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Album Review: Turbid North – “Eyes Alive”.

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 9:58 AM (PST)


Turbid North finally return with the proper follow up to the impactful debut Orogeny and despite taking half the time since the last Tool album, which is still five years and too long for a rising band, it was worth the wait. If anything, Eyes Alive exceeds expectations, since no one was sure if the new three piece version of the band would pack the same punch. A catastrophic solar concept album where people are forced to live underground, the record hits hard and has the power of early Mastodon or Kingdom of Sorrow without being too derivative.

Slaved over tones, cliff shearing/mountain crumbling solos, thrashy sections, bellowed vocals. This one has it all for aggressive sludge metal fans. The riffs have a testosterone infused swinging arms feel without becoming ninjitsu hardcore, more on the King Kong side of things. At 9 tracks, it is nonetheless a full plate. Most of the tunes could be a full workout session in themselves.

Again, he once quartet have become a trio and while it means this record has a slightly less death metal sound, I’m liking the way the drums really cut through more now (see “The Pyramid Drones”). If anything, the leaner sound allows you to really hear the bass growl and textural differences. They sound more than capable of hopping in a van and laying waste to wherever. The band have the hunger in their sound that has perhaps been replaced in a proper Mastodon record by more slick, proggy comfort (to take nothing away from metal’s biggest success story of the last decade or so who deserve their success).

Turbid North remain a very cool band, though the material is most interesting on repeat listens when the band show their influences less. “Destroyer of Worlds” is almost like a grind song with slower Sirius-era Gojira verses before it really becomes interesting and the drums go apeshit while really weird dissonance takes over until the band just sludge the hell out.

“Black Sun Rising” is the most awe inspiring initially, with a Kirk Windstein worthy slow and trippy melodic opening section worth raising lighters or fists too. “The Great Dying” is another standout track, the band allowing themselves to relax and vibe out to a sun baked, stretched out darker desert rock soundtrack that could appeal to C.O.C. , ASG or even Down fans. Not reinventing the wheel here but it’s a rock solid record.

To be released via Turbid North’s newly created label, The Pyramid, a pre-order bundle for Eyes Alive is available via www.TurbidNorth.comthat will include an exclusive album t-shirt with CD or digital album.


Turbid North have been a lower radar favorite for a few years now, one of the best kept secrets of extreme metal. The new tune “The Pyramid Drones” could change that. Complete with a performance video that combines truly sick death metal chops that rips like old Morbid Angel combined with the fatter, sludgier earlier Mastodon sound many miss, this song is is a bigger grand slam than you can half finish at Denny’s. Complete with Illuminaughty sounding song title that reminds us all to not be toooo shocked at the troops still being stuck in Afghanistan. Never trust anybody.

Actually, nevermind. “The Pyramid Drones” is taken from Turbid Norths forthcoming album, Eyes Alive to drop on the bands own label, November 20th. Guitarist Nick Forkel described it as a dystopian sci-fi concept album that takes place in a future where the sun is a red giant and most people are forced to live underground. It follows one mans life in this society from when he first discovers whats been hidden from him, up to his final days and the hard journey he had to take in-between.”

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We’ve supported the metal ascent of Turbid North for awhile now around here. Please to say the frozen Alaskans who thawed out via the death metal scorching heat of Texas have a new one in the can finally. Metal Sucks has the song premiere of the lead off single HERE.

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Turbid North came on the scene a few years ago with their Unearth approved Orogeny release and quickly won me over as a fan.  Death metal with a real focus on impact and thick tones, the group has made both Alaska and Texas their homes during the course of their journey. Now settled in the Ft. Worth area for some time, the act have been buckled down in guitarist Nick Forkel’s studio working on an anticipated follow up from the respected act.

Not newbies to the scene at this point.but still a ways to go before they are a bigger name, Turbid North are at an interesting crossing. Will they make a great follow up and gain the wider recognition that they deserve, or will they stay at about the same level and just keep on releasing great death metal to those converts already part of the flock? It is to soon to say, but either way the band are fucking awesome.

Click here for an update via this  in studio report with Nick Forkel and new guy, drummer Jono Garrett.

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Interview: Turbid North-From Alaska To Texas

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 5:54 PM (PST)

Formerly of Alaska and relocated to the mighty state of Texas (they must’ve thawed out fast!), Turbid North are turning head banging heads at impossible angles! Their rapidly expanding popularity (well deserved after years of hard work) is quickly multiplying thanks to Trevor from Unearth releasing their ferocious death metal LP “Orogeny” on IRONCLAD RECORDINGS (before even seeing the band live)! This 4th Of July weekend let’s tip our hats to this great, genuine and mercilessly heavy band since Turbid North are a great example of American Metal that measures up to anything on the world metal stage.

Click HERE to read the impressive story of “Orogeny” and get ready to flip out over one of 2011’s best!

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