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Unprecedented reigning tech death champs Origin have posted a playthrough for a new song “Accident and Error”. The song is from the band’s latest ear fuck Unparalleled Universe.

Unparalleled Universe was recorded and mixed at Chapman Studios in February 2017 alongside longtime collaborator and engineer Robert Rebeck (Tech N9ne). The band emerged with ten new songs including a cover of Brujeria’s “Revolución”, that were mastered in March 2017 by Colin Marston at Menegroth – The Thousand Caves (Altar of Plagues, Jarobe, Krallice) and wrapped in a cover prepared by Filip Ivanovic (Dismember, Cryptopsy, Heavy Montreal, Gorguts).

“It feels like an Origin album, but it’s unparalleled to what you might expect if you haven’t heard us for 10 or 15 years” says Paul Ryan. “To me, it’s a true reflection of ourselves. I compare it to an action movie. Our earlier material is filled with action from beginning to end. Now, the idea is to add a little more depth and dynamics. You could say there are some twists in the plot musically”.


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The “Passage to Obsolescence” discussed in the song is not the weird (yet still awesome) bird’s nest/space butt hole that seems to be made of tentacles and weed on the Colin Marks cover artwork.HP Lovecraft would have been in awe of this fearsome image. I mean, if Metallica can get away with the Vag Magnetic cover, this is fine. But seriously. Origin deserve mass worship. They are so beyond sick it is unfathomable. This is technical death metal at its most wickedly precise yet still with a sense of tunesmithery that makes them only matched by, perhaps, Exhumed and Trigger The Bloodshed in this new generation of death metal upstarts category.

“Absurdity of What I Am” is the third track to be unveiled from Omnipresent, which is out July 4th in Europe and the 8th in the U-S-A, Jason Keyser (ex-Skinless) does a mighty fine job upholding the Origin legacy. This band is becoming quite legendary.

But yeah. let’s face it…we are pretty absurd as a species. Meat attached to a skeleton that sometimes moves in ludicrous ways at Emmure concerts? Life is really odd. Like, I often think what if alien life came down and saw us and their first impression was a Bon Jovi concert, just how weird that would be for the aliens. But I digress.

Click HERE for some awesome new Origin face ripping brilliance.

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Technical death metal masters ORIGIN have inked a European record deal with Agonia Records. The band’s new album – the follow-up to 2011’s Entity – is entitled Omnipresent and will be made available this summer. Cover artwork, tracklist, and other vital details will be revealed shortly.

I don’t know about you, but this news kills. ORIGIN are so nasty. Entity and that last Aeon record jump started my restored faith in death metal which continued with recent Hate Eternal and Gorguts. So cheers to more Origin!

Formed in Kansas (North America) in 1997, ORIGIN is one of the top, most intense and most brutal technical death metal forces to be reckoned with. Since its inception, the group has charted twice on the Billboard Top Heatseekers (with Antithesis at #21 and Entity at #20) and emerged on countless highly-energetic shows across the world. In 2007, ORIGIN reached Europe for the first time in career (on tour with Misery Index and Necrophagist) and five years later, in 2012, reclaimed The Old Continent together with Suffocation. This coming May, ORIGIN will be heading out on a headlining run in South East Asia and Australia.

The band made a statement regarding their new deal for Europe: “ORIGIN is proud to be a part of the Agonia Records family! We feel that this is the strongest move on our quest for total omnipresence, and are excited to share our latest cut of sheer technical brutality throughout Europe and beyond. We are everywhere and nowhere. We are Origin. Hail Space.”

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Cattle Decapitation announce U.S. tour and finish new album

Posted by KageDrummer on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 3:50 PM (PST)

Cattle DecapitationCalifornia grindcore act, Cattle Decapitation, have announce a United States tour. The tour will last from April 20th through May 18th and they will visit eighteen different states. The band will also receive support from Origin, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Rings Of Saturn, and Battlecross. Cattle Decapitation has also announce they have finished their new album “Occupation Domination” and they will release more information soon

To check out the full tour schedule click here.

Cattle Decapitation’ last album “The Harvest Floor,” was released in January 2009 through Metal Blade Records.

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Origin announce Euro tour

Posted by KageDrummer on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 5:20 PM (PST)

Origin Band PictureKansas death metallers, Origin, have announced a European tour. The tour will last from February 3rd, 2012 through March 3rd, 2012 and the band will play in eleven different countries.  The band will also be supported by Psycroptic, Lengt Tch’e, and two other acts to be announced.

To check out the tour dates click here.

Origin’s last album “Entity,” was released in June 2011 through Nuclear Blast.

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Origin announce Co-Headlining tour with Hate Eternal

Posted by Ehrila on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 1:47 PM (PST)

Origin Band PictureTechnical death metallers Origin announced a co-headlining tour this summer with extreme metallers Hate Eternal. Supporting them on tour will be Vital Remains and Abysmal Dawn.

The band commented:

“Origin and Extreme Management Group are happy to announce what will undoubtedly be the most brutal, uncompromising, brain damaging tour of the summer! Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Abysmal Dawn, and your favorite mid western based death cyclone, Origin. We are very excited to finally rejoin our old friends, Hate Eternal on the road for the first time since 2002. This will also be our second time out with Abysmal Dawn and our first time with the legendary Vital Remains. Could it get any better?

Well… of course it can, because this tour will mark our first full length run with new vocalist, Jason Keyser (Skinless, Mucopus). It took some time for us to arrive at this point, but be ready for the most blistering Origin performances to date. See you all on tour!”

Click here to see tour dates.

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Technical death metal band Origin have posted the last of three track-by-track features of their new album “Entity,” due out June 7th (USA) and June 10th (worldwide) via Nuclear Blast.

“9. Banishing Illusion

Paul Ryan: Our grind song. S.O.D. meets NAPALM DEATH meets CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER. Just fucking fun to play!

10. Consequence of Solution
John Longstreth: Epic #2. Lots of parts, kind of like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ by IRON MAIDEN. See if you can pick out my Pete Sandoval tribute. A lot of new ideas surfacing on this one. It’s almost like a montage of what you might hear on the next album.

Paul Ryan: The beginning of the song up to the thunder storm was the first thing written for the album and the rest was the last for us to finish. The most changes in a song we have ever done. Really excited about how this came out and what our fans will think. Rob Rebeck did a amazing Job!!!

Mike Flores: I think this may have been the first song Paul started to show me back in May of ‘09. It was just a short piece then.

11. Evolution Of Extinction

John Longstreth: For me, this song is all about flow. Very back beat oriented. This guy has deep pockets. It should make the ladies dance, the men headbang, and the kids tear each other to hreds. Some more groove in the end just in case you forgot. SOMEONE likes BOLT THROWER.

Paul Ryan: Its got all the riffs for all the right moods. You can headbang. You can throwdown in the pit to it and for the ladys you can shake your backside to it!

Mike Flores: One of my favorites. Definitely dig the topic.

12. You Fail

John Longstreth: The quickest written song on the album. I started making dinner while Paul was playing with the arpeggio bendy bit in my living room. I think he had the entire thing complete by the time I had tacos made. Oh yea, black metal.

Paul Ryan: This song was written in about a day with a couple riffs that were just on the back burner. One of my favorite riffs is the arpeggio w the bend!!! Just thrown together and it worked! RABID TERADACTYL VOCALS!!!”

The band’s latest released was their 2008 effort titled “Antithesis,” released via Relapse Records.

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Technical death metal band Origin are streaming a new song called “Expulsion Of Fury” from their upcoming album “Entity.” The song is available for streaming on their Facebook page and you can listen to it here.

The new album “Entity” will be released on June 7th in North America and June 10th in Europe via Nuclear Blast.

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Technical death metal band Origin have posted the second of three track-by-track features of their new album, as well as the third studio v-log chronicling the recording process (this time it’s vocals.) Click here to watch the video.

5. Saligia
John Longstrength: This is one of the two epics of the album if you don’t count the first three songs as a single unit (which is fine if you do). We started working on this song in New York about two years ago in the winter. Despite its density and size, this song came together with relative ease (for me).
Paul Ryan: My favorite track on the album and one of the most personal when I wrote it. I didn’t know if we could pull it off but we did. Took about five takes at getting the solo with the right feel. For fans of WRATH OF VISHNU!!!

6. The Descent
Paul Ryan: An interlude to give the listener a break. Peaceful yet dark.

7. Fornever
John Longtrength: Something about this song that just gets me every time. It was a complete pain in the ass to learn, but every time I got it right I felt like I had accomplished something special. I wont speak any further on this song. Its music so it requires no words to be spoken about it.
Paul Ryan: Influenced by two of my favorite bands DEATH and SUFFOCATION. I was listening to a lot of Individual Thought Patterns and Pierced From Within when I wrote the music for this one. It took a little bit to get all the stops tight but once we did it was awesome!
Mike Flores: Yep, the end of the song was like playing a video game. Addicted to playing it because I was so close to playing it right. Took some time to understand it.

8. Committed
John Longstrength: By far the most experimental thing we have done to date. Simple and to the point for me until the “numbers section”, but totally off the hook for guitars.
Paul Ryan: One of the craziest high pitch screechy things I have ever written. Its the song that the guy who listens to death metal brings his girlfriend that doesn’t listen to metal to a show and she will be like, “why do you listen to this? WTF?! FML!”
Mike Flores: This song just sounds scary! It sounds like a horror movie seen with your ears.” Look for Entity in both physical and digital formats on June 7 (N. America) and June 10 (Europe). Artwork (attached) was handled this time around by Colin Marks.

The band’s latest released was their 2008 effort titled “Antithesis,” released via Relapse Records.

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Technical death metal band Origin have posted the first of three track-by-track features of their new album, as well as the first studio v-log chronicling the recording process. Click here to watch the video.

1. Expulsion of Fury
Paul Ryan: Well I don’t how to put it other than WE’RE BACK! It’s just a taste of what’s to come. Out of the gate at LUDICROUS SPEED with one of the most challenging ORIGIN riffs of all time, then it slams into our traditional pattern blasting. Followed by a new challenge of song composition & dynamics. The last riff is a heartbeat pulse that John throws a machine gun blast that’s just pummeling.

John Longstrength: A heartbeat with a BAAAAAAD murmur. This first half of this song is like going back in time and visiting the Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas days for me. For 10 years people have been asking ORIGIN to play grooves, so we play some grooves right here. if there isn’t enough on this song, what do we do?

2. Purgatory
John Longstrength: WE PLAY ANOTHER GROOVE!!!! But immediately bring back the warp speed brutality. This is one of the handful of songs that we worked on while stranded in Holland for 12 days. Brings back strange memories of experimenting with a 5 piece.

Paul Ryan: I always wanted to do something really heavy and draw the listener in and then explode back out with a really quick riff. Short and sick like!

Mike Flores: Super catchy followed immediately by crazy. Fun at first but then it starts to hurt.

3. Conceiving Death
John Longstrength: The final song of the opening trilogy of Entity. This song incorporates classic ORIGIN death grind, break downs, a really bizarre punch section and some black metal thrown in at the end JUST to make sure all the bases are covered.

Paul Ryan: About as brutal as you can get on this one for me. Mike & I split up the lyrics/vocal patterns on this one. I wrote the solo w a little IRON MAIDEN harmony at the tail end for fun!

4. Swarm
John Longstrength: Classic meat n’ potatoes ORIGIN. Short and sweet. This is the first song Paul and I worked on in my living room with padded drums and a POD plugged into my stereo.

Paul Ryan: In your face ORIGIN. Fast swarming guitars!”

The band’s latest released was their 2008 effort titled “Antithesis,” released via Relapse Records.

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Origin make vocalist switch to Jason Keyser

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 3:45 PM (PST)

Origin Band PictureTechnical metal band Origin has announced a new singer before embarking on their summer tour. Ex-Skinless frontman Jason Keyser will pick up the vocal duties where James Lee and Mica Meneke left off. The band is supporting release on the 2008 album “Antithesis” off of Relapse Records.

Click here for tour dates with Hate Eternal and Vital Remains!

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