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Pig Destroyer release unheard EP in memory of Pat Egan

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 3:48 PM (PST)

massvolumeThe unfortunate passing Pat Egan (Director of Retail Sales for Relapse Records) due to complications from pneumonia last month has has really gotten people banding together to help honor his memory and support his family.  Relapse has already put out a 20 song compilation with all proceeds going straight to a college fund for Pat’s daughter and now Pig Destroyer is doing the same with an EP of unreleased material.  This is a 25 minute, 2 song EP of straight up doom that is available as a digital download only for 10 bucks.

You can find it by clicking right here.

Pig Destroyer has released the following statement on the release:

“This ep was written and recorded during the final day of the Phantom Limb sessions with unexpected extra studio time and resources. In the following years, with Natasha being released on its own and Brian no longer being in the band, our intentions of releasing Mass & Volume basically evaporated. However, looking back now, Mass & Volume serves as a great epilogue to that particular era of the band.

Pat Egan was a friend and a keystone member of the Relapse family for many of the years we have been involved with it. He devoted his life to supporting underground music and he immeasurably helped develop the bands he worked with. His untimely passing on February 18 2013 shocked the many people that his life and work had touched.

This EP is dedicated to the memory Of Pat Egan and to the loving family he left behind.  RIP Pat.”

A memorial event for Pat has also been scheduled for Tuesday March 5th from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST at Idle Hands Bar in New York, NY. Everyone is invited to attend with all proceeds again going directly to his daughter Katie’s college fund. More information on the event can be found right here.

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D.I.S. stream new album “Becoming Wrath” in full

Posted by GageT on Monday, February 4, 2013 at 1:51 PM (PST)

dis-becoming-wrathLos Angeles d-beat punks D.I.S. are streaming their entire new album Becoming Wrath right here.

The album was officially released in November on Deep Six Records.

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Tour: Rotten Sound announces North American Tour dates

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 9:34 AM (PST)

rotten soundAll powerful Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound have announced some North American tour dates leading up to their appearance on May 24th at Maryland Deathfest.

There are only a few dates and you can see them here.

Rotten Sound was formed in Vaasa, Finland in 1993 and have produced six studio album. The latest of which, Cursed, was released in 2011 via Relapse Records.

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Mumakil finish work on forthcoming album “Flies Will Starve”

Posted by SeanB on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 4:20 PM (PST)

mumakil-band-photoSwiss deathgrinders Mumakil have announced the completion of recording for their upcoming album Flies Will Starve which is due to be released later this year with Relapse Records.  Upon entering the studio last fall, the band released the following statement:

“This will be our best album in terms of production, riff quality, variation and songwriting. It is going to be a great mix between everything we love in grindcore and death-metal with subjects like war, anger, pain, personal experiences and deceptions, and an overall theme about mankind’s permanent will to destroy itself.”

Flies Will Starve was recorded at Terrier 5 Studio in Geneva and so far has no release date.  This will be Mumakil’s third full length and the follow up to Behold The Failure.

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Full EP Stream: Rotten Sound – “Species At War”

Posted by SeanB on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 8:34 AM (PST)

Finnish grindcore group Rotten Sound are streaming their new EP Species At War over at Inferno a few days before it is officially released.  The whole thing clocks in at less than 10 minutes so you might as well just listen to it.  Vocalist Keijo Niinimaa had the following to say about the EP and its release:

“Finding a strong label to release the EP and next full-length in Europe was our priority for [2012]. We are very excited about this deal with Season Of Mist and we can’t wait to get back on the road with the EP. Take a deep breath, get exhausted with ‘Species At War’ and see you at the shows!”

You can find Species At War streaming right here.

Species At War is due out January 22, 2013 via Season Of Mist and will be Rotten Sound’s first release since 2011′s Cursed LP. The EP was recorded at Nordic Audio Labs last summer while mixing and mastering was taken care of by drummer Sami Latva at Latva Studios.

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Antigama entering the studio to record sixth album

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 11:40 AM (PST)

Polish grindcore band Antigama entered the studio this week to work on recording their sixth full-length album and follow-up to 2009’s Warning as well as to last year’s Stop The Chaos EP. Founding guitarist Sebastian Rokicki commented: “This is going to be the most mature, and at the same time most diverse album in the band’s whole career.”

The recording sessions are taking place for the third time at Progresja Sound Studio with producer Pawel “Janos” Grabowski and will last through the end of January. This is the first studio session in the band’s history without Szymon Czech, who passed away in November 2012 due to illness.

The band has confirmed that the title of the album is Meteor. They are planning for a late spring release via Selfmadegod Records but no specific date has been released as-of-yet. We’ll keep you posted as details are released.

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Tour: Hivesmasher announces Northeast tour dates

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 9:49 AM (PST)

Massachusetts grindcore band Hivesmasher have posted tour dates for their upcoming US/Canada tour. The band will be touring to support their 2012 release Gutter Choir and you should go see them.

You can see the tour dates here.

Gutter Choir was released in 2012 via Black Market Activities and you can also listen to and or purchase the album here.

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Lyric Video: Rotten Sound – “Salvation”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 9:50 AM (PST)

Finnish grindcore band Rotten Sound have released a lyric video for the single “Salvation.”  The song is the first single taken from their upcoming EP Species At War.

You can check out the video right here.

Species At War is due out January 22, 2013 via Relapse and will be Rotten Sound’s first release since 2011’s Cursed LP.

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Cattle Decapitation Interview Part I of II

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 9:03 AM (PST)

A while back, and I do mean a while back, we here at Metal Riot were lucky enough to get some time with Josh Elmore of Cattle Decapitation. When I say some time I mean the better part of two hours and one of the longest interviews ever. This was both a blessing and a curse, as anyone who has transcribed an interview can tell you. We caught up with them at The Middle East in Boston on November 5th, the last night before they dropped off the Six Feet Under tour. If I can give you a word of advice, go see Cattle Decapitation, they are absolutely amazing live and have had a rough patch between Travis getting punched and the loss of “Trailey,” you will not regret it. Now with out further adieu I bring you part one of two of our Cattle Decapitation interview.

Click here to read the interview.

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Cover Art Battle: August Cover Art Showdown

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 9:14 AM (PST)

Welcome to Metal Riot’s Cover Art Battle! Every week we try and show the best-of-the-best in metal cover art, ranging from the fantastically illustrated to hauntingly photographed and everything in between.

August was a quiet month (only 3 battles) but as always, there were some awesome covers. Here’s your opportunity to show us why the heavy metal culture is the greatest culture there is. Check out August’s winners and nominees for this Ultimate Cover Art Showdown and get voting!

Week 1 Winner: Alunah – White Hoarhound (Psychedoomelic)
Week 2 / 3 Winner: Darkness By Oath – Near Death Experience (Metal Blade)
Week 4 Winner: Murder Construct – Results (Relapse)

Don’t forget to like us on our Facebook page to stay up to date on this and future Cover Art Battles and look through our gallery of past winners with comments from the bands.

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With Cattle Decapitation dropping off the “Autumn Apocalypse Tour” due to recent issues with Six Feet Under, it comes as no surprise that they have formed their own mini tour of the Northeast in really no time at all.  They are calling it the “By the Fans, For the Fans” tour and you can click here for dates.

Cattle’s dates still stand for “The Blood of Power Tour” with Dying Fetus which kicks off two days after the Northeast tour ends.  You can click here to find dates for that tour. 

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Music: Relapse Records have released a sampler of all their 2012 releases

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:19 AM (PST)

Pennsylvania based Relapse Records have released a sampler with a song from each of the labels 2012 releases. The sampler includes songs from some of my favorites, including Death, General Surgery and Pig Destroyer and represents a good span of the labels genres and bands.

Click here to listen to the sampler.

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Pig Destroyer re-signs with Relapse Records

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:00 AM (PST)

Richmond, VA grindcore act Pig Destroyer have announced that they have resigned with longtime label Relapse Records. The band released their fifth studio album Book Burner back in October via Relapse and have issued the following statements regarding resigning with the label.

Drummer Adam Jarvis stated: “Super excited to be a part of the extraordinary Relapse Records again! A song comes to mind in the melody of the “Team America” jingle. “Relapse, Fuck yeah! Once again, signing a muthafuckin contract!”

Guitarist Scott Hull stated: “Relapse has been a great home for both ANB and Pig Destroyer since the very early days. We’re not an easy band to deal with but Relapse has been patient, enthusiastic, and accommodating to our headache-inducing schedules, our strict adherence to not touring or behaving like a normal band, and just generally being pains-in-the-asses. We wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

Vocalist J.R. Hayes stated: “I don’t always sign contracts with record labels, but when I do, I choose Relapse.”

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It looks like last night was the last night to see Cattle Decapitation on the current Autumn Apocalypse tour with Six Feet Under. It would appear that Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes hauled off and “sucker punched” Cattle Decapitation frontman Travis Ryan after the show at The Middle East in Boston. Your ever faithful Metal Riot editors were at the show and while we left before the alleged events I can attest to the fact that there was turmoil before the show even started. Its going to be an interesting BBQ for the Metal Blade family this year.

Not to chose sides in all of this but Cattle Decapitation’s guitarist Josh Elmore was awesome enough to give a good deal of his time for an amazing interview which I will have up later today, god willing…honestly the thing is over an hour long,  so I would like to thank them for that and for an incredible show.

Click here to read a statement by Cattle Decapitation’s frontman here.

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Metal Riot Exclusive: Interview with Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death

Posted by SeanB on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 11:45 AM (PST)

A couple of our crack reporters here at Metal Riot recently braved Hurricane Sandy to get a chance to sit down with legendary Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway and discuss everything from politics and religion, right down to washing up.  They are currently touring with Municipal Waste, Exhumed, and Vektor.  For a full review of the show you can click here.  Otherwise you can continue on and check out the interview by clicking here.

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