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luicidalI recently conducted an interview with former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Louiche Mayorga (pictured in the far right), who has resurfaced in a new band called Luicidal, which features his former S.T. bandmate R.J. Herrera on drums and chiefly performs songs by the legendary skate punk band. Luicidal, who has been together for almost a year, recently wrapped up a successful West Coast tour and has been working on an album, which we may not expect too soon.

In the interview, Lou and I talked about the history of Luicidal, the band’s upcoming debut album, his career in Suicidal Tendencies and the 30th anniversary of their iconic self-titled debut album. We also talked about Luicidal jamming with with Bob Heathcote, who replaced Lou just prior to the recording of the How Will I Laugh Tomorrow album, and what he had been up to in over the last 25 years since he left Suicidal.

Click here to see what Lou had to say.

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