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It’s been about a week since I got really horrible news that my dad passed away suddenly. I’m kind of chilling listening to Bad Brains dub record they did at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY from 2002, I & I Survived. Dealing with so much family stuff as my sister Cambria Evans and I navigate tending to my very understandably stressed out and distraught mom (presently relaxing and listening to the cool rhodes piano or whatever is on this track behind the dub), it has me questioning many of my choices of the last twenty years when I was partying as a younger dude… drinking too much, time I could have spent with family. It really hurts.

But seeing the photos of my boys Painmask that I just got from Beneath The Remains bassist (and Metal Riot photographer) Matt Slater, it reminds me that this scene has also been family to me. I’ve gotten to be part of interviewing hundreds of bands and helping people who believe in art and metal and hardcore, so it hasn’t all been a waste. My dad supported me in my pursuit of rock n roll.

The bonds made- even with a band like Painmask whom some of you new school kids might not even know about cuz they never had a trendy record deal… these are priceless friendships. Seeing Jay Avery, Carl Carlew and the guys in these photos makes me think of countless shows with Painmask and bands like All Out War, Subzero, whoever…where creativity, crazy pits of energy but with brotherhood and unity at the core and most of all music that will last…it matters. We’ve all been doing shows together for like 20 years!

I talk a lot about Life Of Agony on this site and Joey Z. just produced the Painmask guys recently. They even recorded some of the early tracking at one of the band’s I sing for, Antidote 8‘s studio Darkworld Studio. SO it was awesome to meet Joey Z and hear him mixing Painmask levels on my bassist Dave Daw’s console last year. Anyway, these are shots from a recent Painmask show at Hot Shotz in Upstate, NY. It’s a small venue that hosts cover bands and occasioal rock shows, but they support live music so who gives a fuck.

I just wanna say be thankful for the friends you have and the limited time on this Earth. Make it count!

For more shots see BELOW.

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“Shed my skin and start again”

It was thrilling to attend the sold out Starland Ballroom Life of Agony and A Pale Horse Named Death show (w/Antwerp openers Diablo Blvd bringing their blend of Danzig-influenced hard rock). It is no secret I am one of the biggest LOA and Type O fans in the world and have been blessed to interview Mina, Sal and to have met Joey Z on different occasions. This band saved my life and I know I am not alone among you readers out there in vocalizing that.

That said, be it their name, the serious nature of their blend of melodic alternative rock and old school hard core and metal or just timing, Life Of Agony are both huge AND underrated. No one knew for sure if they would ever come back now that singer Kieth Caputo transitioned to become Mina Caputo, but from the first note of the band’s set the place erupted and the room was nothing but love. It was completely life affirming and rock n roll as hell.

Click HERE for more.

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Show pics: Painmask at The Loft (with new members)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 7:05 PM (PST)


8/22/2014 my pals Painmask crushed the Loft in Poughkeepsie on a bill with Cro-Mags and Society Today. The Painmask boys have been busy lately recording with Joey Z from Life Of Agony as well as revamping thier line-up a bit with the addition of guitarist John Reilly and drummer K Grizzle to the long running metalcore outfit’s current roster. Matt Slater got some live pics for us.

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Kingston, NY’s hardcore kings Painmask are underground vets who real heads know have been in this dogfight for decades. Now, the band have an upcoming gig with Cro-Mags and Sub Zero in Poughkeepsie, NY

Says intelligent vocalist Jay Avery:

“Were really excited for this upcoming show and the chance to meet and hang with great local acts and support two legendary New York Hardcore bands. Both Subzero and Cro-mags have pioneered the style and scene that we have always been proud to be part of. We’re taking this  opportunity to introduce new members of the band and material that is soon to be released. We’re confident that the new additions to the Painmask roster will once again deliver! Were a solid group of lifelong metalheads with endless ambition. Our strict mission is to deliver the most intense, thought provoking, heavy music set one could ask for.  And If you don’t believe me come see for yourself. We offer a money back guarantee!”

I asked Avery how about the material they recently tracked with Joey Z. of Life Of Agony fame at various studios?

“Were working on final mixes with the new tracks and couldn’t be more happier with the outcome. We were a little concerned at first with the recent member changes, but what has emerged is incredible! Life’s circumstances have parlayed into something bigger and stronger then we could have imagined. JoeyZ really is a cut above to work with. His advice and professionalism is second to none! But with the recent resurgence of Life of Agony and their European shows this month, we’ve had to take a short pause from mastering. We should have these songs available by mid September. But if you’re one of the lucky ticket holders and we see you at the sold out LOA reunion on Sept 13 in Sayreville NJ. I might even have a copy for you.”
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Painmask: Tracking with Joey Z (Life of Agony) Pt. 2

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 9:04 PM (PST)


Upstate NY’s long running Painmask recently went back in the studio with Joey Z (Life of Agony guitar legend). The band’s vocalist Jay Avery last week went to Long Island and tracked his vocals on some new material. Joey even contributed some backup vocals to Painmask’s “One5Nation”.

Painmask bassist Carl Carlew had this to say: The most exciting thing about working with a producer the caliber of Joey Z is that we are confident that our vision for how these tracks could sound, and should sound, will finally be fully realized. We have the utmost respect for where he comes from as a musician, and I feel that musically and vocally he has pushed us to deliver the best performances possible. Joey’s music has helped shape our sound through the years, so I can’t think of anyone better to capture where we’re currently at in our musical evolution. As a producer, he has recently worked with bands such as NYC’s Killcode that are currently making waves in the metal/hard rock underground, so we hope to use his involvement with this recording to help springboard Painmask to the next level. We have hopes for big things on the horizon!

No word yet on when the tracks will see the light of day but we will keep you posted. In other news, Painmask are seeking a new guitarist. Interested applicants better know their Biohazard and can contact the band via Facebook HERE.


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Painmask: One-5 alive and tracking with Joey Z (Pt.1)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, January 10, 2014 at 4:14 AM (PST)


In the first piece of a series…Upstate, NY’s metalcore revenants Painmask are back with bold news. The decades long running Kingston based crew recently entered Darkworld Studio, home base of my band Antidote 8, to record 3 new songs with producer/guitarist/bad ass Joey Z (Life of Agony/Steromud) and new drummer Joe Carney (ex-Antidote 8). It was awesome to get a sneak peak of new Painmask, riffs as bludgeoning as and sounding bigger than ever. Even with a basic board mix and no EQ! Painmask recorded at Darkworld and are then mixing the stuff at Joey’s studio in NYC. It was nearly 11 years to the day that Painmask members saw Life Of Agony reconquer NYC in concert, and vocalist Jay Avery fills us in.

Jay Avery : I had met JoeyZ a few times over the years and knew of his Method of Groove studio. But it wasn’t until one night back in 2011 when the fate of the band seemed shaken. While out at a friend’s club watching the River Runs Again video,(a show which we attended) and being inspired,  Painmask bassist Carl and I had discussed possibly starting a LOA Tribute band. The next day I placed a Craigslist add. Sometime later I received an honorable email from Joey wishing me luck and vowing to share the stage at some point if I got it together. Later on I sent him our 2010 ep to see if he’d be interested in working with us. Then it was the dedication of our new drummer JoeyC that was the pinnacle for the new material. Having JoeyZ engineer this new record is a big step for us. Not only is he someone who has been on both sides of the spectrum., he’s a solid dude with an amazing work ethic!


Stay tuned! One-5! And props to Joe Carney for killing it with the Mask boys.

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Painmask announce 15 year celebration show (1/5/13).

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 1:33 PM (PST)

If it’s in your blood you don’t stop!

Upstate, NY metalcore mainstays Painmask have announced a 15 year anniversary show on their Facebook. This band have been true believers in the DIY hardcore and metal scene since the 90’s and continue to keep practicing what they preach no matter what the trends show. Though the group took a hiatus in the 00’s, the members have always lived up to the hardcore lifestyle and kept representing strong on the street or in da clubs. They came back strong the last few years with an EP and opened for Soulfly and Fear Factory recently.

I friggin’ love these guys. You should too. Every region worth their salt has a Painmask…that kick ass influential regional band that have opened for or collaborated with many nationals, that band everyone knows who never broke huge but never gave up caring because they STILL know every show is a chance to make your mark or connect with other human beings.

Sleep when you’re dead.

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Back from hiatus after a lengthy break, the metalcore band Painmask are champions of the Upstate, NY metal and hardcore underground. This band has been writing great songs, doing it live and going to E-Town shows  since a lot of new school heroes were in diapers. Painmask still represent with a Life Of Agony/Biohazard influenced wall of mosh sound no matter what the climate changes in the scene. That said, Painmask are not just a 90’s throwback band. They were doing it back then in the first place!

A lot of regions have classic bands that weren’t as well known but who real bands/peers in the scene all know and love. Not everyone knows Section 8 from Albany/Troy, NY or Sam Black Church from Boston but they were very influential. Painmask is kinda like that for the Hudson Valley, a band who slug it out and represent, have collaborated with All Out War, toured with Mastodon and released great records but deserve way more props.

I talked with Painmask singer Jay Avery about what makes heavy music so important to the band, their history and reunion, the new album (some label like I Scream needs to scoop these guys up), and looking at the funny side of life even while being tough guys.

To read the interview click HERE.

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2011 has been a truly intense and progressive time for metal, punk and hard rock across the continuum. Let’s start being thankful early, and working on our New Year’s Eve hangover really early, by hearing from some of our favorite bands about what made 2011 FREAKIN’ RULE (or suck if you are Jason Christopher or Ari – with maybe the funniest quotes).

Bad Brains, Taproot, Star & Dagger (ex-White Zombie/Cycle Sluts From Hell), The Resurrection Sorrow, Stone Sour/Black President, MonstrO, Wisdom In Chains, Antidote 8, PUi, Nothing But Wolves, Demilitia (ex-Kittie), Tainted Entertainment, Birdhand, Destrophy, The Compulsions, Design The Skyline, Jungle Rot, Blackguard, Painmask, Three, Nightmares For A Week, Ross the Boss band/Ivory Night, Within The Ruins, The Empire Shall Fall (ex-Killswitch Engage) and Now There Is Only A Signal have all contributed.

To read their thoughts on 2011 click here.

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Band Spotlight: Painmask

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 7:36 PM (PST)

If you want to remember when metalcore was thrilling (think 2nd wave when people were finally more comfortable with “crossover”) and when bands like Biohazard and Life Of Agony were first blowing minds, Painmask are firm disciples yet with brutal twists all their own. Singer Jay Avery also is a major advocate for medical marijuana and has worked with friend Kyle Kushman to spread the word. After an extended hiatus Painmask are back strong showing that you can’t keep a real band down. They have a new EP and are recording a full length, hoping for the best but determined to hold middle fingers high and play music regardless of corny trends.  Give them a listen on their facebook.

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