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Jucifer preview some of forthcoming awesome Biopic

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 6:51 AM (PST)


Jucifer have the most romantic story in metal, a duo who spend every day together as a couple working to prove you can do whatever you want in this life if you have drive. The band are constantly on the road all over the world, setting up massive stacks and blasting crowds with the heaviest of metal. A new full length biopic is coming out next year but you can preview a solid chunk of it now.

Watch BELOW and tell me this isn’t the American Dream for Nomads?!

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Interview: Jucifer – The Object Of Power

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 3:02 PM (PST)
When I was a kid, like in the early 80’s, I observed that fucked up stuff in history often seemed to happen near turns of centuries.  So I’ve been predicting for much of my life that stuff here was gonna get dicey right about now. – Gazelle Amber Valentine


Jucifer are back with the all-killer District Of Dystopia. Perhaps their rawest record ever, the album focuses on Washington, D.C. and the shitty political environment (each song responds to laws passed by Congress and/or to presidential Executive Orders). This 4 track recorded face melt fest was recorded by the band themselves in their RV and is heavier than the bulk of 2014’s actually pretty stellar recorded metal output.

Gazelle Amber Valentine let me pick her brain on politics, sludge metal and humanity’s shitty track record. Click HERE and get rad.


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Album Review: Jucifer – “District Of Dystopia”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 10:02 AM (PST)


Jucifer‘s District of Dystopia is just what the world needs right now. “Non Gratum anus Rodentum” opens this up with lo-fi Melvins/Buzzov-en glory and ragged precision. This shit is so killer. In some ways this is the ultimate Jucifer release, since it is the closest to their ever-shifting live experience you could get withouta lasso and a tornado. Nomadic Fortress is releasing this fury of 4 track blast and doom, choked and peaking vocals
to make Converge blush on “It Can’t Be Helped” and the merciless crashing cymbals of Edgar Livengood. That dude is such a whirlwind of beast to watch drum.

Bunnybrains are playing in my town tonight with DJ Lunar Moss (what a great fuckin’ name). “Narcissist” is hissing outof my speakers with menace as deadly as any Venom record and I kind of want to kill or hump something. Life has some good moments.

From the press release: Jucifer’s District of Dystopia examines the particular dystopia native to our nation’s capital.  With homage to both D.C. punk protest tradition and the American Dream itself — in all her battered majesty — the band marks its 21st year with a razor sharp blast of aggression honed by world weary wisdom.

I can think of no better topic after their extensive foray into Russia after a long French romance (a rad double album, haha), than to set their eyes
back on the USA for a punk rock school lesson. The Liberty bell is ringing somewhere in Purgatory.A house of cards, indeed.

“Red Summer” is a slogging, fuzzed out ultimate vibe to everywhere that evokes the scurry of pedestrians hurrying to work, the frustration of Congressional gridlock and the entropic dog and pony of crony capitalism/mixed economics. Buildings decay and paint peels and the lightning bolt aims for the White House one more time cuz everybody can be bought.

Amber sounds brutal on this and there is the immediacy of any backyard or basement show jam around a burn barrel, cheap beer cans or a pile of dirt and concrete blocks. “The Object of Power” is straight black metal grind meets slug metal, a weird vortex of colliding force fields and politics, scene boundaries and signifiers.

Jucifer Pink Vinyl.

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 8:36 PM (PST)


This news from “mellow yellow” Jello and the tentacle batcave.

@@@ RARE Jucifer “L’Autrichienne” IN STOCK! @@@@

We just got a handful of the PINK VINYL from an overseas distributor! OUT OF PRINT SINCE 2008!  An incredibly rare and amazing album!

Once these are gone, they’re GONE! 

This is just one of the amazing rare treasures that have recently been added to our online store!  Take a look, you might be thrilled with what you find!

Jucifer “L’Autrichienne” is available as a
2xLP Gatefold – out of print | 2xLP PINK Vinyl – $20.00

I really, really love Jucifer.

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Politics: “If you think it’s not a big deal when candidates for president and VP want to give government the right to outlaw abortion and contraception according to religious whim  — if you think that’s not a slippery slope to totalitarian rule — you’re playing ostrich in my opinion.”

Music: “Overall we’re proud of everything we’ve released, but even taken all together the records don’t sum up our band.  They’re moments…With art, you’re never safe from criticism. And there’s no true measure of success. You have to be your own arbiter.”

These are just two great quotes from a DEEPLY extensive interview with Jucifer’s always inspiring Amber Valentine! She took the time to share her thoughts on playing foreign countries, avoiding being eaten by wolves and bears, the difference between touring under Republican and Democratic administrations, the extensive history of the band and what it is like to literally ALWAYS be on tour.

For those who don’t know, Jucifer is a married couple who live in their touring vehicle, a metal/punk/alternative institution and, most importantly, one of the most adventurous, important bands in the underground.

Click HERE for an awesome friggin’ read!

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