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Guitarist and bassist leave Dawn of Ashes, announce new project ALAL

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 3:28 PM (PST)

The extreme stylings of LA’s Dawn of Ashes has been neutered just slightly, with guitarist Volkar Kael and bassist Othuum departing. Both members have formed the new project dubbed ALAL, dedicated to bringing you “a brutal assault of metal mastery and melodic melancholy.”

Here is the officla announcement, from the band’s Facebook page:

“Fans, Friends, Vile,

Our time with Dawn Of Ashes has been quite a ride. Writing and performing for you has been such a reward. However it is time that we moved on to other ventures. It is with no ill blood that we depart from DOA, we simply no longer feel we share the same vision or views as the other half of what was Dawn Of Ashes. We will be continuing to make music for you, and hope that many of you, including our “Vile” will follow. We take this time now to announce our new project “ALAL.” ALAL is the combined vision and sound of Volkar Kael and Othuum. The word “ALAL” is Sumerian for “Destroyer” which is most fitting for what we will be bringing your way.

Thank you for all of your support, and we hope to see many of you spreading the word for things to come!”

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Dawn of Ashes set to release “Farewell to the Flesh” EP on Valentine’s Day

Posted by jessepac on Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 12:25 PM (PST)

If your sweetheart is into black metal with an edge to it, Dawn of Ashes and Metal Blade Records have the perfect thing for this Valentine’s Day. Farewell to Flesh is the first EP from the Los Angeles shock horror band, following up 2010’s full-length Genocide Chapters. The band excels in pushing the boundaries of music, both sonically and visually, and often brings a themed show to the live venue unmatched by other bands.

Farewell to the Flesh track listing:

01. Farewell to the Flesh

02. Transformation Within Fictional Mutation (K. Bathory Mix)

03. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space (Falling Skies Mix)

04. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space (Die Sektor Mix)

05. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space (To Mega Therion Mix)

06. Seething the Flesh in the River ov Phlegethon (The Juggernaut Mix)

07. Torture Device Part 2

08. Blood-Shed With the 3rd Eye (Instrumental)

Click here for a teaser video and album art!

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Dawn of Ashes looking for new Fonts and Music Video

Posted by BlairWaterous on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 9:21 AM (PST)

Melodic black metal band, Dawn of Ashes, needs a new font and a new music video. All contestants will have a chance to win a signed prop from the music video “Transformation within fictional mutation”. But be warned, the band will be very picky on who they choose.

So if you think you have an idea for the band, head over to their Myspace page and submit your ideas. The deadline is February 15.

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War From A Harlots Mouth to play SXSW 2011

Posted by Geoffy-Dee on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 12:17 PM (PST)

German Metalcore band  War From a Harlots Mouth have announced they will be playing SXSW 2011 in Germany. They have also announced their “Berlin Angst Tour” which will take place in December 2010 throughout Germany.

SXSW is a multimedia festival which will be celebrating it’s 25th year in 2011. This years lineup also features Whitechapel, Skrillex, Dawn of Ashes and Horse the Band

For a complete list of acts in SXSW 2011, and War From A Harlots Mouth tour dates, Click Here.

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The behind the scenes footage for “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation” can be seen now on episode #15 of Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps over on

Click here to see the music video.

To see the behind the scenes video click here.

Dawn of Ashes shot their new video for “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation” just weeks ago with director David H. Greathouse (special effects master, film director and music video director behind Mushroomhead’s videos). The video was produced by Robert Kurtzman’s (KNB EFX founder, F/X legend, director) Precinct 13, who also handled the special effects. Dawn of Ashes shot on location at the Bissman Building in Mansfield, Ohio, which is widely rumored to be haunted and was recently featured on an episode of the Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters.

“Genocide Chapters”, Dawn of Ashes’ most recent album, released on September 14th on Metal Blade Records and is currently touring North America with Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved and Blood Red Throne which wraps up on December 14th in Quebec City, Canada.

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Dawn of Ashes “Transformation within Fictional Mutation”

Posted by Geoffy-Dee on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 12:54 PM (PST)

Black Metal powerhouse Dawn of Ashes has premiered there new video for “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation” from their newest album “Genocide Chapters” released this November on Metal Blade Records.The video is directed by David H. Greathouse and filmed at the infamous Bissman Building in Ohio.

Dawn of Ashes is currently touring North America with Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved and Blood Red Throne.

To view the video for “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation” Click here

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Dawn of Ashes - Genocide ChapterMetal Blade Records has teamed up with premier horror site Bloody Disgusting to exclusively stream the extreme horror metal act Dawn of Ashes‘ new album, titled “Genocide Chapters,” in its entirety.  You can listen to the full album on Bloody Disgusting by clicking here.  The album is also available for pre-order through the band’s Metal Blade page here.  “Genocide Chapters” is scheduled to be released September 14, 2010. 

For a full track listing click here.

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