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Aphelion is the furthest point from the sun, and in this case, the sun could represent anything that we aspire towards, dream of, pursue with passion, heart, fire.– Tom P.

Tom Phillips of While Heaven Wept is capable of writing intense and compelling epic metal that is like Farscape for the human soul. Instead of Moya, we are travelling through songs of the human experience, rich metaphor and aquamarine guitar playing that knows few limits.Prog rock can include anything from House Of Lightning’s mind blowing melodic riff and vocal amalgam of Floor meets Rush to something as different as Veil Of Maya’s Marc Okubo tearing through an intricate metal riff to a classic prog rock album like Selling England By The Pound. We celebrate the spiritual questions of a band like Om with our serious hats on but often dismiss high concept prog influenced records as grandiose. For all the ups and downs in my friendship with the Coheed and Cambria guys over the years, I will admit in a second that In Keeping Secrets… was a great album (perhaps still their best). WHH have been carrying the flame for earnest music for a long time.

Their latest Suspended At Aphelion is a very fleshed out, masterful concept album. How did they come to decide on the themes?

“Well, you’ve got to keep in mind that everything we’ve ever done has been out of personal necessity…to heal, to accept, to move on…and SAA is no exception; despite the imagery and metaphors throughout the discography, everything is based upon real people, events, tribulations, and above all, sincere emotions,” says Tom. “WHW is basically my vehicle for coping with both a lifelong depression and the tragedies, frustrations, chaos in my life. A catharsis so as to lead a “relatively normal” existence outside of the band. Every album pertains to different relationships.”

That said, WHH are also never tied to just one genre. Detract from Queensryche’s more experimental albums like Tribe or Dedicated To Chaos all you like, but they still have merit regardless if they were different from the classic heavy metal sound the band has returned to post-Tate’s vocal reign. Likewise, WHH can be brutal, dizzying or trippy within the same album.

To learn more head out further into space BELOW and may your voyage bring you back home…

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2014 brings a new Scar Symmetry release, maybe their most ambitious and finest hour to date. The future focused The Singluarity (Phase I – Neohumanity), is a
collection of extremely well executed and technically proficient metal with cyber, death and epic metal characteristics. Perhaps not since the halcyon days of Fear Factory or Voivod has a metal band so earnestly and successfully wrestled with what it means to be a human amidst the growth of A.I. and the race to the technological finish line.

The band are not afraid to incorporate many tasteful chances to showcase their fluid leads and penchant for prog sounding vocal melodies, really paiting a vivid picture on the mind’s eye. Along with Allegaeon’s fantastic and heavy as heck Elements of the Infinite, this is a top choice for metal this year that includes a healthy fear of and fascination with our love of technological growth, even as humanity lags behind in matters of the soul and compassion.

What is left of us and who (or even what) are we becoming?

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Streaming from their facebook page, melodic death metal Swedes Scar Symmetry bestow unto the masses “Extinction Mantra.” Taken from their newest release on Nuclear Blast, “The Unseen Empire,” this is the second offering we have received pre-release. The album is due out next week, on April 15th.

Also, drummer/lyricist Henrik Ohlsson goes into detail over every song on “The Unseen Empire,” along with bits of each song as well.

Click here for the track by track.

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Swedish progressive melodic death metal legends Scar Symmetry have just posted a brand new song, “Illuminoid Dream Sequence”, on their official Facebook profile.

Commented drummer Henrik Ohlsson: “Illuminoid Dream Sequence” displays an encounter with the unseen and insane ethereal forces that guide the members of the Illuminati. These forces use humans as portals into our world and all they want is to dominate and control everything at any cost. The music for the song is very special since it goes from pretty progressive yet mellow parts into pure insanity and then back again!”

Scar Symmetry’s fifth full-length studio album “The Unseen Empire” (which marks the bands second album with “new” singers Robban Karlsson & Lars Palmqvist) will be out April 15, 2011 via Nuclear Blast.

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Scar Symmetry unveil artwork for “The Unseen Empire”

Posted by NichTheHair on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 11:40 AM (PST)

Swedish-made melodic death metal sextet Scar Symmetry just revealed the cover artwork for the bands upcoming album, “The Unseen Empire.” This release puts another notch in their post, making this the fifth studio album. Following 2009’s “Dark Matter Dimensions,” the new album has a lot to deliver. “The Unseen Empire” is set to be released on April 15, 2011 via Nuclear Blast.

Click here to read drummer Henrik Ohlsson explain what is behind “The Unseen Empire” and get a larger shot of the album art.

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Tour Video: Scar Symmetry North American Tour Diary

Posted by Geoffy-Dee on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 12:39 PM (PST)

Swedish Death metal band Scar Symmetry have released part three of their North American Tour Diary which follows them through the eastern Canadian leg of the tour in Toronto and London Ontario, as well as Montreal.

They are currently finishing the final part of their North American tour with Blackguard, Epica and Mutiny Within with their final show in Atlanta on December 17th.

To view the video Click Here

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