (PST)


Lately I’ve been blessed with more good music crossing my path than in years. It seems like there is something in the water, a spreading outwards of creative souls who are unafraid to just boldly go for a bigger vision, whether it is the charged warmth of Cynic’s Kindly Bent To Free Us , the studious growth and love in United Progressive Fraternity’s Fall In Love With The World or, in a completely different genre, the work of electronic/DJ/artist MAKJ, a guy who can leap between different entertainer roles with ease while still displaying the talent and vision akin to the posi-spirit of Lotus or even someone crazy (in the best way) like Sun Ra or Kendrick’s love of culture sharing. It’s collage with intellect attached to the fun, knowin’ the roots of each genre (like in the pretty brilliant “Encore” video for the upbeat song with Henry Fong HERE.)

These times call for people who will step up and evolve through limitations in a fast paced communications world, but also for the know how to fish for good outcomes as you sort through the astral plane, complex song arrangements, your beat sample library or whateva your realm of expression may be. Like William Gibson’s Idoru, this is a time of chasing ghost instincts and flashes of inspiration to grasp an ever-advancing mediascape.

WTF does this have to do with White Arms of Athena? Their new song “On The Edge” is another indicator that my gut was right when they set off my cool band radar after first stumbling onto them fairly recently. This group are really chasing that “edge” by pushing their music, melodies and visual aesthetic into new territory (love the kinda Chris Foss reminiscent color scheme of the art). Check out the new track from their Kurt Ballou (Trap Them, Converge) produced Prosthetic Records latest S/T effort, out early December HERE.

It’s a trip worth taking.

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Heavy metal occultists CASTLE  will continue to take audiences “Under Siege” on an upcoming series of performances throughout the U.S. with Relapse-signed metallists Lord Dying! Dubbed “The Peaceless Savage Tour,” the three-week trek will kick off Nov. 8 in Spokane, Wash. and proceed to make its way throughout the western U.S. Dates can be found in the above flyer or listed  below.

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With the Dec. 2 release of their self-titled sophomore effort less than two months away, WHITE ARMS OF ATHENA have unveiled the new song “Heavy Sleep,” the first piece of new music from the Texas-based, prog-infused quintet since their 2011 debut Astrodrama via YouTube .This band is super cool and along with Wings Denied, Fallujah, Torrential Downpour (and a few others that come to mind), White Arms are injecting life into the intricate side of extreme things without the songs suffering. Plus, you gotta dig that weird Liquid Television meets David Bowie lookin’ alien art thing.

“Heavy Sleep” is also available for instant download as a single or when you pre-order a digital copy of the album from either iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Bandcamp! Physical pre-orders are also available offering the release on CD or LP (including a digital download card) along with special bundles featuring an 11×17 poster of the intriguingly chromatic cover artwork designed by Luis Garcia (as showcased above) directly from Prosthetic’s webshop (HERE).

RIYL Coheed and Cambria, BTBAM, Born Of Osiris, Metallica.


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Ivar Bjørnson picks Skeletonwitch for Roadburn 2015

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 9:57 AM (PST)


Today, the prestigious Roadburn Festival announced that SKELETONWITCH has been invited to perform at the 2015 edition of the event, which takes place in Tilburg, Holland next April. Pre-sale tickets go on sale Oct. 16.

 “Simply put: if you want blackened thrash (or whatever you want to call it – everybody has their own definition of what these Ohio rednecks are supposed to be defined as) of the absolutely highest order, these are your guys,” proclaimed Enslaved guitarist Ivar Bjørnson, who alongside Einar “Kvitrafn” Selvik (Wardruna) has curated the line-up for Roadburn 2015.

Having hand-picked SKELETONWITCH to play, Bjørnson — who toured alongside the group earlier this year — added, “Okay, I’ve gotta admit that once again sharing a backstage area with these wonderful specimens of the human variety is a motivation in itself – but it is of course first and foremost the music that brought about the invite. This is the perfect band to tear down the walls at Roadburn 2015 and seriously shake things up/slap us silly. If ‘Witch’s high-octane metal doesn’t make you headbang like there’s no tomorrow, you’re probably dead.”

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Prosthetic Records has plans to help keep the fire lit brightly for Corrosion Of Conformity fans. Two-count ’em-two vinyl reissues of classic jammers from the stoner rock crossover veteran squad. Two seminal albums by metal pioneers Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.) — the 1991 landmark “Blind” and its acclaimed 1994 follow-up “Deliverance” — will be reissued on vinyl by Prosthetic Records this fall. While an exact release date has not yet been confirmed, both titles — limited to 1,000 copies each — are currently available for pre-order in the Prosthetic webshop right HERE. New editions of vintage merch designs from the era are now available as well.

Click HERE for more info.

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Howdy carrion-crawlers and pilgrims into the rock vortex. Skeletonwitch have a muscular new thrashin’ video for “Unending, Everliving” , a top track from Serpents Unleashed. The band have also released a limited-edition “Unending, Everliving” 7-inch featuring hand-screened artwork designed by Jeremy Hush (Black Tusk, Rwake) on the B-side. Limited to just 300 copies, the 7-inch is now available exclusively through the Prosthetic webshop paired with a t-shirt or alongside sale-priced copies of “Serpents Unleashed” on CD or LP!

Click HERE for some major bloody good metal penance.

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White Arms Of Athena tracked sophomore madness at GodCity

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 10:26 AM (PST)


White Arms Of Athena are a band I just recently discovered and so I was thrilled to learn they are tracking a sophomore effort for Prosthetic Records.

I was just talking about this band on Twitter with some Coheed and Cambria fans and Neesh from Neeshcast Radio. Today I found out they’ve  recorded their sophomore Prosthetic effort at GodCity Studio in Salem, Mass. with acclaimed producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Every Time I Die, High On Fire, Kvelertak). The as-yet-untitled album — expected to be released later this year — will be mixed by Ballou, engineered and co-produced by Travis Kammeyer (Storm of Light, Generation of Vipers) and mastered by Alan Douches (Baroness, The Dillinger Escape Plan).

The band, which has previously shared the stage with acts including Arsonists Get All The Girls, Katalepsy, Fallujah, The Contortionist, The Ocean, East of the Wall, Holy Grail and Baring Teeth, will release further information on the upcoming release in the coming weeks. Follow them on social media for the latest updates:

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Prosthetic Records has consistently been killing it of late, finding great new talent like Anacondas and Set And Settingf plus releasing skull bangers like Septicflesh’s monstrously epic Titan or Trap Them’s Blissfucker, both this year! The new single “A Penny And a Dead Horse” from Germany’s Zodiac is right on target as well. Fans of Blues Pills, Graveyard, Gypsyhawk, Witchcraft, the classic rock boogie side of Royal Trux or will most likely get down to the fuckin’ seven-minute stellar groove of “A Penny and a Dead Horse.”  It’s taken from upcoming album Sonic Child and you may check it out below. They really oughta cram this baby into the end credits of one of the last episodes of True Blood before the show ends for good.

Click HERE and get your mood on.

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Zounds!!! This is way too bad ass. Smoke is coming out of my ears. Coolest picture disc since this old Star Wars record I had with Darth Vader and the Droids on opposite sides.

SKELETONWITCH will release the first-ever picture disc pressing of  Breathing The Fire on August 5. Featuring vibrant artwork completed by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust) and limited to only 500 copies worldwide, the LP can now be pre-ordered bundled with an exclusive t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt from the Prosthetic webshop here:

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