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B9 Hardcore band Expire have announced they will be supporting Stray From The Path on upcoming Fall dates in the United States, a killer package tour that also includes Counterparts and My Ticket Home. That’s three of my very favorite newer hardcore bands (and I am assuming My Ticket Home are pretty dope also to hang with these guys). From Stray From The Path’s social awareness to Counterparts and Expire’s personal and social themes with a current twist, this is a collection of bands who really give a shit and ought to be supported.

I just had a very inspiring chat with Rey from veterans Downset for another publication about remembering the roots of hip hop and hardcore were in social change. Even thrash metal had Testament singing about the Greenhouse Effect. Look at Gaza on fire from religious bullshit territorial pissing/skipping record hatred ot the military USA defense budget that could be cut to solve hunger and poverty in America, and we’d still be able to have enough left over to defend ourselves. It’s time to bring back the social change and put down the Candy Crush culture.

This shit is real. “You say fuck the world, we say fuck you!”, as Stick To Your Guns (another great band) say.

I know I just posted about Novembers Doom below, a really depressing band, but it is also positive to channel those emotions into art as well. Whatever we do, we have to unify and get off our asses. This tour is a great place to start. Remember kids, fashion will only get you so far but being exploited during our brief lives will scar you forever.

Click HERE for the tour dates and keep the PMA.

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Album Review: Expire – “Pretty Low”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 9:30 AM (PST)


“I wish I could feel remorse”…

Midwest hardcore with as much bite as bark, the adrenaline levels on new Bridge Nine release Pretty Low are through the roof. Every song on this album has a healthy pulse, with the opening title track hitting home with Trial’s Are These Our Lives levels of ferocity. Expire have penned some future classics and sure fire pit starters in the bulldozer accident crunch of “Forgetting” and album standout “Fiction”, each song frustrated with shallow lives and people who ignore hard truths or run for cover at the expense of others.

Through the record the group Expire maintain enough heart to keep you hooked. It isn’t as dynamic as, say, Counterpart’s recent The Difference Between Hell and Home or Meridian’s pending The Awful Truth (both releases that are very redeeming for Victory Records hardcore), but songs like the red eye scream on “It Were Up To Me” have a certain Inside Out No Spiritual Surrender conviction too often missing these days in bands more focused on merch designs than content with depth. Foundation or Trash Talk come to mind as band’s giving a shit, and this is the same caliber of legit here. I’m usually into more political hardcore but while this is more personal life stuff, from what I can gather, it still feels important and not yet another band’s spilled milk relationship stories.

Expire will be hitting Austria, Serbia and many other places in support of this crucial release, so get out there and get those arms swingin’, kids. It’s not no brainer shit, but the songs are accesible in a classic hardcore way, even though far more caustic than any clean chorus or badly produced crazp we’re all getting ear fatigue from in the squashed MP3 era.

Not a single song hits the three minute mark and it aint for the technical metal types who read our site, but if you are looking for real heat of the moment anger but smart lyrics and crushing hardcore grooves for fans of old one king down or anything that goes thump just right…this is for you. Fans of Dying Scene or Metal Riot ought to be able to equally get behind this band, just real people in our underground keeping the shit set off right.