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Castle add new North American tour dates

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 9:05 PM (PST)


Phew. I think I’ve written more about Castle than any other band lately but it was like a week or something since I mentioned them last on this site. I need a fix of that Castle dark blues metal. I was scratchin’ and bleedin’ over here but thankfully they have announced another month’s worth of dates throughout the U.S. and Canada!

The band, which features vocalist/bassist Elizabeth Blackwell and guitarist Mat Davis, will be rounded out by drummer Will Carroll (Death Angel/Cutthroats 9) for the trek, which kicks off in Portland on July 2.

Under Siege is Castle’s current release, a strong follow up to the critically lauded Blacklands and their third record overall. The live dates announced include some pretty legit bands sharing the stage with our favorite doomers of the moment, acts such as Slough Feg, Sons of Huns and Anciients on various dates!

Click HERE for more!

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I wasn’t blown away by Mutilation Rites at first when they came out, but the band have definitely grown on me big time. I think I was just on a Holy Grail kick at the time and so wanted to, like, only hear that sound. Once the widdly widdly woaaaah dust settled a bit, I was able to actually give Mutilation Rites the attention they deserve and realized they kick major ass. I think being at Saint Vitus Bar and hearing staff members rave about them helped as well.Since then I have become a real fan. “Suffer The Children” has been tearing up my speakers of late.

The Brooklyn based charred death bringers will deliver Harbinger in North America on July 22 via my favorite metal label Prosthetic Records. The mind-bending cover artwork by artist Valnoir (The Black Dahlia Murder, Watain, Nachtmystium) is featured above. Head to NOISEY now to take a listen to the album track “Contaminate,” or take a listen via SoundCloud HERE.

Click here for more info and track listing.

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I am so excited about Shining debuting a video for their smash in a perfect world audio manifesto “Blackjazz Rebels” that I almost typed blackjizz rebels. whoops. But yeah, we fuckin’ love Shining around here as they are provocative and musical like gravel burn and burnt rubber. Not since the halcyon of Ministry has a band (with maybe the exceptions of Amen,Watain or Arabrot) been so on the ball with this type of shit.

check out the video for “Blackjazz Rebels” here.

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Interview: TrapThem – Blissfucking up your day

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 10:30 AM (PST)


trap them have returned, through formative musical experiences in a stark scene of innovation that fostered a movement out of new england. after some down time, the band are suddenly rehearsing more than ever.

“instead of the songs being one day, every track is like one hour in a day. so, one o’clock- “salted crypts”, two o’clock -“habitland” and so on.” -brian izzi  (guitarist)

the band insist their is no sexual meaning to the album name BLISSFUCKER, rather it is like fucking up someone’s bliss. imagine trap them playing at a picnic in a park on a nice summer day.

life is full of “savage climbers” and just like the opening of that song, ever spirals outward.

click here to read the feature exclusive interview.

ryan photo by missmagpi.

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Zodiac “Free” video released, new album in the works

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 7:57 PM (PST)


After the successful release of A Hiding Place  in 2013 and an intense touring campaign all over Europe in its support, the German blues rock four-piece ZODIAC have once again entered Megaphon Tonstudios with producer Martin Meinschäfer in order to record their next album, which is expected to be released in North America on September 16.

To bridge the gap until the release, ZODIAC have decided to unveil a new music video for their track “Free” (taken from “A Hiding Place”), which features footage shot recently during the band’s trip to London in order to perform two sets at the Desert Fest UK event at the end of April.

Click HERE to witness the rock.

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Interview: Castle – Heavy Metal Under Siege

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 9:46 PM (PST)

Stitched Panorama

It’s probably no secret that we’re big Castle fans around here. I’ve been compulsively posting about them every other day lately. There just isn’t anyone else that sounds quite like their fiery mix of bluesy dark rock riffs with a hint of twang amidst the doomed and mysterious corridors haunted by banshee wails. We even hosted their US album stream for Under Siege. The band are a great fit for Prosthetic Records.

The new album is everything metal needs right now, a reminder of roots while still looking to sound like their own, modern band. How many bands can you hear these days and know who it is right away? I bet the list isn’t that long. If anyone can stop heavy metal from withering under siege from lame elements, it is Castle.

Click HERE to read our interview with Castle’s Mat Davis.

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As they make their way to the prestigious Maryland Deathfest this weekend, New York-based “filthy black metallers” MUTILATION RITES have unveiled “Suffer The Children,” their first new music in two years. Taken from their forthcoming album Harbinger, the highly anticipated follow-up to their Prosthetic debut Empyrean (which earned praise from Pitchfork for its “catchy, compelling, compelling guitar parts” and “mix of raw black metal, dark doom and punk that rocks”), “Suffer The Children” can now be streamed exclusively via Pitchfork at this location.

The band commented, “We picked ‘Suffer the Children’ because we thought it covered all the bases. It hopefully tries to branch out on all our influences on this new record, which falls somewhere between Incantation and Aura Noir. We wanted to touch on what is important to us – riffs! The focus should be pure riffage and nothing else, no pretentious nonsense.”

Although Harbinger will not be released until the summer, “Suffer The Children” is now available as a limited-edition 7″ single featuring two B-sides – covers of “Police Bastard” by Doom and “Protest and Survive” by Discharge). It features mind-altering artwork from grotesque death metal artist Mark Riddick (Metalocalpyse, Aborted, Suffocation). The A-side was recorded with producer Kevin Bernsten (Magrudergrind, Triac) at Developing Nations in Baltimore, while the covers were self-recorded. Says the band, “The two covers were recorded in our practice space in a whirlwind of drugs and alcohol. We picked our favorite and most tasteful ‘real’ punk songs and did them live in one take.”

The “Suffer The Children” 7″ is on sale now in the Prosthetic web shop along with an exclusive T-shirt. It will also be available for purchase from the band at MDF, as well as during their upcoming East Coast tour dates with Black Breath. The title track can also be downloaded from Bandcamp.

Click HERE for tour dates.

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Castle release eerie “Be My Ghost” Video, Tour US

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 6:49 PM (PST)


Following the release of their third album “Under Siege,” which features just under 40 minutes of “shredding riffs and solos” (Soundcrave), CASTLE has unveiled the new music video for the haunting single “Be My Ghost,” which you can view on Heavy Blog is Heavy HERE or directly below. The clip was directed by longtime collaborator Jaan Silmberg (Super Duper Alice Cooper).

Says the band, “‘Be My Ghost’ is about the eternal struggle between the forces of light and dark and is another CASTLE song that is heavily indebted conceptually and visually to William Blake. We wanted to bring both those elements into the video and Jaan with his animation background was able to bring some of those Blake visuals that inspired the song to life”.

Click HERE to watch the latest brain burner from this amazing fucking band.

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Extreme hardcore pioneers TRAP THEM have unleashed the lacerating new song “Organic Infernal” from their long-awaited June 10 Prosthetic Records release Blissfucker! Take a listen at .

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Album Stream: Castle – “Under Siege”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 7:08 AM (PST)


Good morning, noise pirates! We’ve got something wonderful for you today…the Official US album stream for CASTLE‘s darkly brilliant new album Under Siege (Terrorizer has it for Europe).

Under Siege is scheduled for release on May 19 via Prosthetic Records in North America. The album was recorded at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California with producer/mixer Billy Anderson (Melvins, Cathedral, Cattle Decapitation) and features mind fuck cover artwork from esteemed Russian painter Denis Forkas Kostromitin (BEHEMOTH), with whom the band previously collaborated with on their Juno-nominated 2012 release Blacklands. 

Under Siege is a true work of art, bluesy and passionate heavy metal with guts, ghosts and a gritty live feel to the band slaying…I mean, playing. “Temple of The Lost” is as pure heavy metal as it gets in this world. Elizabeth Blackwell’s vocals have never been stronger. From the opening charge of “Distant Attack” to the memorable closer ‘Evil Ways”, we are proud to present one of the best musical experiences of the year.

On this record I wanted to summon the powerful and unrelenting feeling I get while playing live. I was casting out demons and stating my position in life.”-Elizabeth

Stream the record HERE.

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Marty Friedman plus Revocation equals Winning

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Monday, May 5, 2014 at 12:22 PM (PST)



MARTY FRIEDMAN kicks off the week with the premiere of “Sociopaths,” a brand new track from his highly anticipated new solo album “Inferno”! A lyric video for the track — which features David Davidson (Revocation) on vocals, bass and rhythm guitar — can be seen below.

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Castle visit “Pyramid Lake”

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 10:09 AM (PST)


Castle have been on fire lately, new music from the San Fran outfit building on their well earned buzz. Under Seige, the latest from the group, is out May 16th on Prosthetic. Expect eerie and emotional vocals with slightly more metallic (this time out) yet still blues rooted riffs with fantastic tones the band is known for. Castle are so good that I could actually have them as an “Island” band where it is just me, Wilson the bff volleyball  and one or two records.

Check out the new track BELOW.

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The masters Septicflesh have unveiled the bombastic “Order of Dracul” track, our first taste of anticipated The Great Mass follow up Titan (the band’s first for Prosthetic Records).

In addition to the new music, they  have also revealed the striking cover artwork for Titan,  completed by vocalist/bassist Seth Siro Anton (as featured above). The album is scheduled for release in North America on June 24 and is currently available for pre-order HERE.

The band says, “‘Order of Dracul’ is the first taste of the new album. It is a bombastic song with colorful classical orchestration. The title refers to Vlad Tepes, the notorious prince of Wallachia.” 

Click HERE to enter the dark world of “Dracul”

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Trap Them present “Salted Crypts” for all you Blissfuckers

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:14 AM (PST)


Trap Them are at times the best live band in extreme music. The gloomy and sarcastic hardcore band have finally released new caustic sounds for the devoted. Crowbar and a new Trap Them single both in one day! Is a piano gonna fall on me and ruin it or something? Fist up to the wrist in the ass of awesome!

Anyway, Trap Them are releasing a new record called (wait for it)…Blissfucker. Maybe this is a statement about ignorant bliss in our pop culture or a statement that Trap The, will fuck up your bliss. I dunno. But I do know that Trap Them give hope that hardcore with meaning isn’t dead. I just watched the Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam Twenty film on Netflix (which I suggest all you embittered metal heads go check out because while it aint Entombed it is very inspiring). It reminded me of why everyday I want to write about music or make it until I die. Music should be fearless and made for the right reasons, an extension of friendship and community. Trap Them also inspire me to feel that strongly. I wish more bands (and people in general) gave more of a shit.

Blissfucker is out 6.14.2014

Trap Them play both nights of Deathwish Fest in Cambridge, MA on July 22 and 23.

Click HERE to enter the “Salted Crypts”.

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Album Review: Exmortus – Slave To The Sword

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 10:15 PM (PST)


In case readers of a site called Metal Riot needed reminding, metal is king. Exmortus are back to cement the message into your skull with one foot on your chest, one hand throwing horns and the other hand dancing across frets. This is music to shake the foundations. While the Cali thrash band manage to create a great racket on Slave To The Sword, they aren’t reinventing the wheel. This is battle metal gruff vocals married to some Maiden gallop and some brilliant guitar solo wizardry. Simply put, this is metal for metal’s sake. Exmortus are keeping alive the ancient (several decades old, haha) traditions of heavy metal while enjoying themselves immensely. There is nothing here as groundbreaking as, for example, Prosthetic labelmate’s Shining’s black jazz rebellion (sure to offend any elderly neighbors or my roommate who loves dance music), but Exmortus still matter. Does it really harm the world to have another great thrash band? Of course not! It makes life better!

“Warrior Of The Night” arrives midway through this repeat listenable shred platter and is an easy standout of brightly toned note flexing power. The song exemplifies everything right about Exmortus, with grit and skill very evident. The band make sure the album inspires you to headbang all throughout and it is very easy to keep the thing on and not skip tracks. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Skeletonwitch, though with more emphasis on warriors than the general darkness that infests most of that band’s material. Fans of everything from Revocation to Untimely Demise will love Exmortus.

I was reading the opening of Robert Jordan’s final Wheel of Time co-authored entry A Memory of Light and the hardened sounds of this band really lent itself to the images of a weary battle commander Talmanes stumbling around as his wounds infested with a suckli, cursed darkness from a blade rancid with evil. Exmortus are not in any sense going to shock you, but they certainly make good metal. I bet the band is honestly much better live, because this energy is sure to adrenalize, though that is not meant as a slight to the record. They do throw in a cover of “Moonlight Sonata” that would make classical shredstress The Great Kat proud enough to not enslave them, so that’s cool.

Click HERE for the full review.