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While there is something to be said for banging out some high voltage tracks off the top of your creative head, it is also valuable when bands really take their time to craft a painstaking vision. Torrential Downpour from New Jersey fall into the latter category and have dug deep to manifest Truth Knowledge Vision, one of the more startling works of metal this year. Twists and turns abound, as the band showcases their “space metal” and progressive/extreme leanings with a self assurance that defies logic, while still being rooted in the empirical world.

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I am more thankful than ever for bands who follow their vision. Played a reunion show last night with my old emo band Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch with my buddy Nate Kelley (original drummer of Shabutie/Coheed and Cambria). It felt so good to play original and unique songs again that we had sweated and bled to create years ago, despite never being famous. The art was very nourishing to feel in my veins again as the music flowed through me on stage last night. Whether it is a band like Torrential Downpour or even something a little more well known like The Acacia Strain slaughtering ears on my fave album of theirs, the mighty Wormwood, every stand taken for music that is original in vision and execution is a stand for humanity against the carbon culture dealers of the world who would homogenize our souls. F that shit.

Torrential Downpour bassist Matt Cece filled me in on the time and effort that went into this evolutionary release, advice for 6 string bass players in the making, his opinions on Opeth, their head spinning track “Basilisk” plus why the occult is getting a little boring in metal.

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