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Album Review: Hawkwind – Space Hawks

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, February 10, 2014 at 9:07 PM (PST)


Legends of space travel Hawkwind are back from the edges of time/London to get things fired up right. It’s not a figment of our imaginations. Grab a tambourine and some breasts. The “Masters Of The Universe” slow guitar burn space time warp build up intro swaddles you in moon rocks made of drone, timeless melodic vocals assail pre-conditioned aesthetics, wars are ended.

This will give you an Elric of Melniboner.

“Lonely Moon” could draw tears from a crocodile’s eye, hitting home with rare, cinematic earnest attention to detail while staying relevant, an edge few walk without falling into smarmy land (smarmalade?). Lay back and enjoy this trip. Many great albums circle around you of late, from Helen Money’s Arriving Angels vinyl re-issue to world servin’  hard rock Million dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads from Helloween/Pink Cream 69 bad boy Andi Deris’ solo band The Bad Bankers. Hawkwind is timeless righteous well water from the star system that always finds a way to give you a hand pumped glass of “rock”.

Cohort Andy Animal of  Andy Animals Cannibal Tribe, STALKERS, TV’s “Oddities” and annual Meltabration Funtime Hootdown Psychedelic Garage Rock fame rides the Milky Way with a hawk’s eyeful of clarity whilst reviewing the record with me. Click HERE for more!

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