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Mayhem’s famed vocalist Attila Csihar has been on some of my favorite records but I shouldn’t be surprised he is sharing transphobic imagery given he is in a band with noted unapologetic shit troll Hellhammer (who has never walked back “adequately” numerous super fucked up racist or homophobic comments over the years). Sorry you think dressing like an evil tree is somehow more valid than actual gender identity.

The meme he shared is of some chud with a shirt that says- “Transvaccinated- I am not actually vaccinated but I identify as someone who is vaccinated”. Csihar shared it in the context of being detained in Norway because of some quarantine rules and saying it is the New World Order.

First of all, it is a total false equivalency and secondly trans people don’t deserve to be stigmatized by people who don’t understand sex and gender are both a spectrum and that viruses evolve around vaccines if given room to grow.

I believe in giving people a chance to improve in society but it is super discouraging as a trans person to see people just not give a flying fuck about the harm they are causing us. I even ended up defending myself from friends of his in the metal scene like Kim Dylla saying I was bringing my politics into a post and ignoring what her friend Atilla wrote about his situation. WELL…the issue is also that regardless of one’s stance on his “situation” he paired HIS POLITICS with a transphobic as fuck meme, so gaslighting me about it doesn’t change that photo which I can see with my own two eyes.

Even Shane from fucking Napalm Death liked dude’s post. WTAF. I feel like throwing up. I am so fucking bummed out.

And for the transphobic trolls who want to make an “own two eyes” joke here…read this and this and this.

Glad at least Cattle Decapitation and Vile Creature members and a few others besides just me told him the post was shite.

As Emma Watson notes , “Trans people are who they say they are.”

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A rare happy moment of human connection in ‘Lords of Chaos’

I interviewed Black Sabbath’s most underappreciated vocalist, the great Tony Martin once years ago. A real thrill. I forget the exact question, something about reconciling the more evil songs with the ones with subtle Christian themes or something. I remember Tony taking the wind out of my sails like a pro and sort of gently needling me with the common sense revelation that a lot of heavy metal is theater. This doesn’t mean that some people don’t live it to the fullest (the proper way to do so being highly debated daily since forever across sub-genres) and that it isn’t a genuine source of being able to work out dark and light feelings and to suss out solutions for yourself that hopefully aren’t ‘suicide solutions’, etc.

I saw two movies last night amidst a snowstorm on Fandango Now (a pretty great service). Jonas Akerlund’s take on the controversial Lords of Chaos and the somewhat slept on, but I thought fucking fantastic, Mary Queen Of Scots (2018). Both took some historical liberties – LOC glosses over the singers before Dead and the Deathcrush-era to get to meatier terrain and Mary Queen Of Scots fabricates an incredible in person meeting between Mary and Elizabeth that I wish really happened and (plausibility points to the writer) Elizabeth DOES tell Mary never to speak of it, so who knows? Both also feature violent stabbing scenes of a queer person. I was expecting it in Lords Of Chaos and the movie makes it very graphic, disturbing and not lightly glossed over – thankfully. You know at that point beyond a doubt that part of the souls of these people are very broken. David Rizzio in Mary Queen Of Scots came as a shock since I had forgotten about him historically. Like, fuckin’ hell, another poor murdered innocent for the sake of sick designs?!

Look, I think it is fine Lords Of Chaos is a movie. I was against it at some points but as edgelordery under Trump is worse than ever and there are no sacred cows generally worthy of enabling any cult of personality from critique, fuck it. It was a milestone time period in metal so why shouldn’t it be examined? The thrust though is will it seem apologist and MTV stuff that was meant to be less palatable or fast edit flashy and romanticized or would it have some bite and objectively show the shittiness of a lot of what happened? Thankfully, I liked a lot more about it than I disliked. The cast did an excellent job with what they were handed and as Jonas told Decibel recently ,”There’s a lot of things we’re not supposed to do, but black metal bands break those rules every day. They all sell merchandise; they all do gigs; they all have Instagram…”

It’s funny, I remember when X-Men became a movie everyone wondered if Wolverine would wear yellow spandex. Some things that look cool in comic books can look very dorky in movies with live-action. A corpse-painted dude trying to look vampiric under a dead tree is much the same, looking pretty cool on a badly reproduced lo fi record sleeve but generally funny in broad daylight. This film certainly wins at showing how the scene’s members one upmanship could only insulate them so long from realizing they weren’t bad asses and actually had some real fucked up insecurities as people, no matter how cool the music was. They also, underneath it all, were kind of dorky and trying to seem cool, like any group of young rockers.

One of the best scenes is a post-jail Varg (played very well by Emory Cohen the whole movie as an ego wounded insecure kid who nonetheless does major harm trying to find validation while pretending otherwise and makes you really dislike him…going from being bullied to being the worst, smug self-serving piece of shit) yelling at Euronymous as played by Rory Culkin. Culkin really carries a lot of the film, and in this scene he tells Varg he made up a lot of stuff about never touring and being as evil as possible to basically drum up marketing buzz. Varg is still seemingly scarred for life that Euronymous shamed him initially for having a Scorpions patch once and so it feels like his life mission is to become more kvlt now, the never ending bottomless quest of every true edge lord.

First, I wanna say fuck VICE for firing so many brilliant writers lately. They backed this film. Nonetheless, while the pacing (much like Mary Queen of Scots, actually) rushes very fast sometimes through historical events for the sake of modern attention spans, a lot of it resonated with me, despite the flaws. An imperfect vessel, perhaps. I don’t think I could have made it better, though. And Sky Ferreira, for all the shit talk people gave her for being casted, was fucking great.

It’s disturbing at one point to see Sky’s character get bullied by Cohen into stripping for him and Rory’s characters, showing the weak sexism and desperation that hides behind what a lot of people in metal find to be transgressive. Knowing also how much Sky values her own agency as a woman, it was pretty emotionally effective seeing her deal with internalized misogyny in the black metal circles but end up being probably the best anchoring voice of reason in Euronymous’ life later in the film. We stan (looking forward to Masochism and also thank you for being kind to my gf Globelamp recently).

Anyway, I have a lot of thoughts.

More Below.

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The Oslo Public Library, Norway’s oldest and largest literary institution, has recognized and praised Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen‘s monumental METALION: The Slayer Mag Diaries (ISBN 978-0979616341, Bazillion Points Books) as a “unique and important” book in Norwegian history and culture.

Get the book HERE.

Oslo librarian Terje Haugsgjerd writes: “Which is the heaviest book published in Norway the past few years? No, it’s not [Karl Ove] Knausgård’s My Struggle even if the title would be a fitting one for this book too. The book in question is Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries. The period is depicted from the point-of-view of the author and paints a personal, but certainly non romanticizing, picture of an astonishingly creative period in Norwegian metal, a period that was also dangerous and controversial with its murders, suicides and church burnings.”

“In short, this is, for me, a unique Norwegian book, both physically with all its kilos, but especially for its content. In one hundred years, this will be a book about what once was.”

Comments Jon Kristiansen: “From the start, I made Slayer Mag as honestly and as well as I could. I never knew any other way. I hope that I have produced something that will stand the test of time.”

In 756 pages, METALION unravels thirty years of underground metal history, centered on the unique Norwegian black metal music scene of which author Kristiansen was a central figure. The book includes reproduction pages from every issue of the Slayer Mag metal fanzine, spanning from the early 1980s through 2010. In addition, Kristiansen recounts his personal experiences in tumultuous “diary” section.

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Mayhem stream “Esoteric Warfare”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 8:16 PM (PST)


Legendary Norwegian black metal pioneers MAYHEM are streaming the band’s forthcoming new album, ‘Esoteric Warfare’ with Pitchfork. While not my favorite line up of the band sans Blasphemer, this record has some great, if not their most forward thinking, black metal tracks.

MAYHEM will see the release of ‘Esoteric Warfare’ on June 10th in North America. The album will be available as a CD, Limited Edition box set, and various Lp formats here.

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Mayhem stream new song “Psywar” via Decibel

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 7:57 PM (PST)


Black metal legends Mayhem have finally returned with “Psywar”, the controversial group’s first new song in seven years. Everybody is posting about it today and what kind of metal site would we be if MR didn’t chime in with praise? While musical genius Rune is still missed on guitar (there’s always Aura Noir), the new track really burns and has one of those spooky ass Atilla as dying poetic goblin from hell atmospheric bridge sections we know and love.

Click HERE to listen to “Psywar”, streaming now via Decibel.

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This is pretty crazy shit right here.  Anyone who knows anything about the Norwegian black metal scene in the early 90’s knows about the suicides, murders, and extensive church burnings.  If you don’t, do your research.  Two good places to start are the book, Lords Of Chaos and the movie Until The Light Takes Us. Anyways, this pertains to the infamous suicide of Mayhem singer Per “Dead” Ohlin in April 1991.  It has been widely reported that the band’s founding guitarist Euronymous made necklaces from pieces of the skull after finding Dead…well, dead, in his room.  Dead’s suicide became the stuff of black metal legend. Euronymous also reportedly took several pictures of the body and allegedly sent one to the owner of Warmaster Records in Colombia, who then used it as the cover of the bootleg live Mayhem album Dawn Of The Black Hearts.

So it turns out that the guitarist Morgan Håkansson from legendary black metal band Marduk claims to own piece of Dead’s skull and brain matter.  Whoa.  Seriously?  He was quoted in a recent interview with Loudwire and seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.

To read the entire set of quotes from the interview click here.

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Metal Movie Moments: Until The Light Takes Us

Posted by jessepac on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 9:30 PM (PST)

Until The Light Takes UsSome of the best music from the world of metal has influenced some of the best movies ever made. From the classics to the most brutal new additions in the metal cinematic pantheon, Metal Riot is here to suggest some of the best movies that feature metal, are about metal musicians, or feature a metal moment. Going beyond just the soundtrack, we hope to show you selections from the metal movie library that every metal fan needs to see. Metalheads love movies too, so let’s take a look at some Metal Movie Moments!

Our very first installment may be the most brutal metal documentary ever made and its final images will reside in your brain for years. Click here to read all about it…if you dare!

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Bergen Norway’s Hole in the Sky Festival has announced the final chapter of the festival with a “Big Four” line-up of their own, adding Immortal, Satyricon, Mayhem and Enslaved to the bill.

A press announcement states: There’s a saying that all good things must come to an end. For twelve years we’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of our favorite artists, shared some incredible metal moments with fans coming from all over the world, and worked with some of the best in the scene. Twelve years is a long time and we’ve always invested a lot of time and effort in making the festival the best it possible can be and never compromise. Hole in the Sky has been a thing we’ve taken great pride in and it would be a very sad thing to let the festival suffer due to other commitments and responsibilities that comes along as you get older, so basically we want go out on a high note when we still feel inspired and on top of the game. Mind you, we will go out in a spectacular fashion. Read more

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Season of Mist announces Nader Sadek album, tracklist, and artwork

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 1:53 PM (PST)

Nader Sadek PictureExtreme metal label Season of Mist has announced the debut album of Nader Sadek, Egyptian-born designer and metal artist. Formerly the stage designer for Mayhem’s US tour in 2009, Sadek has joined forces with some ex-Mayhem and Morbid Angel members, as well as current Cryptopsy drummer Flo Mounier, to create his own metal project.

Here is Sadek on his first album and working with his new bandmates:

“We created a monstrous machine of an art piece that I believe will shock the senses and open people’s minds. The hybrid of influences is by far one of the most unique works to have come out in recent memory. Flo’s attack resembles machinery inside a tank on a battlefield, while still being able to lucratively reproduce the sound of hive of knives swarming and tearing skin to vapor. Each hit and bang is strategically and intelligently placed. Building on top are the mind bending guitars of Rune (Eriksen), which quickly stab razor-like, shredding the inner layers of the skin with palm muted aggression and psychopathic minor chords, creating a sculpture of flesh and metallic bone. Flowing into the bloodstream of this skeleton immortal life is injected though the burning voice of a god, Steve (Tucker) performs with aggression and anger unheard before. I am truly proud of this creation and grateful to my new brothers. I cannot wait for it to be unleashed onto the world!”

Click here for the tracklisting and album art and check out his official Facebook for a taste of the new album!

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In an exclusive statement to, Mayhem vocalist Atilla has revealed Norwegian guitarist Teloch has joined their ranks:

“Mayhem have decided to step forward and invite Teloch into the Mayhem Brotherhood, replacing Silmaeth on guitars. Teloch is a long-time friend and a great guitarist. Mayhem would like to thank Silmaeth for his full dedication towards the band for the last two years, we wish him all success in his musical career!”

Teloch adds: “After many years in the Norwegian metal scene, doing all sorts of extreme metal in numerous bands, I finally hit the bulls-eye and joined my old friends in Mayhem!”

Current Mayhem line-up:


Confirmed dates in 2011:

February 26 – Strømstad, Sweden
March 5 – Jessheim, Norway
March 11 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 12 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
March 13 – Curitaba, Brazil
March 14 – Porto Alegre, Brazil
April 22 – Lisboa, Portugal
April 23 – Porto, Portugal
June 17 – Hellfest, France
June 18 – Copenhell Festival, Denmark
July 12 – Metal Camp, Slovenia

TBA – Wacken Open Air, Germany
TBA – Brutal Assault, Czech Republic
TBA – Istanbul’s Unirock Open Air Festival, Turkey

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Marduk announce Swedish tour dates

Posted by Geoffy-Dee on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 2:40 PM (PST)

Black metallers Marduk have announced two Swedish tour dates for the summer of 2011. A press release from the bands label, Regain Records stated:

“On this sea of rats shall we set our throne! With delight we can hereby announce 2 Swedish shows for the upcoming year. First of Marduk will be appear in Strömstad on February the 26th together with Mayhem and Nifelheim. Dont miss out on that very special event. In July Marduk will perform at the Getaway Rock Open Air festival in Gävle(Swe). The event is taking place between the 7-9 of July.”

This years lineup for the Getaway Rock Open Air Festival will also feature: Immortal, Death Angel and Entombed, amongst others.

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Mayhem confirm appearance at Wacken 2011

Posted by Lucas Riot on Monday, September 20, 2010 at 9:17 PM (PST)

Mayhem - Wacken 2011Black metal legends Mayhem have confirmed they will be performing at Wacken 2011 Open Air Festival.  The band last played the German festival in 2004.  Other bands confirmed so far are Airbourne, Apocalyptica, Avantasia, Blind Guardian, and Suicidal Tendencies

The Wacken festival began back in 1990 and has grown to become one of heavy metal’s largest and most respected festivals.  It takes place annually in the small town of Wacken in northern Germany.  During the 3 day festival concert goers typically camp on the grounds of the festival and revel in an aural assault from more than 70 bands from around the world.

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