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Aphelion is the furthest point from the sun, and in this case, the sun could represent anything that we aspire towards, dream of, pursue with passion, heart, fire.– Tom P.

Tom Phillips of While Heaven Wept is capable of writing intense and compelling epic metal that is like Farscape for the human soul. Instead of Moya, we are travelling through songs of the human experience, rich metaphor and aquamarine guitar playing that knows few limits.Prog rock can include anything from House Of Lightning’s mind blowing melodic riff and vocal amalgam of Floor meets Rush to something as different as Veil Of Maya’s Marc Okubo tearing through an intricate metal riff to a classic prog rock album like Selling England By The Pound. We celebrate the spiritual questions of a band like Om with our serious hats on but often dismiss high concept prog influenced records as grandiose. For all the ups and downs in my friendship with the Coheed and Cambria guys over the years, I will admit in a second that In Keeping Secrets… was a great album (perhaps still their best). WHH have been carrying the flame for earnest music for a long time.

Their latest Suspended At Aphelion is a very fleshed out, masterful concept album. How did they come to decide on the themes?

“Well, you’ve got to keep in mind that everything we’ve ever done has been out of personal necessity…to heal, to accept, to move on…and SAA is no exception; despite the imagery and metaphors throughout the discography, everything is based upon real people, events, tribulations, and above all, sincere emotions,” says Tom. “WHW is basically my vehicle for coping with both a lifelong depression and the tragedies, frustrations, chaos in my life. A catharsis so as to lead a “relatively normal” existence outside of the band. Every album pertains to different relationships.”

That said, WHH are also never tied to just one genre. Detract from Queensryche’s more experimental albums like Tribe or Dedicated To Chaos all you like, but they still have merit regardless if they were different from the classic heavy metal sound the band has returned to post-Tate’s vocal reign. Likewise, WHH can be brutal, dizzying or trippy within the same album.

To learn more head out further into space BELOW and may your voyage bring you back home…

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While Heaven Wept are a long running symphonic metal band from Virginia who have made an astonishing new concept album in Suspended at Aphelion. This is the kind of flashy but layered master work that every prog-minded metal act dreams of pulling off, strong songsmithery rapturously focused technical skill and a huge epic sound. The idea of being as far away as possible from the sun before orbit begins back towards warmth is the central metaphor here and the music is up to the huge task. I enjoyed this space journey more than the film Gravity.

Suspended At Aphelion will appeal to fans of Queensryche, Stratovarius, the lighter side of Scar Symmetry harmony driven vocals, The Old Dead Tree or even Protest the Hero’s Fortress. The style of prog here is not what most kids think of these days (BTBAM) but more of a hybrid of prog with classic metal and symphonic power. From the moving piano opening of “Introspectus” to the vocal glow of the amazing “The Memory Of Bleeding” to “Souls In Permafrost” pulling so much from me emotionally like the best fiction, wondering if we someday might have to leave the planet. “The highest of hopes left impossible debts of darkness and pain and deeper regrets/facing our future of paradise lost/interred my soul in permafrost,” sings Rain Irving with beautiful melodic command.

Also a highlight of this album, which really has no bad songs and pitch perfect production for the material, is Jason Lingle’s keyboard work. The keys augment each song so well, setting up real impact which can then be a great platform for Queen-big guitar solos to racing shred moments to “he nailed it” drumming from Mark Zonder.

Anyone looking for a great reason to not stray far from whatever item they consume music with and who loves metal that is less heavy than about huge themes spanning the galaxy should give this a spin. Maybe sci-fi and symphonic metal are escapism but this album has real questions humanity must wrestle with amidst the story and sweeping movements. “Lifelines Lost” will leave you hanging at the very edge, wondering when we will return for home and, perhaps, ecological and spiritual or compassionate redemption. Like The Ocean’s Pelagial it is not scared to go all the way to the farthest reaches to make a big creative point.

How many of you Metal Rioters out there have gone to your local record store of choice and picked up a new metal album solely based on the art that graces its cover? I have found many a hidden gems and a few utter disappointments but there are few things greater in this world than gently cracking open the liner notes for the first time as the smell of ink and paper washes over you.

In the world of iTunes and Pandora, the art form that is the album cover is slowly dying. But we’re here to remind  you that in the world of heavy metal, the art of the album cover is alive and well! So each Tuesday we’ll present to you the best album covers of the week to declare what we all already know – Heavy Metal is art.

So welcome this week’s episode of: KICK ASS ALBUM COVERS OF THE WEEK!!! (insert blistering guitar shred here). We had an awesome showing last week and we would like to congratulate Otep on her most kick ass album cover with last week’s “ATAVIST”. To check out this week’s selections and vote, head on over here.

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While Heaven Wept on German Charts For the First Time

Posted by JDKleinhans on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 10:12 AM (PST)

Virginia’s epic doom metallers While Heaven Wept just released their new epic masterpiece “Fear Of Infinity” and therefore entered the German charts for the first time, on a historical position #98 – right in between Volbeat and German Schlager star Udo Jurgens.

Mainman Tom Philipps comments: “We are absolutely stunned by the news that a tiny American Doom Metal band has managed to land a charting position in the greatest country for Heavy Metal in the world! All we can say is thank you to everyone who has supported us there, from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for listening! We hope we will have the chance to thank each and every one of you personally during our tour with Primordial and Alcest later this month!”

Don’t miss While Heaven Wept on stage. Get your dates here.

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Album Review: While Heaven Wept – “Fear of Infinity”

Posted by JDKleinhans on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 at 1:20 AM (PST)

Many of you may never have heard of While Heaven Wept (WHW), which is a shame and an injustice to a band that has quickly risen to the top of my list. If you’ve ever had the distinct pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with Tom Phillips you’d understand the how and why of the profound emotional effect that the music of While Heaven Wept can have upon a listener. Until I had such a pleasure to speak with Tom (interview forthcoming) I had never heard of WHW and that fact brings me great shame. “Fear of Infinity” is the band’s fourth full-length studio and dare I say it is their magnum opus. It is an emotional trip through the depths of sorrow, pain, melancholy, and the harrowing journey of rising from the depths of the shadowy well of your soul, human existence, and the nature of reality.

Get the full review here.

New Music: While Heaven Wept – “Destroyer Of Solace”

Posted by Tommy on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 11:57 AM (PST)

Virginian Doom Metallers While Heaven Wept have posted a new song titled “Destroyer Of Solace” off their upcoming album “Feat Of Infinity” to their MySpace page.

The album, set to be released April 22nd in Europe and May 3rd in North America, will be released via Nuclear Blast Records. The band’s latest album “Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence” was released on Cruz Del Sur Music in 2010.

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While Heaven Wept announce European Tour

Posted by Geoffy-Dee on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 12:52 PM (PST)

Virginian Doom Metallers While Heaven Wept have announced the dates for their upcoming European tour with Primordial and Alcest.

The spring tour will take them from Germany to the Czech Repbulic with stops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Their latest album “Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence” was released on Cruz Del Sur Music in 2010.

For a complete list of tour dates, click here.

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While Heaven WeptDoom Metal band While Heaven Wept is streaming their entire new album “Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence (Live at The Hammer of Doom Festival)” on their Myspace Page. The album was just released about a month ago on October 23rd through High Roller Records.

While Heaven Wept recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records and already has a new album set to be released with them next year.

To hear the full album click here.

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Nuclear Blast signs While Heaven Wept

Posted by NichTheHair on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 12:27 PM (PST)

Virginia’s While Heaven Wept have  joined the ranks of some of the darkest bands ever. Nuclear Blast records signed them and already plan to release “Fear of Infinity” in April 2011. Also, a supporting tour is in the works and confirmations for festival appearances have come through as well.

To read front man Tom Phillips’s thoughts on the signing, click here.

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