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Wisconsin death metallers Jungle Rot have released their newest track “Fearmonger” which features Schmier of Destruction.

“Fearmonger” comes off of Jungle Rot’s upcoming self-titled album, which is due out July 20.

Vocalist/guitarist Dave Matrise explains the songs origin:

“We covered the Destruction classic ‘Invincible Force’ some years ago and Schmier told me ours is his favorite Destruction cover he has ever heard from any band. Years later we toured together and right away Schmier approached me to start singing the song with him in concert. His trademark style and my vocals worked so well together that when I began writing this new record, the idea immediately came up to have him as a guest vocalist. He loved it and was honored to be a part of it. That’s how we created ‘Fearmonger.’”

Jungle Rot will be hitting the road with Havok and Extinction A.D. later this summer.

You can check out “Fearmonger” as well as Jungle Rot tour dates and the Jungle Rot tracklist here.

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Jungle Rot to record tenth full length album in January

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 2:11 PM (PST)

JUNGLE ROT will enter the studio on January 5th, 2018 to begin recording their tenth full length album and fifth with Victory Records. “Once again, we’ve stuck with the tried and true JUNGLE ROT formula to produce another killer record that all our fans and everyone will enjoy,” promises vocalist/guitarist Dave Matrise. “It’s been nice to get back to doing what we do best and that’s writing brutal, heavy music.”

Recording will take place at Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin with engineer Chris Djuricic at the helm. Mixing and mastering will be handled by the Dan Swanö (Dark Funeral, Marduk), and accompanying the band behind the drums will be past contributor Jesse Beahler.

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As summer draws to an end so do the season’s festivals. Now you’re probably wondering what prompted me to wait so long to post this.
Along with crazy technical difficulties on my end, I really wanted to see how this summer’s festival season would end. Let’s be honest…there was
quite a bit of drama going on. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up to date with everything here is a quick recap of everything that has transpired this summer.


– After The Burial member dead after leaving a horrifying Facebook post for fans to see, forcing the band to cancel their appearance on The Summer Slaughter Tour
– Drama between the bands on Mayhem Festival (Slayer’s King vs Victory Records’ stage)
– The end of Mayhem Festival as a whole (poor ticket sales, Kevin Lyman’s “Old and Fat” comment)
– Warped Tour’s Front Porch Step mishap / Slaves being kicked off or ‘Voted off’ the tour / the tour turned 21


Now, where to begin? Let us begin with After The Burial’s unfortunate loss. After the eerie post by Justin Lowe stating that people were setting him up for crimes he hadn’t committed, the band took to Facebook stating that despite their efforts to assist Lowe that they had been unsuccessful in their attempts to pick him out of this slump that he had been in. The band cited mental illness as the reason for his off the wall Facebook post.


Read more thoughts/impressions BELOW and see band pics from Warped and Mayhem (RIP).

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Music Video: Jungle Rot – “Blood Ties”

Posted by SeanB on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 6:19 AM (PST)

Wisconsin death metal quartet Jungle Rot have released a video for the song “Blood Ties”.  The song is taken from their 2011 Victory Records release Kill on Command and is the second video they have released for one of its singles.

Perfect timing on the video release by the way, seeing as they just began a tour with Deicide and Abigail Williams.

You can check out the tour dates and the new video for “Blood Ties” here.

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2011 has been a truly intense and progressive time for metal, punk and hard rock across the continuum. Let’s start being thankful early, and working on our New Year’s Eve hangover really early, by hearing from some of our favorite bands about what made 2011 FREAKIN’ RULE (or suck if you are Jason Christopher or Ari – with maybe the funniest quotes).

Bad Brains, Taproot, Star & Dagger (ex-White Zombie/Cycle Sluts From Hell), The Resurrection Sorrow, Stone Sour/Black President, MonstrO, Wisdom In Chains, Antidote 8, PUi, Nothing But Wolves, Demilitia (ex-Kittie), Tainted Entertainment, Birdhand, Destrophy, The Compulsions, Design The Skyline, Jungle Rot, Blackguard, Painmask, Three, Nightmares For A Week, Ross the Boss band/Ivory Night, Within The Ruins, The Empire Shall Fall (ex-Killswitch Engage) and Now There Is Only A Signal have all contributed.

To read their thoughts on 2011 click here.

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Deicide to headline March of Death 2012

Posted by NichTheHair on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 1:40 PM (PST)

Floridian death metal band Deicide has been chosen to headline the March of Death 2012 tour starting next March, appropriately enough. Along with them will be Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams, and Lecherous Nocturne.

Deicide is touring in support of their tenth and most recent release, “To Hell With God.” The album is available now on Century Media.

Click here for tour dates.

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How many of you Metal Rioters out there have gone to your local record store of choice and picked up a new metal album solely based on the art that graces its cover? Unfortunately, with the growth of iTunes and Pandora it seems easier and easier to overlook album cover art in general, but in the world of Heavy Metal we’re here to remind you that this art form is still alive and well!

Each Tuesday we will present to you the best album covers of the week and draw focus into what makes each cover so f’ing rad. June has now passed us by and now it’s up to you to determine who is “June’s Cover Art of the Month”! Check ‘em out and VOTE!

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Band Name Origin Wednesday: Jungle Rot

Posted by JDKleinhans on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 8:34 AM (PST)

Ever wonder where some bands come up with their band names?  Well, we do, and we’re sick of sitting around scratching our heads about it and we bet a lot of you Metal Rioters are sick of doing the same damn thing. So, we’re pulling our sleuth gear out to bring these heavy metal mysteries into the light and every Wednesday we’ll be pulling the curtain back to bring you sweet revelation.

From the “lush tropical forests” of southeastern Wisconsin comes a Jungle Rot unlike mankind has ever seen. Revelation into from whence and where they come awaits you here.

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New Video: Jungle Rot – “Rise Up and Revolt”

Posted by Josh on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 2:25 PM (PST)

Wisconsin Death Metal act Jungle Rot has released their new video for the song “Rise Up and Revolt.”  This song is from their upcoming full-length album “Kill On Command” which is due for release on June 21st through Victory Records.  Jungle Rot was just recently signed to Victory Records, you can watch their introduction video here.

To watch the new music video for “Rise Up and Revolt” click here.

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Jungle Rot sign to Victory Records

Posted by Josh on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 3:30 PM (PST)

Kenosha based Death Metal band Jungle Rot has signed to Victory Records. To watch their introduction video to Victory click here.

Jungle Rot’s new album “Kill On Command” is set to be released everywhere on June 21st, 2011.

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