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Show Photos: Venom Inc. , Goatwhore at Gramercy (9/2/17)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 5:03 PM (PST)

Our friend Ignacio Orellana over at caught Goatwhore and Venom Inc. (all ex-Venom members who pretty much smoke Cronut’s Venom at this point) performing impressively surly sets to the ravenous Gramercy Theater crowd a few nights back in NYC and was chill enough to send some of the shots with us over here at the Riot of all things METAL.

Check out some highlighted shots BELOW.

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photo by Peter Beste

“Mankind Will Have No Mercy” is the latest single from Goatwhore. New album Vengeful Ascension, set for worldwide release this Friday, June 23rd, via Metal Blade Records.

If you don’t like Goatwhore for some reason you should just leave this site now. They have never made a bad record and basically combine many of the best attributes of real metal into a consistent and world defiling whole. Sammy remains the riff master extraordinaire and are there really that many frontpersons as metal as Ben? We thinketh not. Hail the whore! Give me a G. Give me an O! Give me an A! Give me a T! Nevermind. But really.

Check out the audio menace of “Mankind Will Have No Mercy” at: – where the record can also be pre-ordered.

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On this national day of prayer where we are fucking the poor and sick and pissing on anything holy by allowing Churches to dictate politics and still pay no taxes (much like the very rich), you might as well blast some fucking Goatwhore and point your middle finger at the sky, right?! I for one am psyched as fuck for the latest from one of the most consistent killer acts in metal. Can they top the last two? This is one of the few bands in metal who have only improved with every release and yet the early stuff inverts virgins as well!!

Press Release:

Goatwhore will release their anticipated Vengeful Ascension full-length worldwide on June 23rd via Metal Blade Records. The band’s seventh full-length and second recorded reel-to-reel, Vengeful Ascension was captured at Earth Analog in Tolono, Illinois near Champaign, Illinois with longtime soundman and comrade Jarrett Pritchard (1349, Gruesome), breaking a four-album tradition of working with Erik Rutan.

“Working with Rutan was awesome,” says Goatwhore front-man Ben Falgoust. “We did some great records with him. But you come to a point where you’re like, ‘All right. Let’s try something new.’ It was part of trying to remove ourselves from a comfort zone and a risk thing we needed to take. Plus, we really wanted to hit the essence of where we are live and what better way to harness that than by having our live sound guy involved. Jarrett is knowledgeable with the studio stuff. He also knows how we sound coming out of a PA and we really wanted to get closer to that.”

More below.

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The Black Dahlia Murder announce North American Tour w/ Goatwhore

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 8:45 AM (PST)


Michigan melodic death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder have announced a North American tour.

The Black Dahlia Murder will be touring with Goatwhore, Iron Reagan, Entheos, and Artificial Brain.

The Black Dahlia Murder will be touring in support of their latest album Abysmal.

Check out The Black Dahlia Murder tour dates here.

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Have a Goatwhore Summer!

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 2:26 PM (PST)


The spry lads of Goatwhore will be kicking up cloven hooves and ripping souls out at a stage near you, USA! This Summer the band is in full support mode for Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, which we gave 5 stars!

Dates BELOW (and support bands are fuck nuts awesome!)

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This upcoming European Skeletonwitch jaunt gets a huge Metal Riot/The Golden Child bloody oatmeal bowl of approval. Serpents Unleashed had “Unending, Ever Living” on it which was just about the most epic song Skeletonwitch have ever released. Goatwhore‘s last record got a 5 star review on this site. I’ve been rocking a lot of Mortals recently as well in my down time when not writing about music. It is a band I’ve returned to for enjoyment and my time is limited, if that tells you anything.

Other great news is Skeletonwitch are expecting. A little baby skeletonwitch with a bone rattle? No they are EXPECTING a new record to be released later this year if all goes well. Guitarist Scott Hedrick commented, “After we return from melting faces in Europe, our entire focus will be on writing a new album. We have a mountain of riffs and ideas that will be carved into epic tunes. Excited to get started!”

Tour dates HERE. I’d totes skip the pond to follow this tour if I could afford it.

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“My match with Booker T as the Enforcer for the champ in Spring Valley, NY… Booker punched me in the ear with his rings on. It rang for like 3 hours” – Jym Parrella

Not many punk bands can open a Goatwhore show, but Altercation Records rockers Two Fisted Law recently did just that. The group possess the rare blend of insanity, working class truths and melodic power to capture the attention of most crowds, even grizzled black metaller followers of the ‘Whore. Listen to the Law! The Two Fisted Law!

Did I mention Jym Parrella is also a wrestler? This gets interesting real quick.

Click HERE for George Carlin, Lifetime from NJ, Upstart Fest and much more.

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Hello, all. Listening to Empress A.D. and getting ready for a busy few evenings in a row, but wanted to share some metal pics for your weekend to get you in the show going mood.

Goatwhore erupted from the bowels of Cerebus to bring their hot off the presses Contricting Rage Of The Merciless might to The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. It was a great line-up that featured a fair variety of bands, including a punk band Two Fisted Law (who are rowdy and ideal for a working class bar bash). We’ve got photos of two of the bands, masseurs G’whore and Poughkeepsie’s own forces of destructive rebirth, The Begotten. You may remember them as a band spotlight on our site awhile back).

Check out photog Matt Slater’s photos HERE. Hail beyond hells!!!

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Interview: Goatwhore – Never Say Die

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 1:53 PM (PST)


Extreme metal in general is kind of a minority within metal. When I say extreme I mean death metal, thrash metal, black metal. Even though people know of it, it’s still lower on the scale. Within it, you’re always trying to fight to maintain and get things going. At some point you feel like an animal locked in a cage or in a corner, and you’re either gonna curl up in a ball or come out clawing and tear through everything. – Ben Falgoust

I have been looking at summer festivals and noticing the sad trend continuing of EDM that has been co-opted by the Lowest Common Denominator of Bro step/jock dub/rape raves combined with bad jam band shit plus a few indie bands and some so so hip hop tacked on to please the Pitchfork crowd. I’d rather go, ironically, to heavy metal or black metal shows where people are actually courteous and smart (hahaha)! How crazy is that? But you hear from most people in the music business about how metal bands are often the most down to earth motherfuckers. That is definitely the case with New Orleans’ mighty Goatwhore, one of the hardest working and heaviest bands in metal since their inception in ’97.

The band’s latest is Constricting Rage Of The Merciless, which we gave a full 5 star review. The band have potentially never sounded more focused or filthier on this thrash-tastic death trip into a black hole of Hades. It was great to pick the brain of Mr. Ben Falgoust (vocals) as the band gear up to start Summer Slaughter this year. Special thanks on some extra questions from Mucus Barfbag of Dead Witch Walks and Aabeg from Dying Out Flame .

Click HERE for more ‘whore than you can handle.

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I tend to write record reviews with pretty high ratings. This is because I try and go after albums to review that are quality, rather than giving yet more press to unwarranted, second rate bullshit. But trust me, Goatwhore deserve this high rating for Constricting Rage of the Merciless. I challenge anyone to fault my attention to detail on this. I will fight you. That said, I did also give 5 stars to Glorior Belli’s also deserving Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls, so maybe I also have a soft spot for gator humping blackened swamp death. The devil is in the details.

Hard to believe Goatwhore are creeping up on twenty years as a band. I remember well when they first surged onto the scene, like Falgoust’s other outfit Soilent Green, completely rebelling against what you were supposed to be allowed to do in extreme metal. Guitarist Sammy Duet’s post Acid Bath band was a much gruffer and blackened affair, a churning unstoppable beast of spiked bracelets and boiling swamp reeking hellfire smoke whose first two albums are stone cold fucking classics to me.Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun in particular really opened my eyes to more blackened shores of musical thought and philosophy which in turn led me to finally dig backward into Celtic Frost and the storied history of black metal I had always avoided in favor of thrash or industrial music. Ever since I interviewed them years ago in Woodstock, NY (of all places), they sunk their hooks in me deep.

As on recent efforts like the newest release is produced by Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan who has the likes of Ephel Duath, Cannibal Corpse,Agnostic Front and countless more on his resume. His partnership with Goatwhore has yielded them their biggest gains, starting with A Haunting Curse in 2006. This sixth release has a little of everything for the discerning fan, but focuses mainly on the blistering speed of the band. “Externalize This Hidden Savagery” is one of the fastest, pit friendly songs the band have ever written, and continues Falgoust’s tradition of being able to somehow come up with the most metal fucking song names you have ever heard with a straight face. “Reanimated Sacrifice”? Check mate. Seriously, it doesn’t get much more metal than “Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed”, a thrashing number with almost bayou seasoned Feel The Fire type Overkill riffs mixed with Duet’s unmatched control of dark dissonance and a face fucking red hot guitar solo. Goatwhore know exactly what they want to do and always have. Recorded on two-inch analog tape, this record is full of organic power and punch.

Click HERE for more.

Sammy Duet responds to Acid Bath reunion rumors

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, June 6, 2014 at 2:01 PM (PST)


There are probably very few bigger fans of acid bath than myself, and personally I think a reunion with a different bassist could be very cool. I also understand the power of not doing it. That means something. It is the same conundrum with Pantera. Tact.

anyway…until they do reunite, I ride the painted whore…

“In response to the post by ‘Acidbath The Bayou Kid’ on June 3rd, 2014, I’d like to clarify a few things: [Drummer] Jimmy Kyle created that post without prior discussion with [guitarist] Mike Sanchez or myself [guitarist, Sammy Duet]. ACID BATH is not looking for a vocalist. There is no ACID BATH without [late bassist] Audie Pitre, so there will never be ‘new’ ACID BATH material.

Currently, most of the surviving members of ACID BATH — Jimmy, Mike, and myself — have been considering the possibility of doing some shows in the future, as an ACID BATH tribute band, but nothing has been set in stone, and it is still just an idea. Unfortunately, [vocalist] Dax Riggs declines to be a part of such a tribute. We respect Dax and his decision.

If we decide to put together an ACID BATH tribute band, the vocalist will be carefully chosen, but it is way too early to discuss choosing a vocalist at this time.

I’d like to thank the loyal, diehard ACID BATH fans for their years of support, not just while ACID BATH was together, but for supporting us in all of our individual music projects.” — Sammy Duet (goatwhore)

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Summer Slaughter announces line-up

Posted by longhairedpoet on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 7:03 PM (PST)


Summer Slaughter is bringing back the heavy in 2014.

Summer Slaughter was arguably the heaviest national tour that tears across North America until the Decibel Magazine Tour started last year.

And in a year when Mayhem Festival is bringing Cannibal Corpse and Warped Tour is bringing Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin Ash Avildsen and co. seemed to have stepped up their game.

With bands like death metal stalwarts Morbid Angel, the brutal Dying Fetus and the relentless Goatwhore, Summer Slaughter is prepared to thrash and pillage this summer.

Check out the full line-up as well as comments from Morbid Angel’s David Vincent here.

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Metal Alliance Tour 2014 kicks off Friday!

Posted by longhairedpoet on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 5:21 PM (PST)


The Metal Alliance Tour is hitting the road for it’s fourth annual bout of extreme metal.

The most exciting part of the Metal Alliance Tour here on North American soil will be the presence of Behemoth!

Also smashing faces, melting brains and generally causing mayhem will be the relentless Goatwhore, 1349, Inquisition and Black Crown Initiate.

Check out the tour dates here.

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At times I listen to Goatwhore and think “Am I too negative? Is this a bit dark?” and then I think ,” No. This is just completely awesome.”

While I have never been as moved by Goatwhore’s music as any Acid Bath material like “Dead Venus Blue” or “13 Fingers”, my life has greatly benefited from Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun‘s brilliant and heady black murk. Or from seeing the band destroy years ago at the Joyous Lake in Woodstock, Ny with my friend’s Cirrhosis opening. A show John The Baker from Fucktard and Slimy Penis Breath/Instant Asshole helped book with our friend CJ. Good times. Also remember Ben walking around Relapse Contamination Fest at Trocadero one year while he was recuperating and being cool enough to give me a press quote even though we didn’t have a scheduled interview. Soilent Green and Goatwhore have always stood out and been loved, ever since Gia from Crisis got me into Soilent by always rocking their T-Shirts.

Also, Falgoust did a great tribute to Dave Brockie HERE.

Goatwhore‘s new album, “Constricting Rage of the Merciless,” is scheduled for release in North America on July 8th. Fans who see Goatwhore live on the road as part of the Metal Alliance tour will have the opportunity to reserve their copy of the CD at the band’s merch booth. Those pre-orders will include a special limited edition/exclusive album laminate and and exclusive t-shirt. The ONLY way to get the laminate and t-shirt is through this bundle at the band’s merch booth on tour! The laminates will include unique pre-order codes to enter on-line to have the album shipped right to the buyer’s door upon release of the album! Complete redemption instructions will be printed on the laminate.

Constricting Rage of the Merciless” was recorded with producer Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL. This is Goatwhore‘s fourth studio outing with Rutan at the helm, and to achieve an even more dark and powerful tone on this album, all drums, bass, and rhythm guitars were tracked to 2-inch tape! Fans will hear new music within the next few weeks at

Erik Rutan commented on the recording sessions: “Working with Goatwhore again for our 4th album together was amazing! It is through our experience and established trust and bond in the studio that allowed us to push each other to the limits, only to achieve the best performances and tones we could. This album came out so dynamic and huge, partly due to the fact that we recorded drums, bass, and main rhythm guitars to analog tape. Goatwhore has a massive sound and we all felt recording to analog would be the best way to capture it, giving it a very unique quality and feel, built off of integrity and vibe. This is our finest moment working together and the guys did an incredible job creating and performing all the songs on this record. Goatwhore fans be prepared!”

Prepared. Now please tour near my apartment with Glorior Belli (and Texas Hippie Coalition, hahaha) so I can really swamp hell metal it up.

Tracklisting for the new Goatwhore is BELOW.

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Music Video: Havok -“From The Cradle To The Grave”

Posted by SeanB on Friday, March 29, 2013 at 9:22 AM (PST)

imgresDenver thrash maniacs Havok have released a new music video for their song “From The Cradle To The Grave.”  The video was filmed by Roy Warner in Detroit during the band’s recent tour with Skeletonwitch, and the song is taken from their EP called Point Of No Return and released under Candlelight Records.

To check out the video click right here.

When asked about the lyrics and theme of “From The Cradle To The Grave,” Havok vocalist/guitarist Dave Sanchez stated:

‘From The Cradle To The Grave’ is about America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. In the late 1800s, in Chicago, Holmes built a hotel specifically with murder in mind. It included doors that opened up to brick walls, staircases that lead to nowhere, and one-way rooms that once you entered, you never came out. He was a religious man and firmly believed that since he was born, the Devil was at his side. That being said, bang your head.”

Havok are about to embark on a short tour with Goatwhore and The Casualties which you can find dates/venues and all the rest for with the video.

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