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More drama, mama.

The Paramedic have parted ways with singer Mike Luciano aka Angry Metalcore Guy (though their Facebook still has a main picture of him (above).

The follow up coverage and twitter debate over a controversial interview I did with Luciano has been interestingly thin/one sided, in my opinion. Mike has in my experience, been an awesome dude. It feels to me like his boys in the Paramedic kind of bailed on him.

They released a statement which you SHOULD read in full on their Facebook but here’s ONLY A SMALL PART OF IT:

As of late, there has been a lot of attention on Mike for some of his opinions and views that he has shared with the world. Although this wasn’t a problem for Mike, the rest of us in The Paramedic did have an issue with these things, as we do not share those views and opinions with him.

We called the Metal Riot article Burning Crosses, Sucking Ds and Throwing Shade with The Paramedic (a clearly sarcastic, inflammatory title) not because of no respect for tender issues but because it is kind of ridiculous that a mixed race band with a singer who is often mislabelled as black by some of the very publications discussing him, and a band who have distanced themselves from their ex drummer’s racist political affiliations would be considered true blue racists themselves.


But Luciano called their ex drummer a “nigga”.

The debate about casual racism and word appropriations or recontextualizing has college courses built around it. Notorious B.I.G., Mindless Self Indulgence or even Black Sabbath’s “Digital Bitch” (which I was blasting this morning) have made use of words like nigga or bitch, in MSI’s case a song finds uppity cracker records founder Jimmy Urine singing ,” I could be the one tonight/All you niggas in the back come and jack me off.”

As far as I can tell none of these magazines have ever gone after MSI and Jimmy Urine has covered Wu Tang and is loved by many black people. And obviously Biggie and Tupac for example were black but both said crass things at times, though are widely and QUITE fairly considered creative geniuses and important social figures.

By the way I’m not advocating that because great and popular bands used these words that they don’t have the power to harm.

A friend of mine Lorelei said to me today:

people want to be treated with respect, and when you’re part of a minority population (brown, queer, women, etc), that rarely happens

There’s a key point I’d like to make and was trying/hoping to in the article.

Substream Magazine did a follow up piece on my interview with Luciano that extracted and cherry picked his quotes. I have no animosity or beef with that publication so wonder why they didn’t address the full scope of my talk with Luciano. Out of context of our chat and excluding parts where Mike agreed with me that girls have it rough out there or is against Cosby or that Mike and I talked in depth about the blurry, tender line of criticizing Caitlyn Jenner for seeming fake in Luciano’s eyes without coming off as anti-Trans by people who rightfully want the trans movement protected. Mike also said how he thinks Johnny from Slaves needs to get out and do press and man up and face allegations Warped Tour alleged abuse victims made against Craig. We used the “sucking Ds” phrase in the title of my article to joke about removing our ribs ala Marilyn Manson rumors and because I am bi and was joking about hooking up with metalcore beef as a joke! Crossfit!!! It’s a thing! Lol. And because Mike clearly had no problem talking with someone of a different sexual orientation (an important point as he has been misjudged as anti trans community for a comment about Caitlyn Jenner once – who Mike thinks is fake as a person – where Mike said Caitlyn isn’t a hero just for cutting off her dick, or a similar easy to misinterpret as hostile turn of phrase).

Example: What would you think of Mike if I ONLY posted these quotes from our interview:

Me: It’s hard for girls out there, man.

Mike- Absolutely. What have we done to society to over sexualize it? We have Teen
Mom. Twerking is number one. Sixteen and Pregnant. It’s the biggest sensation
since the jitterbug to twerk. The modern world is jamming it down our throats.

Mike- (on trans topic) If that’s who Caitlyn or someone wants to be, then go for it. No one is
stopping you. It’s between them and their higher power.

I am far far far from a rape apologist as well. In particular much outrage was over Mike and I discussing how manipulation can happen from guys AND girls, which is true. There are girls who blame and stir drama. I’ve met some of these types. It’s really sad. But there ALSO are many girls (or guys who have been raped or non cis gendered) who have been in genuine peril and have PTSD and super real issues affecting them that sometimes never go away and destroy lives. Mike and I talked about some of this off record as well and I hope in my writing things weren’t lost in translation, contributing to Mike losing his post in a band he clearly was passionate about and loved. I would hate that. If you only read Mike’s quote saying girls who false accuse should: “spin on a spiked cock” , you’d probably think Mike was a bit much to take, but that is not even a fraction of the guy’s whole persona.

We had even discussed how I was linking it to my Amanda Daniels support article I did with Amanda’s blessing for feminist site The Flounce, which many major sites have ignored despite it having other big talents in the metal and avant garde or indie rock scene speaking up for Amanda and AGAINST rape and violence.

I would never link off a Paramedic article to that if I felt Luciano was a woman hater or pro rape. Luciano was glad I was linking to Amanda’s piece! Why hasn’t any site mentioned that or how I am bi and Mike and I were talking about the word “bitch” as used in anger or by different genders or ethnic groups and the debate over “inherent context”? Yes, saying the N word or faggot can definitely hurt people.

The point is the only real way forward, like a high anxiety fight with an ex lover or something, is to try and reset from the hurt and have CONVERSATION. Don’t stall it out or recontextualize. It is awesome we have social media to swoop down on abusive sites like Return Of Kings or super racist, homophobic or abuse of power situations like the bad cops who give GOOD cops a bad name (there are plenty of good cops, don’t kid yourself…but saying #blacklivesmatter is not important is denying the horrible stain of blood on our Nations hands).

Hate and violence can have a righteous cause behind it sometimes also. Sometimes people who are so hurt by institutionalized classist oppression (which affects us all who aren’t the 1% but MORE SO affects minorities worldwide!), sometimes people throw bricks or shoot those two poor cops in NYC or do fucked up shit also. While you can’t let someone break nto your house and rape your mom, for a harsh hypothetical example, you also can’t stand still and accept being tear gassed for no reason, or choked out while you say “I can’t breathe” and your gentle giant heart breaks knowing you wont see your fucking kids again, god dammit! Why is this world so fucked up?!!! Ahhh!!!

I love Substream and AP as magazines (still got a Thursday AP cover saved somewhere from years ago) and I think it’s important to have social commentary pieces. IT’S MY LITERAL BREAD AND BUTTER AND MY PASSION. has several female contributors and as far as I know are one of or maybe the only main all metal sites that has two major contributors either bi or trans. So trust me, we don’t fucking like hatred unless it is a good classic Venom song or “Catharsis” by Hate!

The thing is, in the age of social media’s butterfly effect, how do we do the harder tightrope walking of genuinely course correcting when feelings are soured or lines crossed? Is it to only be as PC as possible all the time? That creates eggshell world and no forgiveness. But we also need to be compassionate like Christ was supposed to be and try and have civil discourse so that growth is possible.

Best of luck to Mike in the future and the Paramedic as well as the publications involved. I hope this piece can continue a much needed conversation but add more depth to it. 140 character culture has GOT to evolve. We need to unite the tribes and have unity, like my pal just saw Bane and was super inspired they spoke out against the beating of Tom Alderson, for example. Can we start again?

And true haters…I’m gonna quote Mike here from a Paramedic song: “Fuck you and have a nice day.”

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The Paramedic have released a big, melodic rock video for Diary Of My Demons anchoring hard rock/balladry infused single “My Life in a Bottle”. It seems to be  song about regrets and a strained relationship. Check it out BELOW. RIYL stuff like Daughtry, Lenny Kravitz, Avenged Sevenfold.

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Album Review: The Paramedic – Diary Of My Demons

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 4:39 AM (PST)

The Paramedic - Diary Of My Demons - Artwork

Diary Of My Demons is a big step up for The Paramedic after all, a record sure to please their growing fan base of scene kids. This is a band who I have criticized in the past, but it was mostly because of their horrible haircuts. The music itself isn’t half bad, it just isn’t what I generally gravitate to. That said, my job is not to wish every record was Minor Threat (though it often happens).

It’s 2014. I have to accept that the blend of overly-grandiose metalcore with synths and computerized clean vocals is basically a genre unto itself now and not compare it as much to the heroes of yesteryear. Once I did that, it was easier to enjoy Diary Of My Demons without a chip on my shoulder and see the band’s strengths rather than just their weaknesses (I was pretty harsh on them awhile back).

The group do not fail to have conviction on these ten tracks, with “Have A Nice Day” and especially fired up album highlight “Who I’ve Become” proving strong songs for vocalist Michael Luciano. They have some weird stuttery parts and interesting tempo shifts/elements. The vocals veer from full throated roar to almost R&B emo, with dude’s voice becoming either fun and infectious or at times a bit too soaring depending on your mood. You can’t say they lack conviction, though. The drum performance is also pretty crazy, though the drum sound makes it pretty hard for me to tell if these were just programmed or not (which is irksome). “Lying To A Liar” is the angriest song, a faster assault of a track than the poppier numbers which still finds room for a big chorus chock full of wordplay. There is a lot of emotional output here.

To read more click HERE and “have a nice day”…

Dayton’s The Paramedic are a buncha djentiles who usually hop up and down in unison (not a good look for any band, especially in 2014) but have enough tasty riffs and a pretty cool band name. We’ll let it slide, guys. I mean, I like Caliban and they do it sometimes…but they also are German and have way better, meaner songs. Atleast The Paramedic don’t do that weird suck your own dick while playing guitar that Korn popularized (though “Clown” is still da bomb, yo). 


Anyhow, we have to throw some articles up about younger, scenier bands sometimes or else people will migrate to shittier “websites” for their “metal” news. Wait! Keep it true! From now on only Orange Goblin and Decapitated articles will be published by Metal Riot. Nah, it’s all good. I actually am trying to like The Paramedic. They are a newer band but show promise and I have to give props to their singer for dropping out of college like I did to play music (and for being thoughtless enough to cover Lil Wayne). Hey, they got more fans than I do!  I think as they get older that if they don’t break up they could hit their stride in a few records and stand out more. Plus their bio simply keeps it pretty Charlie Sheen and just says “Snort coke, stab sluts”. Pretty soon they will be headlining the “hottest dudes with emo chic hair in hard rock”  tour and you can mosh da fuck out to new song “Have A Nice Day” (Bon Jovi cover?).


Ok, I take it back. Only the singer looks cool. The rest of these guys gotta go. Shave your fucking heads or something. Christ! Did you guys all sit around and rip your jeans together? Go listen to some Pentagram, smoke some crack and call me in ten years for money. Anyhow, I rarely really dig Bullet Tooth stuff (besides the awesome Death Ray Vision), but the label claims the new Paramedic will be pretty dope:


Diary Of My Demons sees a maturation and growth that has been unparalleled by the band. Vocalist and lyricist Michael Luciano commented, “This album was not for the faint of heart, and I think these songs are going to show that. ‘Diary Of My Demons’ is an album full of darkness, anger, sadness, and self-reflection. There were some things that I needed to get off of my chest, demons that I had to let go of. What better way to let them go than by sharing my demons with the world.”


Here’s hoping you let go of your corny lookin band mates, dude. Anyway, The Paramedic are definitely a lot better than bands they have toured with like Dance Gavin Dance and The Bunny The Bear. Remember when bands had names like Vomitus, Nausea, NunSlaughter? Sigh. No, maybe you probably don’t.


Click HERE for the song titles.
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