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UNLEASH THE ARCHERS wowed the world yet again when they dropped Abyss and our pal JD Kleinhans catches up at length with the one and only Britney Slayes in an exclusive video segment for us covering numerous topics. Happy holiday season, everyone. Stay Metal!!!

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Unleash The Archers continue to stake their claim as the most consistently brilliant heavy metal band with their momentous new song “Soulbound”, the latest single from pending album Abyss (pre order here). This Vancouver band of true believers are heavy on both imagination and skill, capable of becoming one of metal’s next truly great bands in the long run.

Featuring 10 new tracks, this record is a concept album and sequel to 2017’s Apex, and was once again recorded with legendary producer Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios in Denmark. Abyss is out 8/21 via Napalm. Hails.

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Apex is choosing to accept your fate and make the best of it! – Brittney

Don’t be mistaken, the title of this article is not implying that Apex from Canada’s much raved about Unleash The Archers is a failure by any means, rather that it proves they have so much to give that they can climb the metal stairway to heaven immeasurably from here. Apex is already an album of the year contender to a few of my friends I have spoken with.

Formed in 2007, the power metal and thrash hybrid band eschew boring classifications and instead just boldly mold themselves into their own metal unit, a true heavy metal band like Judas Priest, Sister Sin, King Diamond, Accept, Huntress, Valient Thorr, Ross The Boss Band, Tower, The Agonist or any real deal blue blooded defenders of the faith out there.

Let’s catch up with vocalist Brittney, who I personally always say has some of the best pipes in the game these days, and get the scoop on the new album Apex.

Read onward BELOW!

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Unleash The Archers are the exact reason why metal will never die. I know, I know…I say that about a lot of bands I blog about because I mostly write about bands I think are fuckin’ cool, but I dare you to hear the high note glory of Brittney Slayes and the classic metal wind up of her aggressive but focused band and not believe their anthems will ring out across the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard for all time.

It was a pleasure to check in with B. Slayes and talk their China trip, The Avengers, the motivation of being a band from a cold place and much more BELOW.

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New Video: Unleash the Archers – “General Of The Dark Army”

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 1:34 PM (PST)

unleash the archers logoWe have a new band with a new video here for you today: Vancouver’s Unleash the Archers have just released the video for their power metal track “General of the Dark Army.” The song comes off of their album Demons Of The AstroWaste.

Fans of 3 Inches of Blood and other forms of hair-swingin power metal will dig this video, especially if you have a penchant for female lead singers. Here is what vocalist Brittney Hayes had to say about the video:

“Thanks to the support of tons of amazing fans we were able to make this video far more epic than the last. Getting to watch the General come to life was phenomenal, and mind blowing actually. I’ve had this vision of him ever since I wrote the song… And I think we got really close, as close as an indie band could ever get to realizing that vision.”

Click here for the video!

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