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Album Review: Testament – Titans Of Creation

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, April 3, 2020 at 1:40 PM (PST)

From the moment you hear “Children Of The Next Level” blast out of the speaker’s with supreme artillery confidence, it is evident that 2020 Testament is take no prisoners prepared to stand taller than any new buzz band in the genre. The huge grin of nostalgia and thrill of promised new glory that fans get each release is an awesome feeling that the band deliver on with ease. Undoubtedly in the top 4 now that Slayer are no longer standing (and arguably they were already deserving of being in the Big 4 over Megadeth for friggin’ years), Titans Of Creation is a near masterpiece of thrash. From Hoglan completely savaging the kit with jaw dropping performances locked tight with Steve DiGiorgio to many memorable lyrics and the bedrock structuring Testament is known for thanks in no small part to Eric Peterson, you can’t lose with this album.

“Curse Of Osiris” is a track that  opens with blistering hate that reminded me of superfast early The Legacy style Testament married to some unholy near Demonic worthy screams amidst the standard Chuck iconic barks and even some blasts. The tom rolls on this song! Chuck is in full command on this song, a total boss.  “Catacombs” has a theatrical ancient epic vibe you might expect on an instrumental current Sepultura track. This band is perfect for rallying the dejected right now.

“Dream Deceiver” stands out with more melodic, groove thrash riffage and a pushy mid-tempo chorus that alternates with technical faster measures for a thrilling and satisfying fix. “She won’t stop haunting me at night!” I firmly believe 100% that no other major thrash band has had as good a late stage 4 album run as Testament have pulled off since turning heads sharply when the excellent The Formation Of Damnation salvaged the group from an early grave. Just thinking back to the live shows from that time is such an exciting feeling, but I am just as excited about them this current album as ever. This really is the meaning of LEGACY (pun intended). Alex is one of the greatest guitarists in the history of the genre and this album certainly cements that yet again.

“The Healers” is timely considering the Coronavirus scare Chuck and Steve just went through and is one of the more stage ready powerful songs of the album telling us to get back in touch with nature in a time of 5G debates, pollution, mass death and traffic jams. Howling wolves and a respect for Mother Earth pepper the lyrical content with emotion and strength drawn from old wisdom. It’s one of the band’s most explosive and bad ass songs – along with the still anthemic “Native Blood” – in their storied discography. Also, who else in metal can bellow “My healing powers crystal blue” and have it sound tough as shit?

“Night of the Witch” is cool but was actually one of the weaker songs on the album. It is a single and still kicks the ass of half the bands out there, so that is pretty cool if a song still as good as NoTW is actually not the strongest material on a record. I can see why they released it as a single though, since the song has some of the eviler riffing and darker “Hell” vibes a lot of devil craving metal maniacs lust for. Skolnick and Peterson really own this song the most in the band, lending a Pantera level of technical flourish and rage to a few moments.

Again, this is peak 2020 metal that will strengthen any fan during this hard time. Hails to the legends!

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photo by Jorge Riaño

photo by Jorge Riaño

“This is the modern world. We don’t need no one to tell us what’s right or
wrong.” – The Jam.

The Jam’s 2nd album came out in 1977, but we still could relate to the
sentiments expressed in the title track to The Modern World today. It is very
interesting to me how the 80’s and early 90’s seemed the decades of the greatest “shock
value” or censorship battles and today we still have moralizing pundits and morons like
Donald Trump or fake christians who denounce people as trash or sinners yet
support racist platforms or heinously compassion free social positions.

At the same time that we live in an age of gamergate and twitter battles
against “the evils of SJWs”, we have morphed into a culture where Nothing’s
Shocking– not because of conjoined topless twins with their heads on fire or
whatever titillated in the early rock alternative days when Jane’s Addiction
popularized the phrase, but because any carnival barker like Trump gets
absorbed into the overall white noise (even when they lead the headlines).
Thus you can seemingly say anything as long as it bleeds and leads and yet the
deeper contextual meaning is lost, ramifications be damned. Like George Bush
literally lying out of his ass about the Iraq war constantly, for example.

So what I’m saying is, God bless John Oliver or Pussy Riot for injecting some content back into the mainstream. Or a band like death metal’s Jungle Rot who released the awesome Order Shall Prevail this year, which looks at issues like marshall law.

We live in a time of a glut of pop and even political desperation. Politicians
will say anything to get elected. Pop stars are rewarded for portraying edgy,
co-opted looks and styles but towing the corporate line.

Protest black friday and read more BELOW.

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DROT returned strong to Poughkeepsie, NY and The Chance Theater when Testament, Exodus and young pups Shattered Sun hit town. Don’t fret, the old wolves still had it and the up and comers certainly growled and howled as well. The night arguably belonged to Exodus (with two Heathen members filling in, I believe), Steve Souza yelling at the crowd that he hadn’t played The Chance in years. Souza has been miraculous since his return to the band and as much as I love the Rob Dukes era stuff, Steve “Zetro” has been continuing to kick serious ass live and prove Blood In, Blood Out was no fluke. The whole crowd pumped their fists and chanted like crazed hyenas forced to obey the Gods.

That said, Shattered Sun opened the night and you never would’ve known they were a new band if they weren’t so baby faced. The boys from Alice, TX who are recent Victory Records roster additions completely kick started the night and from the get go had support from a crowd who had mostly never heard them. “Hope Within Hatred” filled the room with melodic thrashing goodness and hair and necks started banging accordingly. It will be great when these guys have more songs the crowd loves and let’s hope they don’t have any setbacks like recent hopefuls Lazarus A.D. who were doing so well as a new thrash band only to really slow down (plus, RIP to Lazarus’ drummer).

Testament were the proven metal icons of underground integrity that you’d expect. Like Anthrax these days the Testament guys are really on point with their vision, line up, new music and everything the fans crave. I cant wait for their next release! Chuck still has the most untouchable below in metal, though Mad Joe Black from Wisdom In Chains has a considerably huge bellow as well if you like hardcore music. But yeah, Testament!!!

We’ve got electric show photos from Matt Slater BELOW.

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Thrash metal “returned” with a vengeance in recent years and is arguably still the most popular form of metal. When a band like Shattered Sun come along it reminds you why. This Texas based band play thrash with skill, resolve and the certainty that it is time well spent. You can hear this faith in the genre all throughout their Victory Records debut Hope Within Hatred. In fact, the band’s drive was strong enough to get them noticed first by Spineshank and then by Adrenaline PR and Testament. Now Shattered Sun are on the verge of becoming much more well known opening for big crowds on the Dark Roots Of Thrash II tour.

Marcos Leal (vocals) from Shattered Sun tells us how the 6 piece band made noise loud enough to be heard outside of their humble hometown and onto one of the most enviable thrash tours of the year.

For more see BELOW.

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HUGE news from camp Testament (my personal favorite thrash band) today. Not only are they touring with two other great bands in Exodus and new Victory Records up and comers Shattered Sun (what a fuckin’ lucky break to land this tour!), but they are …man, it’s so good. Just read the whole press release. I can’t deal.

For Immediate Release
February 17, 2015

American Metal Legends Testament Announce “Dark Roots of Thrash II” Tour, Coming April 2015

TESTAMENT to Perform an Exclusive New Set List, Including The Legacy and The New Order in Their Entirety + Select Practice What You Preach Album Cuts

Re-Introducing Bassist STEVE DIGIORGIO

Support from Thrash Leaders Exodus + Texas Metal Assailants Shattered Sun

TESTAMENT and EXODUS Combined VIP Meet & Greet Experience Available via

Pioneers of the classic American metal scene, TESTAMENT, are announcing what will undoubtedly be the most crushing heavy metal tour to hit North America this spring – the Dark Roots of Thrash II tour! The Dark Roots of Thrash II tour will conquer North America for five weeks, beginning April 1st in San Francisco, and will include select TESTAMENT and EXODUS festival performances. Select cities are on sale now, and more dates will be announced soon.

Adding to TESTAMENT’s live onslaught, fans will receive a guaranteed pummeling from the Dark Roots of Thrash II tour’s revered support: fellow Bay Area-thrashers EXODUS and Texas melodic metal assailants SHATTERED SUN.

Dates and more info BELOW.

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Testament announce US tour with Overkill and Flotsam and Jetsam

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 6:56 AM (PST)

Bay Area thrash veterans Testament have announced details of an upcoming headlining US tour.  They will be touring with support coming from Overkill, Flotsam and Jetsam, and 4Arm.

Click here for statements and tour dates.

The tour is being called The Dark Roots of Thrash Tour, named after Testament’s latest Nuclear Blast release Dark Roots of Earth.  Testament has also just finished a tour with Anthrax and Death Angel.  These guys never seem to stop and put on a mind blowing show every time, so if you get a chance go and see them.

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Cover Art Battle: Old Men, Horned Men, & Dead Men

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 4:20 PM (PST)

Welcome to Metal Riot’s Cover Art Battle! Every week we try and show the best-of-the-best in metal cover art, ranging from the fantastically illustrated to hauntingly photographed and everything in between.

Another week, more album cover art to discover. New bands. Tenured bands. Enough shenanigans. Time for you to go and vote.

That is all.

***WINNER*** Conan – Monnos (Gravedancer)

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Lyric Video: Testament – “Native Blood”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 7:53 AM (PST)

Legends of the Bay Area thrash movement Testament have released a lyric video for the song “Native Blood.”  The song is taken from their forthcoming album called Dark Roots Of Earth which is due out July 31, 2012 under Nuclear Blast.

You can check the video out right here.

Testament frontman Chuck Billy had this to say about the track: “[It’s] basically a song about my Native heritage. It’s almost like a protest song, that the Native Americans have a voice that needs to be heard — that’s the chorus of the song.”

The band has already released the first single called “True American Hate” which you can find out more about over here.

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New Music: Testament – “True American Hate”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 8:48 PM (PST)

Bay area thrash icons Testament have released a brand new song called “True American Hate” taken from their upcoming release Dark Roots Of Earth.  The album is due out July 31, 2012 via Nuclear Blast.

You can find the song streaming right here.

In a recent interview frontman Chuck Billy stated about “True American Hate:”

“[It] was kind of inspired by when we sent all our troops overseas, and we were just seeing in the news when all that was going on a lot of young kids, under 10 years old, out there with their families burning American flags. And that was a pretty shocking thing to see, to see that generation, a kid that young being taught to hate that much. It makes you think what’s going to happen, 10 to 15 years from now, when the majority of these kids have just been raised to hate. It struck me as a little odd.”

Yeah Chuck, we’re all pretty much fucking doomed.  At least you get it, it’s too bad that more don’t.

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Testament reveals album art and track list for Dark Roots of the Earth

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7:59 AM (PST)

California thrash metal band Testament have released the track list and album art for their upcoming album Dark Roots of the Earth. The artwork for the album was by painted by Eliran Kantor and the album was produced, mixed and mastered by the Andy Sneap. Dark Roots of the Earth will be a follow up to the 2008 album The Formation of Damnation and is set for release via Nuclear Blast.

You can see the track listing and cover art here


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“The Atomic Clock” Gene Hoglan to provide drums for Anthrax

Posted by jessepac on Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 7:39 PM (PST)

Gene HoglanGene ”The Atomic Clock” Hoglan pulls double duty on the current Testament/Anthrax/Death Angel tour filling in for Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante. The Anthrax drummer is taking a short leave from the band’s concert tour to be with his mother who is terminally ill.

“I am honoured to have been asked by Charlie to fill in for ANTHRAX in his time of need. We are all Metal Brethren, and this is what we do. Unite for the cause, unite for the fans, and unite for metal. Everybody on this tour has pulled together to keep this tour rollin’, everybody is kicking ass. And everyone on this tour is sending our love and respect to the Benante and Bello families. And Charlie, we can’t wait to have ya back where you belong, my man. I’m just keeping your throne warm for ya bro.”

-Gene Hoglan

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Paul Bostaph leaves Testament and the band announces new album

Posted by KageDrummer on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 5:06 PM (PST)

Paul Bostaph, who has been the drummer for California thrashers, Testament, has left the band recently. The band is now seeking a new drummer. Vocalist Chuck Billy has stated:

I, Eric, Alex, and Greg want to congratulate our brother, forever, Paul Bostaph on his new band, BlackGates. And while ‘The Hands of Mayhem’ will be sorely missed from our band, we wish him the ultimate success in everything that he does in his future.

Testament has also announced that they will be releasing a new album in Spring 2012 entitled “The Dark Roots Of Earth,” through Nuclear Blast.

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Anthrax to tour with Testament, Death Angel

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 10:46 AM (PST)

For the first time in over a decade, Anthrax and Testament will tour the US together, bringing along Death Angel for the month-long trek across the states.

“We’ve been tight with the guys in Testament for a long, long time,” said Anthrax’s Charlie Benante, “so we’re really looking forward to hanging out with them on the road. And all of us in Anthrax are big Death Angel fans, so this is going to be a monster of a good time — for all of us and for the fans. Plus, with the incredible success of The Big Four shows over the last year, we wanted to tour with some of the ‘second wave’ of thrash bands.”

Click here for tour dates!

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Funny Metal Shit Monday: Techno Viking Heavy Metal

Posted by JDKleinhans on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 7:31 AM (PST)

A good Monday to all you Metal Rioters out there and welcome to another edition of Funny Metal Shit Mondays. The place where you come to get your metal fix and laugh away the dreariness that is the dreaded Monday.

Today’s Funny Metal Shit is an oldie but a goodie. Who can forget the Techno Viking from Fuckparade 2000 (stealing that for my band’s name)? I know I can’t as it provided me with weeks of gut busting laughter. Well, I’m bringing him back but with a twist – a Testament Redub, baby! I hope the Techno Viking signed a D.N.R.

Get your Techno Viking, Heavy Metal Style, here.

And while we’re on the topic, who the hell is the man behind that elegantly braided goatee?

[poll id=”8″]

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Testament confirmed for “Sweden Rock Cruise” 2011

Posted by Tommy on Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 10:47 AM (PST)

Bay-area metal vets Testament have been confirmed for this year’s edition of “Sweden Rock Cruise,” set to take place October 6th. The cruise will depart from Stockholm, Sweden and will sail to Turku, Finland, returning the next day. 5 more bands are set to be announced soon.

This isn’t the first time that Testament has performed on a boat. The band took part in “70,000 Tons of Metal” cruise last year. The event was  billed as the “World’s Biggest Floating Metal Festival,” taking place on a cruise ship with a reported 40 metal bands as the cruise makes it’s way from Miami, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico.

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