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Interview: Unlocking The Truth – Welcome To The Family

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 1:30 AM (PST)


“Music is for everyone” – Jarad Dawkins

Things are getting interesting again. Just had a good few 24 hours. Just got a press release about a band called Acid Baby Jesus. I hung out with a dear friend and the great band Tuba Skinny and ended up partying at Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer’s place with them, woke up and drove home to interview new sensations Unlocking The Truth. It has been a refreshing cross section of people who love life and expression and unity, in my vicinity or inbox. I’m thankful for the abundance in that. Rock n roll is still here to stay.

Unlocking the Truth are that very young metal band from Brooklyn, New York, who went viral. They are more than just a novelty. Even OK Go put a lot of work into that “Here It Goes Again” video where they were jumpin around like maniacs, but Unlocking The Truth’s members have literally started from the very first place on the game board and already moved far enough to not only pass Go! and collect $200, but the kids signed a very hefty deal for 1.8 million bean$ with Sony many bands would squeal for. Let’s hope they get a fair shake.

In March of 2012, Unlocking the Truth competed on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater (aka Tears of Blood) and made it to the Show-Off Round, and afterward they began performing at festivals around New York City and in Times Square.Last year Malcolm and Jarad decided they needed a bass player, so they asked their best friend from pre-school, Alec Atkins, to join their band. Even though Alec did not know how to play bass, the boys taught him how to play from scratch.One of Unlocking the Truth’s biggest breaks came last August after winning the first round of the AfroPunk Battle of the Bands.

Although they did not win the final battle, they were still invited to perform at the AfroPunk Festival.

It was a pleasure to speak with drummer Jarad D. about the guys amazing journey so far, The Air Force, Testament, Taylor Swift, friendship and more. He even alluded to me they got kicked out of a hotel already for skate boarding but that is on the DL.

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