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“Where do an Israeli band tour? Lebanon? Syria?
I don’t think they would welcome a metal-band… without decapitating them for being anti-religion.” – Yakir.

There will be more pro peace movement in the world. I believe it is possible if we focus on that energy.

Many people across the world have fought over religion or land disputes or what is taboo. Some days it is real disagreement and other times it is a thin veil to stir up outrage when beneath the surface are business concerns to go into a country and get natural resources, when we ought to be instead focusing on energy efficiency.

If the GOP are right (get it, “right”?) and their version of God didn’t create Climate change, we have nothing to worry about. If, as it seems, God did create free will and allow us to sin and pollute and have consequences that may damn us, destroying the planet just might be a side-effect of the sin of pride, you dumb asses. Perhaps we should use God given critical thinking and investigate climate change as…just a potentiality. Since we live here and all? But maybe we’re screwed anyway…Cuz if on the offhand it is a vengeful Old Testament God, we might be fucked either way.

Even if governor Chris Christie was well intentioned on Sandy clean up – hard to know for sure, now that his manipulation of everyday people via the bridge scandal – his denial of Climate change means he is not serious enough on the issue. we love to say Guliani was great after 9/11 and do these weepy sixty minute specials…that’s your job! And then you say you never politicize patriotism? But we never get to the root of real terrorism issues. Same with climate. Y’know what? there wont be room for all the Sandy-type post hurricane weepy humanitarian testimonials because storms will be too frequent. Watch Years of Living Dangerously!!! In thirty years most of the US could be as hot as fucking Arizona.

Anyway, I want to say that we all need to get along. We are out of wiggle room. There is no more room for territorial war, whatever side you fall on. We also often take too much for granted as humans in the modern age.

Today I was talking to Israeli thrash band Hammercult‘s Yakir Shochat via Facebook IM. He had the dignity to apologize for not having some guest answers to a piece done for me yet, because his band has been in an area currently under heavy fire. These people have a minute warning between when an explosion could happen, and just 15 seconds in the South. And this man has the grace, a dude in a thrash metal band, to apologize for not being able to email me sooner. Think about that the next time you complain your band doesn’t have enough places to play in town. Or other concerns that a band with gusto and team work could overcome. We are getting spoiled as a quick fix culture. Thankfully many people are waking up.

Our conversation was cut short because he had to run and take cover from incoming danger several times and check on the safety of his friend.

Here are some outtakes from my chat with Yakir today. He wanted me to be certain to tell readers that he doesn’t think he is better than bands from elsewhere because of his troubles, but rather that he is simply listing logistical issues.

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Album Review: Hammercult – Steelcrusher

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 8:31 PM (PST)


This Israeli band Hammercult are friggin’ psychos. Just take a moment and meditate on that album cover. You are bound to get sucked into listening to their sophomore album all the way through, because Steelcrusher is unbelievably metal. It’s also super funny and the band excels at not giving a damn what others think but still writing good metal played really well.”Satanic Lust” is raw raw raw thrash with screechy screamed vocal madness and an unrepentant message about, i think, how cool it is to be getting fellatio from a succubus from hell.This is fun metal that kicks ass and you are stupid if you take too seriously. The screams and gang vocals are vomitted and blurted out with zeal and every note on the record sounds hungry to rock your face off. The mix of melo-death vocals with thrash works better than it ought to and some of the lead vocals of Yakir Shochat sound like Devildriver singing old Exodus, in a very good way. Hammercult remind us that good metal shouldn’t be that impossible to find.

“Liar” is probably stupid rad live, with a great structure that keeps building unrelentingly atop the non stop snare attack, peppered with sick leads and Easter eggs, ;ike the snazzy little licks throughout the song. This is the rare band where every time they curse it is pretty cool and makes you pumped. I feel like the high energy of this shit could blow many bands off the stage and it is impressive that Hammercult already have held their own on stage with Hatebreed, Sepultura and D.R.I., to name a few. The 2:37 minute title track features thrash and even a semi epic power-metal bridge. It is more exciting than anything on the last Anthrax record, much as I really do love Anthrax (and liked Worship Music). This band is just exploding with testosterone but their aggresion is more about kicking ass than a macho kicking of your ass. And the humor is darker and less goofy than, say, the also very funny Municipal Waste. The standout track in my book is “Metal Rules Tonight”, an unoriginal whiplash that nonetheless manages to fire on every cylinder so hard that you can’t help but grit your teeth and headband until blood shoots out of your eyes. And the guitar solo is pure molten fire. Love this album. “Heavy metal’s here to stay!!!”