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Jeff Loomis robbed in St. Louis

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 6:28 AM (PST)

jeff-loomisIn a classic dick move some jerks have stolen Jeff Loomis and his bands gear out from under them while they were eating in St. Louis.  You can read the official press release below as well get the details so you can throw the band a few dollars and hopefully they can continue on the tour.

Official press release: “Last night after our show in St. Louis, our tour van was broken into as we were grabbing a bite to eat before our drive to Dallas. We were parked in a well lit area in front of the restaurant. In the ten to fifteen minutes that it took for us to order our food and eat, all of our personal items such as laptops, cameras, musical equipment, cell phones, passports and money were stolen. We came outside to find the lock on the driver side door popped out of the van, and promptly called the police. A report has been filed and the van was fingerprinted, but the leads don’t seem promising. The police stated that this is apparently a common occurrence for the area. We are all in disbelief, but are very fortunate for everyone to be ok.

After discussing the situation as a group, we would like to try to continue on with this tour. But to be able to do this, we will need your help. We have all taken a huge hit financially, and we cannot continue on without some sort of support. We have set up a paypal account for any amount of donations to assist us for the duration of the tour.

Below is the paypal email to make donations to.

Any and all support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

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Full Album Stream: Jeff Loomis – “Plains Of Oblivion”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 7:31 AM (PST)

Progressive guitarist and ex-Nevermore member Jeff Loomis is streaming his upcoming album Plains Of Oblivion in its entirety right here.  This will be Jeff’s second solo release and is slated for release today, April 10, 2012 via Century Media.

Plains Of Oblivion features guest musicians such as Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), Ihsahn (Emperor), and more.  It is also the follow up to Loomis’ 2008 album Zero Order Phase.

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Wisconsin progressive metaller Jeff Loomis has released a guitar playthrough video for his song “Requiem For The Living” off his upcoming album Plains Of Oblivion. The album is set to be released on April 9th in Europe and April 10th in North America via Century Media.

You can check out the video playthrough right here.




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Guitar legend Jeff Loomis is streaming his new song “Surrender” off his upcoming album Plains Of Oblivion which is set to be released on April 9th in Europe and on April 10th in North America via Century Media. Click here to listen to the new song.

“Surrender” features Ihsahn of black metal band Emporer. Jeff Loomis is honored to have Ihsahn as a guest on the record. He commented:

“At first I thought Christine Rhoades would be the only guest singer on the record, but then this one song started coming together, it’s pretty brutal. I’ve always wanted to do really, really heavy music and after hearing this, both Aaron and myself thought we needed some crazy, sick singer on it. We just sat around tossing names out for a bit, nothing really was sticking and then Aaron says, ‘I got it … Ihsahn’ and it was one of those moments where you knew that was the answer all along, it just hadn’t been unlocked in your mind yet. Anyway, a few short emails back and forth and we had his vocal track in. It came out amazing. I can’t wait for you to hear it. Ihsahn, thanks again, it’s an honor to have you on my record.”

Ihsahn added: “I was both surprised and honored when Jeff asked me to sing on one of the songs for his upcoming album. He sent me a killer track, so it was easy to get inspiration for both words and vocal ideas, and I think it came out really well. Jeff is an amazing musician and I’m really looking forward to hearing the final album. Also, in the collaborative spirit, I got him to lay down a solo for my own new album.”

In support of the upcoming release, Jeff Loomis will be on tour in the United States with Protest The Hero, Periphery and The Safety Fire. Click here to see a full list of tour dates, cities and venues.

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