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Album Review: Nhor – ‘Momenta Quintae Essentiae’

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 10:03 AM (PST)


The UK’s elusive and deeply talented Nhor returns with another record that encompasses a certain holistic wholeness of self, from artwork, naturalism and awareness of space that is a hallmark of each release from this artist. Whether nature illustrations with attention to every line to black metal that mines a stone strong heart for courage to a philosophical current between the records of a respect for the massive, interconnected Universe, this project could easilly find fans among the appalachian meets black metal set or wolves in the throne room types or traditional fans of pagan metal. There is nary a hint of dogma here, orthodox and anti-cosmic types be damned (which, they’d be into, haha)

Momenta Quintae Essentiae is a beautiful, sparse and contemplative record. It’s closest cousin in the Nhor catalogue is Upon Which Was Written In The Stars, an early, gentle piano driven EP.

Momenta Quintae… is equally thoughtful yet more seasoned. The effortlessness of the compositions is pretty astounding, as you really sort of by default slip into allowing the music to happen as an experience without picking it apart. “Ante Primam Lucem”, for example, rolls calmly for 6:09 of very unselfconscious and to the matter piano playing. Fans of Helen Money, Solstafir, Alcest or other bands who develop through tempo control will appreciate the lack of a rush to the material. It exists, almost like classical compositions, on its own firm terms. Unlike some classical, however, nothing is ever overstated. “Hedera” is simple and beautiful enough to be part of a hand binding ceremony. I also like “Nosce Te Ipsum” because the music slightly reminds me of the quiet intro riff to “One” by Metallica.

This is a much less dark release than the brilliant and breath taking Within The Darkness Between The Starlight, a BM record I’d highly recommend as an all time favorite of recent years. However, the light play of music here is a welcome body of work, like ripples on a lake you are relaxed and burdens can be released in a less abrasive and more natural way.

Another big creative victory for Nhor and perfect for reading at 2am or a lonely autumn day.

Interview: Nhor – Between the Starlight

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 9:42 PM (PST)


“If you read in an old fairy tale that someone; a witch perhaps, was able to communicate with whoever they wished, no matter where on the Earth, would that not be considered a great deal of sorcery? Because science has found a way to imbed many of it’s discoveries seamlessly within our lives they become overlooked. Yet we still look for magic in the world when it’s beneath our noses.”- Nhor

Nhor from the UK is the essence of what I love about challenging metal, an artistic reprieve from the mundane and an evocative yearning for pure reflection. Art that will ripple through your psyche like a stone thrown into a pool creates waves to topple vanity. Not since Agalloch’s Ashes Against The Grain have I been so moved by a recent work of black metal. Layers are stripped raw, mercilessly, but it is a blessing.

Nhor creates stunning work in various mediums, whether gorgeous merchandise, nature photography or metal that features lush piano for the truly somber soul as well as potent black metal and ambient inertia. I admire the kind of post-modern, do as you please Lansing Dreiden-esque unity of aesthetic between all of Nhor’s endeavors. It was a thrill to pick the brain of the mastermind behind the life enrichening (seriously!) new release Within The Darkness Between The Starlight. I am very thankful.

For the interview click HERE.

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