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DIVEST release 2001 White Plains demo

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 3:31 PM (PST)


For the couple thousand kids who give a shit and know about my quite unsung old post-hardcore/nu metal band DIVEST , here’s a treat. Our one time very brief live bassist Andre Malkine shot me a copy of three songs I didn’t have that I added to our growing Bandcamp discography.

This was around a time period in early 00’s when we all kind of congregated at this party house around Purchase College cuz our guitarist Dave Parker was going to school there. It turns out the house was also where incidentally mine and my sister Cambria’s mom (who grew up in White Plains as my Grandpa was a famous minister there) used to come get babysat as a child decades earlier! So crazy. Swear to God. Weird synchronicity.

The house on the cover is not where we recorded this demo, but was the band house where everyone lived for a year or so and we did many mixes there of different tunes. The actual demo was done at some dudes house in a ritzy area of Westchester.

Funny story from this time. I remember our drummer Zac Shaw (now of Dead Unicorn) went outside after drum takes and smoked a bowl. He was happy and standing under a tree when a fucking squirrel fetus fell out of the tree and slid down his face. Worst. Buzz Kill. EVER. Thankfully this 3 song has some of Nate Kelley’s best…BASS playing!!

This is what I wrote about it on Facebook:

OK ‪#‎tbt‬ big time. thanks to Andre Malkine for shooting me these. 3 demo tracks from pre 9/11 (a few months) 2001 Divest with Nate Kelley, Dave Parker (ex-Weerd Science, Coheed and Cambria, current Stellar Young) Kurt Brown and Zac Shaw line up plus myself. Drums sound very shitty (not performance), but the songs rule. Some of my best lyrics.”Valley” grooves so fuckin’ hard . I remember we’d play that and I’d feel like could knock down walls by staring at them during the verse riff. Never felt such false sense of invincibility in my life (and that says a lot if you know my life story) as this amazing, complex time drinking 40’s and rockin out toSevendustHUM and Jonah Matranga;s FAR with the boys while writing new songs constantly. This led up to us going to APPLEHEAD RECORDING & PRODUCTION and re-recording “Valley” wth Dr Know of Bad Brains, before we did the full Ghost Town Reckoning album with Dr Know and Applehead Studios (Chiodos, Team Sleep, Coheed ) guys producing. Crazy stuff. I wish I had the Applehead version of “Valley”. Also, “We Can Live” is the most desperate and confessional tune I probably ever wrote for a gal.

For all the fighting and bickering between us and the Coheed guys and band member trades and revolving crap/ all kinds of drunken bullshit with them, there is a lot of great music and MANY GOOD TIMES in the wake of all these people affiliated with the certain group of bands that came out of the Hudson Valley area around then like us, Coheed, Three, Watch You Burn, Anadivine,  etc. Much love and respect and hopeful peace and harmony for the rest of our pathetic lives! Best lyric: “A dirty business so let’s stick to our friends”. 

This was a weird space between Nu Metal and melodic post hardcore that we’d keep worrying at like a problem for the ages. haha.”

Check out the 2001 White Plains demo HERE.


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Josh Eppard of Weerd Science/Coheed & Cambria (pic by Catharina Christiana)

Josh Eppard of Weerd Science/Coheed & Cambria (pic by Catharina Christiana)

Don’t take your health, friends or family for granted. Ever.

The following is an op ed of sorts which includes personal music scene memories of the last 20 years, memories of my father Tom Vink-Lainas who just passed away from Cancer and struggled with smoking  cigs and drinking decades of his life. It also touches on Blake Judd, Coheed And Cambria , Bad Brains, UNITY and why PMA is so important. It is mainly about the Kingston, NY and Woodstock, Ny region music scene I came up in (I’ve sung for like 9 bands since 1993). Hopefully it can help heal some people (myself included).

Click HERE for more.

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By any standard the Papa Roach and Seether tour (with up and comers Kyng and a band I often hype called Islander) has been a huge success all around. Somehow the bill, which featured a blend of nu metal and hard rock, was a blend of both PMA and mope but the bands gelled together great.

Islander opened it up, far and away my favorite younger band of the moment. I’ve interviewed them 3 times already! It was cool to finally meet the dudes in person. Like myself back when I sang for a nu-hardcore band Divest, the Islander boys have collaborated with someone from the legendary Bad Brains (arguably the first hardcore band) . The  Islander guys just seemed so psyched to be playing the big room. It reminded me of when I saw Polar Bear Club open for mighty Bad Religion in this same venue and they kind of stole the show from BR and The Bronx (both of whom I love). Islander were the hungriest band here and they killed it with NO backing tracks like some bands use these days. “Lucky Rabbit” (the song H.R. from Bad Brains sang on with them on their first EP) was intense, a post-hardcore and groove hybrid that found vocalist Mikey screaming for all the ones “slipping through the cracks in the system.” I told the band backstage they had only been beaten in year end polls for this site by a slim margin, and by the Foo Fighters. “If you’re close behind the Foo Fighters that’s not too bad,” said Mikey. “Dave Grohl still has a punk rock heart. We’re just kids who grew up on Bad Brains and Zao. I think we’re doing well. Mayhem Fest seasoned us a little bit. ”

Thanks to Islander’s label Victory Records for hooking us up with access and for supporting hard rock, metal and hard core now with a wider range. I love the old Victory era as much as anyone but this is 2015 and with people not buying records as much it is important for a label with a solid brand and passionate staff to get behind and unify a diverse roster and keep “rock” in general going strong! I’ve only ever had great experiences with Victory.

For tons of pics by Catharina Christiana and a full show review see BELOW.

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“Keep truth in your head/get back from the floor…find your peace”.

It’s crazy listening to the DIVEST set from just after 9/11 which was just posted as name your price on Bandcamp HERE. It’s raw and real. This was one of the most intense performances of my life and was from before my old band I sang for changed our name to Divest and worked with Dr. Know from Bad Brains. About a year before we started the album Ghost Town Reckoning. We were still called Bleed Theory at the time of this live set.

We had a song called “Valley” that said ,”The streets are now empty even when full. A token of appreciation from zero tolerance. It’s a no legged dance but truth is the ship’s fuckin’ sinking. So leave us be, we’ll prove there’s more than your inefficiency.”  

Those words really hit me today listening to this thinking of how 9/11 was avoidable and how Bush and Cheney fucked up so much. I get goosebumps recalling the feeling of performing for the New Yorkers that week, just two weeks after the attacks. People were so glad to be back out and hearing rock n roll, participating in celebrating life together.  Dave She Wolf (aka Donna Lupe) guested on “The Hollow Point” and now plays guitar in Star And Dagger (with Sean Yseult of White Zombie notoriety).

Nate Kelley (of Shabutie/ early- Coheed And Cambria fame) was our bassist in DIVEST/Bleed Theory at the time and had this to say about the show:

 The mood was still pretty surreal; the buildings had only gone down two weeks before. We put a lot of heart into this one. There are points where the performance is in danger of careening off the tracks, but we ended super-strong. One of the best ever, especially tracks 6 and 7 (dig the no-count entrance into “Atlas”).

Zac Shaw (now of Dead Unicorn) was on drums for this show.

Cover design by Matt Goldpaugh of Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones.

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Interview: DIVEST – Reunion and Brand New Lies

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM (PST)

Morgan from Metal Riot here. DIVEST reunited this year casually, an alternative metal/post-hardcore band I fronted for over 7 years that embodied some of the most intense music and experiences in my life. A lot of people don’t know us but the kids that do know we threw down for keeps. In our years as a band we recorded a lot and had great times sharing the stage with acts like Unearth, Blank Theory, Nora, 3, The Secret Cervix and quite a few more.

Newfound DIVEST fan and Halo geek xOneFlagWarx interviewed myself, drummer/bassist Nate Kelley (known for his time in Shabutie/Coheed, PPSP and The Widow Capet as well) and guitarist Joe Maggio about the reunion and future plans. It was really cool and a bit refreshing to be on the other side of an interview again for the first time in a long time.

We also discussed silly ass memories, being in a “casual” band relationship plus the many recent EP’s and our one full length from 2003, the Dr. Know of Bad Brains and Applehead Studios (Codeseven, Brian Goss, Coheed and Cambria) co-produced GHOST TOWN RECKONING, that we just put up on our new DIVEST Bandcamp page ten years late!

Thank you to MR and xOneFlagWarx…and check out the interview HERE.

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Hey Metal Rioteers. Hope you all got your holiday shopping done and were able to grab a hard to find Turbo Man Doll from your local retail chain without too much trouble. I wanted to announce another rerelease from my recently reunited band DIVEST as a free download for anyone into it.

This EP “5 Weeks/All Points Collide” was the last recordings we made before the band broke up in 2005. It features the line-up of Sean-Paul Pillsworth (Anadivine/Nightmares For A Week), Nate Kelley (Shabutie/Coheed and Cambria’s 1st album), Joe Maggio, Dave Parker (Weerd Science, Stellar Young) and myself. The EP was recorded at Darkworld Studio (3, Painmask) in Kingston, NY and features more of a post-hardcore direction than earlier alternative metal releases. We were rockin’ a lot of early Thrice and Cave In at the time.

This is the 4th recent rerelease from us, including our self-released “In Crowded Faces” and “Taste Of Seven” EP’s from the early 00’s as well as our 2003 full length album “Ghost Town Reckoning” (co-produced by Dr. Know of Bad Brains, D.Ilchuck and Applehead Studios)

Check out “5 Weeks…” and download it for free HERE.

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DIVEST release “Ghost Town Reckoning” for download.

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 12:50 PM (PST)

Hey rocker people. I am tired from going to see The Chariot/ETID tour last night and witnessing a lot of awesomeness. Just wanted to tell you all that my old (recently reunited) band DIVEST has put up our 2003 GHOST TOWN RECKONING album for download HERE. In the coming weeks we are going to be releasing old material online and gearing up for a show announcement for next year.

DIVEST were first a band from 1999-2006 and GHOST TOWN was to be our first proper debut. It was produced in Woodstock, NY circa 2003 by Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner at Applehead Studios (Coheed and Cambria, Codeseven) along with Dr. Know of the Bad Brains and D. Ilchuck (Leeway). The record was supposed to be on Dr. Know’s planned FKM Records imprint but never came out (Just a 2 song 7″). It has never really been available for various reasons before except as an online stream. The record was mastered in 2009 by Nate Kelley.

This is about friends reuniting to make it count and for fun. About adapting to our lives now and talking about what we believed in (not careerism). Spent so much time recently just laughing about good memories. Fuck the haters.

Go check it out. I added track notes and stories to each song. This album was about facing your demons and staying strong.There are also guest appearances on the album from Sean Paul Pillsworth (Anadivine/Nightmares For A Week) and Dava She Wolf (Star & Dagger).

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Morgan Y. Evans from Metal Riot here. In addition to being a writer and interviewing bands like Killing Joke, Holy Grail, Sister Sin and Cannibal Corpse, etc. for you folks, I have also been a rock singer almost 20 years.

Big news (for some) today is my old alternative metal/post hardcore band DIVEST has reunited and rereleased a 2001-2002 EP IN CROWDED FACES for you on our new bandcamp HERE. We are going to do a show (date and line up TBA in next few weeks) in our hometown of Kingston, NY in early 2013 and anyone who was in the band over the first run is invited to play a role onstage at that show.

So…Divest is now a collective of sorts. We were first active for seven years and ended up at one point being produced by the awesome team of my favorite guitarist Dr. Know of (legendary) Bad Brains, D.Ilchuk and the Applehead Studio guys (Coheed, The Straylight Run, Brian Goss) in 2003. That record, GHOST TOWN RECKONING was never properly released for complex reasons but is streaming on the great A Thousand Torches sight HERE.

Over the years and several name changes, DIVEST featured members who would go on to or previously played in bands like Dead Unicorn, Coheed and Cambria, Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch, Kayo Dot, Nightmares For A Week/Anadivine and other more obscure acts. We shared the stage with bands like Unearth, Boysetsfire, Bad Brains, Murphy’s Law, Coheed, 3, Codeseven, Bloodlet, Nora and The Hope Conspiracy. It was a crazy ride but ended in a lot of resentments and grudges for some in 2006.

To read the rest of my announcement please click HERE. Thanks!

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