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 .The wrongs I committed to support my addiction…I paid for in mental scars that I can never wipe from my mind. All I can do is make sure, every day, that I never, ever make the decision to bring that awful garbage back into my life to ensure that I never have to see or experience anything like that ever again. And through being of service to people who are in the shoes I used to be in today, maybe I can use these awful experiences as a deterrent for others to stop before they go through the hell I experienced.

…I did not “kill” my girlfriend. I did not “use” with my girlfriend. And I certainly did EVERYTHING I could to save her when I found her….but it was just too late. – Blake Judd

We talk about mental health stuff briefly after a celebrity dies and the rest of the time try to ‘trigger’ one another with memes. No wonder some people choose to drop out of society any which way they can. Not that every conversation in life needs to be “are you ok?”, but generally it seems rites of separation are more commonplace than a gathering of those with allegiance to forging deeper opportunities in metal to make the extremity mean bonds, healing and conversation .  At live shows I usually see unity for the most part amongst metal crowds. Though cynicism might mainly be in the world of online trolls, it is good to address stuff head on rather than in the self churning bowels of the comments sections of metal sites and Facebook at times.

I just saw Katie Von Schleicher live in a small venue and was taken out of my daily stress and into a reflective moment, moved by the soulful music. Life is such a fast house of mirrors sometimes and we shine in some and stumble through others, cutting ourselves and fragmenting in the eyes of those around us. Sometimes the process is completely painful and other times it leads us to seeing ourselves differently or more completely as shards are swept up.

Blake Judd is back with a very unexpected EP called Resilient.  They have signed a new 2 album global deal with a new home that includes the Resilient EP as well. Full announcement in late August / early September, but the Resilient EP achieves Blake’s goal of creating an album experience in 3 songs. I have heard it and longtime fans will be thrilled with the variety. Early darker experimental black metal is paired with some of the deepest places you have heard different incarnations of the band go to yet, but as a logical extension of where things left off on the previous few releases.


All photos courtesy of Nachtmystium.

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“Everyone is your enemy Everyone’s your friend. Every possible series of
events is happening all at once,” says Aidan Gillen (Pertyr Baelish) on Game Of Thrones at one point this season. I’m starting off this first post on the site about Nachtmystium in a few years with this quote because I always believe there can be many potential outcomes to a story or at least believe in rehabilitation. I also believe people can change but that sometimes they really hurt one another along the way and that often healing never happens.

I guess what I am trying to say is we all have the capacity to really let one another down or to choose a different path.

I didn’t cover a lot of Blake Judd’s near death spiral, robbing of fans and months spent homeless much the past few years. We had been pretty good friends at one point and regularly communicated during the middle to end stages of The World We Left Behind album. It really was a big bummer, as someone who kicked dope a long time ago but knows how wretched and self-erasing an addiction it can be, when I learned that my friend had bottomed out worse than ever. One of the last times I had talked to him he needed money and wanted to sell some artwork and I mentioned it to a popular occult artist friend of mine in Chicago, which never happened. But in hindsight for awhile felt really lousy wondering if it had been a hustle on Blake’s part, especially since he had never wronged me but I had learned he had obviously wronged others.

I also am friendly with some of his former Twilight band mates who had some major static with him towards the end of his tenure with the band and at other points. I’d never want to willfully upset those dudes as I love Stavros from Atlas Moth and we have met in person and get along pretty well. I also like Neill from Krieg who has arguably had the biggest rift with Blake and who was very kind to me with some good advice when I was not drinking for a few years around the time my dad passed. We communicate every so often and I have been loving the shit out of the Poison Blood record.

More below.

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Josh Eppard of Weerd Science/Coheed & Cambria (pic by Catharina Christiana)

Josh Eppard of Weerd Science/Coheed & Cambria (pic by Catharina Christiana)

Don’t take your health, friends or family for granted. Ever.

The following is an op ed of sorts which includes personal music scene memories of the last 20 years, memories of my father Tom Vink-Lainas who just passed away from Cancer and struggled with smoking  cigs and drinking decades of his life. It also touches on Blake Judd, Coheed And Cambria , Bad Brains, UNITY and why PMA is so important. It is mainly about the Kingston, NY and Woodstock, Ny region music scene I came up in (I’ve sung for like 9 bands since 1993). Hopefully it can help heal some people (myself included).

Click HERE for more.

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Album Review: Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 12:04 AM (PST)


Nachtmystium‘s The World We Left Behind is going to fly over people’s heads, but not for lack of scrutiny on their parts. I could make a bad joke and say it will fly over heads because the guy who wrote it was really fuckin’ high a lot, but…it’s truly because it can’t be properly accessed in a context of snark or outcry at the “Blake Judd” controversies surrounding the record. The addict struggling to be clean, in the true throes of a bottoming out, is in a desperate vertiginous hell. It is like being underwater and being (to name drop a great Albany, Ny band) Surrounded By Teeth.

The essence of the looming pressure to make a final Nachtmystium record was very real. The outcry over Blake’s handling of money from the public as well as angry former band mates (who say they will never work with him again) was a very palpable thing. It’s interesting that Jeff Wilson’s Wolvhammer have made the killer black metal album, Clawing Into Black Sun, that many people wish had been The World We Left Behind. I did the first interview on this record awhile before the arrest scandal broke, for Metal Riot.

Judd was in great spirits then…about getting his life on track and working with the musicians who he had found to be in TWWLB-era line up. I also spoke extensively with Blake during the cold winter while this album was coming together.My own life was falling apart at this time and a lengthy relationship. Blake and I ended up deeply discussing addiction , stress and and personal goals in our lives, friends we missed and other cool matters from trivial to deadly serious.

I believe he was being genuine during that time.

Click HERE to read more.

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Nachtmystium has had some very valuable contributors over the years, but is still at the end of the day Blake Judd’s baby. That said, though I love every era of the troubled black metal band, the latest pending (and final) Nachtmystium album The World We Left Behind is going to destroy pretty much everything in front of and behind it. The record is that good. All drama and controversy surrounding the band aside. it is the best thing Blake has ever had his name (or any alias) on. I was lucky to hear most of it months ago (thanks Blake. Eternal horns for that)…and it is simply a future classic, a landmark of cathartic pain and a humbling yet powerfully bold end to the band’s long quest for meaning amidst nihilism.

The nine song album is set for release on August 5th in North America and August 4th in Europe/Australia/New Zealand via Century Media Records.

Click HERE for track listing.

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Nachtmystium calls it quits

Posted by flixdestroyer on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 3:11 PM (PST)

nachtmystium-every-last-dropAfter thirteen years and seven full length albums, Chicago psychedelic black metallers, Nachtmystium have called it a day.  Frontman, Blake Judd released a statement on Facebook today announcing the band’s breakup which you can read below.

Click here to read Judd’s statement.




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Nachtmystium’s frontman arrested for theft.

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, October 11, 2013 at 10:40 AM (PST)

Nachtmystium logoFrontman Blake Judd of Chicago’s black metal band Nachtmystium was arrested on Saturday, October 5, 2013 according to Cook County Sheriff’s Department of Corrections for theft “not exceeding $500” the charge can carry a prison sentence of “less than a year.” His bail has been set at $25,000 and his court date is set for today.  No word as of yet how this will effect the bands upcoming tour dates.


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531971_287508221382946_1557542076_nI’ve heard some amazing music this year, from Across Tundras dusty and wistful Electric Relics to the mystical, fuckin’ sexy Purson psych rock album The Circle And The Blue Door, but only a few great new Black Metal records (Horns high to you, Watain). When it comes to BM, I nowadays prefer the weirdo American psychedelic Nachtmystium strand to some of the more strictly Euro flavors (except maybe the Bathory worship of the awesome Ereb Altor). I’d heard Nachtmystium founder Blake Judd was recording new shit at Belle City Sound in Wisconsin and was fuck all tired of waiting to find out more.

So…I’d interviewed Blake Judd for this site once before for Addicts and brazenly got the idea to personally write him and ask if he’d like to give us at Metal Riot an in studio report on what Nachtmystium are up to. Not only does the Nacht-meister agree but he fucking does the coolest thing ever and lets me hear incomplete tracks for the record! It was a board mix with flat EQ from the first of two sessions until the band returns from recess and track more guitars, vocals and synths, but it is already better than many of the finished records I’ve heard this year.

Dissonance fills the material but the songs are really charged and powerful, ranging from second wave nodding BM fury to eccentric side steps into hell. Even with a shit board reference mix the distorted bass already rumbles like pounding hooves shaking the earth and the drums snap with life and pocket, loose and human in feel yet tightly executed. Where did Blake find these dudes?! As for Judd, his relentless guitar riffs are morose yet darkly comforting (in an unsettling way, haha), delivered with the attack that makes Nachtmystium so much more memorable than many “peers”.

“Considering that I wrote this entire record myself with only a little input from the other two members on this record, I had a lot of pressure on me to create a lot of music in a short period of time,” says Judd. “It actually worked out to be a very good thing as this type of pressure really helps me perform and write at the best level of my abilities.”

If you’ve been listening to recent rumors…no, Nachtmystium are obviously not over. Blake has been writing amazing new shit and has a freshly overhauled line-up of the band ready to go. After a year off from gigging, Nachtmystium are going to return in force very soon. I can’t wait to hear this album when it is all finished and catch the new version live.

Un-holy shit! Click HERE to read the full interview.

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Nachtmystium announces they will be entering the studio

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 11:11 AM (PST)

Nachtmystium logoChicago based black metal outfit Nachtmystium have announced that they will be entering the studio shortly. Frontman Blake Judd gives a lot of details about it in the quote after the link but the album will be a follow-up to the bands 2012 album Silencing Machine.

Click here to read statements by the band.

In case you are too lazy to read the full text the album will consist of Blake Judd, John Porada of Terminate on bass and Sam Shroyer from Hate Meditation and Vitandus on drums and will be recorded at Belle City Sound by Chris Wisco.

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Nachtmystium reschedules tour

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 9:28 AM (PST)

Nachtmystium logoIllinois black metal band Nachtmystium have announced that they will be postponing their upcoming tour due to a “family emergency.” It looks like all but the last four East Coast tour dates have been cancelled at this time.

You can read an official statement from the band here:

“Nachtmystium, regretfully, has to reschedule its upcoming US tour due to an unavoidable family emergency. The band (and Nachtmystium co-horts Lord Mantis) will still be able to perform the last four dates of the tour on the east coast, but all other dates will be rescheduled for the near future. Nachtmystium apologizes to all the fans and promoters as this was an unavoidable circumstance and we wish that things were different. However, we are beyond excited to come play for you soon. To those fans who will still be able to see us in November, we can’t wait to destroy your eardrums. See you soon!”

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New Music: Nachtmystium – “Silencing Machine”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 6:14 AM (PST)

Chicago black metal group Nachtmystium have released the title track and second single from their upcoming album Silencing Machine.  The record is set for a July 31, 2012 release via Century Media and is the band’s sixth full length release.

You can click here to check out “Silencing Machine.”

Silencing Machine is reportedly going to be a bit of a return to form for Nachtmystium in the sense that it will be much closer to the traditional black metal of their earlier records and less of the psychedelic black metal fusion of their last two.  If you’d like to check out the first single from the album called “As Made” you can find it right here.

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Chicago black metallers, Nachtmystium, have released a new song entitled “As Made,” off their upcoming album “Silencing Machine.” “As Made” is the first single to be released and the new album will be the band’s third with their current label.

To check out the new song click here.

“Silencing Machine” will be released May 15th through Century Media.

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Nachtmystium announce recording of new album “Silencing Machine”

Posted by SeanB on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 9:15 AM (PST)

Nachtmystium logoChicago psychedelic black metal band Nachtmystium have recently announced that they have entered the studio to begin recording their new album titled, Silencing Machine. The album is scheduled for release on July 31, 2012 under Century Media Records.  Although the band has worked with Century Media in the past, this is their first release through their new worldwide deal.

Nachtmystium have really evolved their sound from straight up black metal to a much more experimental or even psychedelic sound on the past few albums and this recording session should be no exception to that pattern.  You can read an excerpt from an interview with the frontman here.

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Nachtmystium Signs Worldwide Deal with Century Media

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, February 3, 2012 at 9:52 AM (PST)

Nachtmystium logoChicago black metal quintet Nachtmystium have signed a deal with Century Media. The band has worked with Century Media previously on their past two albums Assassins: Black Meddle Pt. 1 in 2008 and Addicts: Black Meddle Part II in 2010.It would appear that the band and label have a good working relationship as is evidenced by guitarist and vocalist Blake Judd’s quote which you can read here.

Founding member Blake Judd had this to say:

“We are very excited and honoured to be working with Century Media, a label who over the years has showcased a ferocious dedication to extreme music. Grave, Tiamat, Samel and countless other bands active in the early ’90s were some of the first bands to inspire us endlessly to create our own metal music. We anticipate a great working relationship and hope to embark on a joint ascension to metal superiority together!”

If you want to catch the band live you can see them at the Roadburn festival on April 13 in Tilburg, Holland and later on their European tour starting April 17 with Dark Fortress. The current tour dates can be seen here.

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Nachmystium induct new bassist, Reid Raley, completing band lineup

Posted by Lucas Riot on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 10:29 AM (PST)

Nachtmystium logoChicago black metal assassins Nachmystium officially announced that recently recruited full-time bassist, Reid Raley of Rwake/Deadbird has been welcomed into the ranks of the band.

 Aside from founding guitarist/vocalist and only permanent member, Blake Judd, Nachtmystium have grown in popularity over the past decade incorporating temporary lineups from release to release, and presenting a new set of musicians for nearly every tour the band has embarked on. Over recent months, Judd has recruited several other full-time members including lead guitarist Andrew Markuszewski (Avichi, Lord Mantis), drummer Charlie Fell (Lord Mantis, Avichi), and keyboard/synth engineer Sanford Parker (Minsk, Circle Of Animals), now solidifying the crew with the addition of Reid Raley on bass, making this the first “official lineup” for the band, ever.

Stated Judd and Nachmystium on Raley joining the band: “Nachtmystium, for the first time in the band’s history as a full-time touring band, has a solid live lineup that matches the studio lineup. We intend to move forward and keep this group together indefinitely. It’s taken 10 years to put together the perfect band, and now we’ve got it. So watch for us on the road starting in June and throughout the rest of the year! We anticipate that Reid’s presence will not only bring a thunderous low-end onslaught on the live stage, but also will hopefully bring in some new elements into the writing of future Nachtmystium recordings.”

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