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Album Review: Cave In – “Final Transmission’

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, June 3, 2019 at 11:29 AM (PST)

CAVE IN‘s Final Transmission is hands down the best rock album I have heard in 2019, not just a masterful thrill-ride of all the band’s best tendencies forged into a precise and passionate whole, but an extremely emotional and satisfying if completely bittersweet farewell and celebration of Caleb Scofield. It would be a fitting final album for the band if that is what they choose to do, a potent addition to the incredible journey they have taken us on of musical and personal growth.

Caleb was killed in an auto accident in 2018 far too young and left behind a family, friends and legion of fans who he impacted in no uncertain terms. It would clearly be forgivable in the sorrow of such an event to elevate the last artwork of a beloved life out of a sense of protectiveness and love of their spirit, but Final Transmission truly is an incredible album top to bottom and deserves all the praise conceivable. It’s also heartbreaking in addition to the personal loss the world suffered to hear just how fucking amazing the band’s chemistry is, especially when capping the scope of what they have already done – a sizeable and intimidating, beautiful legacy.

I’ve been thrilled since my favorite record from the band Perfect Pitch Black to see them finding an incredible aptitude for not apologizing for any of their disparate elements, from the poppier alternative rock influences to the bristling immense heavy sounds they came up on to the psychic space rock of Jupiter that touched down in the middle of it all. Final Transmission has touchstones of all of those elements but also it is just exciting as can be to hear their drive to explore and let the Cave In-ness of it all just sort of fall into place naturally. “Winter Widow” is a fucking mind melting tune that is like a dream come true for me as a listener – the closest thing I can say to the experience being that it reminds me as if Cave In wrote a Superunknown second half track that would sit somewhere near “4th of July” and “Fresh Tendrils”. The composition, growling bass, divinely fearless guitar textures and some of Steve Brodsky’s best vocal work to date left me with goosebumps and a grateful feeling that someone still gives a fuck about rock in a very disheartening age for the genre.

Most of the lyrics and vocals for Final Transmission weren’t finished until after Caleb’s death. “The song ‘Shake My Blood’ was my first opportunity to express what I was feeling about the whole situation,” Steve explains. “It’s a mix of extreme grief, frustration and anger. I was trying to do something to gain the clearest answer about whatever the next move might be. We worked on the lyrics together, and all three of us sing on that song—Adam’s doing the high harmonies and JR is doing the low harmonies.”

I love the low tuned acoustic kind of clangy intro to the title track that opens the record, the kind of vibe I love to try and create on some of my own more mellow solo Walking Bombs tracks on my personal records – albeit these dudes all smoke me on guitar, haha. It almost sounds like a demo they cleaned up and I was very moved to learn that it was in fact a voice memo with a melodic vocal idea that Caleb left the band at an early stage of the recording process. It is a beautiful intro and VERY hard not to get choked up listening to it. So cool the band included it and it sets the stage perfectly for “All Illusions” grandeur. When those drums come in you know you are in for one of the biggest statements the band has ever made, perhaps even the biggest. This record will make any fan of the band get chills at some point at likely any listen.

“Led To The Wolves” is a fierce album closer and one full of Caleb riffs, just a brutal and bad ass song that hearkens back to some of the thunder of the earliest stuff (albeit with more melodic vocals). It really drives home with a stake through the heart the power of the band and you have to white knuckle yourself through the intensity of it knowing this voyage is reaching an end. Thankfully we will have the music forever and can fucking rage, contemplate or scream or croon along or play air guitar to any song in their history we wish. I really hope new and old fans alike – but especially old fans – take time out to spend with this album this year. It just doesn’t get better than this for 2019 but you will also feel like you are holding the hand of many hardcore scene memories. God bless to all these cats and holy fucking shit, wow. That’s all I got. Go listen. Humbling. One love/pma.

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Cave In will always be one of my favorite bands and one who made an undeniable dent on underground history. The band has announced a record called Final Transmission, featuring the last recordings of Caleb Scofield. If this is their final record, it is a fitting and dignified end to the band’s tenure.

It is impossible to hear “All Illusion” and not have some serious feels. Really gorgeous tune and fits seamlessly into their already profound and beloved catalogue. I hope this release serves as a way for the band to feel closer to their legacy than ever and helps to soothe some of the loss whole also comforting fans and giving us great new songs to enjoy for years.

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MR Staff Picks: Top Ten Metal Albums Of 2011 (Jessepac)

Posted by jessepac on Sunday, January 8, 2012 at 7:56 PM (PST)

2011 was an interesting year for metal, with classic bands attempting to re-invent themselves while the youngsters tried their damnedest to get noticed in a genre packed with talent.

Ten albums crossed my mind as the best in metal, and while they aren’t all drop-D and chug chug chug, they do showcase every aspect of diversity within metal.

Without anymore wankery, here are my picks for best ten metal albums of the year: CLICK HERE

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Video: Cave In’s entire set from Krazyfest 2011

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 12:10 PM (PST)

Cave In Band Picture

Boston metalcore band Cave In played an uproarious set at Louisville, Kentucky’s Krazyfest over the weekend and fans of the heavy metal quartet were treated to one of the first live shows in many years.

But, alas, those who could not attend are still in luck, as the power of video recording has given us the gift of an entire set!

Clocking in at almost 40 minutes, the set list should please any fan of Cave In, with steller cuts like “Trepanning” and “Big Riff.”

Click here for the full video and don’t forget to grab the new album White Silence out now on Hydra Head!

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Cave In reveal new album “White Silence” and unveil cover art

Posted by jessepac on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 10:25 PM (PST)

Cave In Band PictureHydra Head Records announced something Cave In fans have been begging for since 2005: a new album. Not only did we get a name, but an album cover, a release date, and a track list. The news comes weeks after announcing a handful of tour dates on the east coast.

The label had this say to about the new album and Cave In’s career:

“Had you told us in 1997 that we’d be here, in Spring 2011, prepping a new Cave In album, we very likely wouldn’t have registered the sort of impact that fact might have on our lives. Now, a decade and a half since we began working together, we find ourselves humbled and emotional while reflecting on the depth of meaning we find in our relationship. As friends, and as business partners, we’ve seen each other grow and stumble with an ebb and flow that feels every bit as powerful as this album we hold in our hands. The sentiment we feel while listening to White Silence is every bit an indicator of the bond we’re grateful to have with old friends who happen to collectively bust out some of our favorite jams time and time again.”

Out on May 24th, White Silence will put an end to a hiatus that has lasted over five years.

Click here for the album cover and track listing!

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Cave In announce first album in six years and small tour

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 1:28 PM (PST)

Cave In Band PictureMassachusetts natives Cave In have been sorely missed since their 2006 hiatus and the small tease-of-an-EP “Planets of Old” released last year. Their heavy sound built a large gathering of fans who have been waiting years for new material and finally that day has come. Even better, a handful of shows have been announced with more on the way. Rumors circulated of an album entitled “White Silence” being released last year.

The following comes from Cave In’s record label Hydra Head Records:

“Our favorite band that starts with a ‘CAVE’ and ends in an ‘IN’ just announced three new headlining shows on the way to and from their Krazy Fest 2011 appearance this May. Support slots TBA. Word on the street is that they’ll have a brand spankin’ new LP and CD littering their merch table….but more on that later.”

Click here for the tour dates!

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