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Interview: Cleanteeth – Can’t Stop Til The Casket Drops

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 8:44 AM (PST)


Cleanteeth will blow your ass away with experimental leaning, sludgy hard rock and more attitude than Wyld Stallyns on steroids. Remember how Manowar claims “other bands play, Manowar kill”? Cleanteeth are kind of like that, only nothing like Manowar. This Brooklyn based outfit remind me of everything right about underground metal, from a devil may care attitude (I mean, they have an electronic type interlude track called “French Kissing Alexander Hamilton”) to a clear appreciation for bringing the rock n roll hard.

Stream their whole debut Pushing RopeĀ HERE. I especially recommend blasting the Unsane-worthy subway car screeching to a halt on your face yet also melodically inclined riffing of their track “Stay On Target” (maybe the heaviest song I have heard yet this year). This band should be on your radar in a big way in 2014.

To read an interview with Guitarist/Vocalist John McKinney click HERE.

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