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SEPULTURA release “Guardians Of Earth” music video

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 12:13 PM (PST)

Sepultura‘s fearless and ferocious Quadra is one of their most cohesive and stunning musical achievements yet in the band’s long legacy. The album is the band’s most successful record since 1998’s Against, charting in 17 countries and entering the top 20 in 7 countries (8, considering the UK Rock Charts). It is also their most successful album in Germany and Switzerland to date, exceeding the chart positions of Roots, with positions number 5 and number 13, respectively.

From Andreas and Eloy masterfully building up anticipation in the intro to the massive heavy sections screaming for awareness, “Guardians Of Earth” is yet another reason this album is so timely. Watch the gorgeous and moving video below.

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Band Spotlight: Sepultura

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, February 7, 2020 at 4:10 PM (PST)

Icons of world thrash Sepultura are the un-killable underground dynasty that refuses naysayers and continues to evolve and make bonds with new fans year after year. 2020 finds the band -Andreas Kisser (Guitars), Derrick Green(Vocals), Eloy Casagrande (Drums) and Paulo Jr. (bass) releasing one of the most incredible statements of the group’s storied legacy, Quadra. If you still only like the early eras you are willfully a stick in the mud or unable to hear greatness. “Isolation”, the pain exuding “Last Time”, the new class war anthem “Capital Enslavement” and the onslaught “Agony Of Defeat” are just a few examples of one of the most solid records in recent metal memory. Sepultura still have plenty of staying power!

“On ‘Quadra’, we felt the urge to revisit that old thrash feeling of ‘Beneath the Remains’ or ‘Arise’,’ only seen through the eyes of  today,”Andreas Kisser utters the magic words. “Add to that the tribal percussion, the orchestral elements, the choirs, the melodies and the clean vocals and you get a thorough run-through of our entire career, backed by a very contemporary approach.” 

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Personally, I believe Derrick Green of Sepultura to be one of the best vocalists in Metal. He has done a lot of killer work with the band since joining but since people are so stubbornly obsessed with the early Sep-mythology they often have somehow not realized that Machine Messiah, Against, A-lex and Dante XXI (to name my favorites with Green) also kick complete ass. Just because the band covered U2 once – and WELL – some idiots wrote off Green, who frankly has more talent in his charismatic demeanor than they could ever muster, and certainly a more powerful bellow or melodic voice than most of his haters. Green is a pro and unphased, kicking ass consistently. Hats off to the dude.

SEPULTURA’s Derrick Green will be on the road in Europe for a Vocal Masterclass Tour during the month of October (2019). Check below the dates and HERE for tickets.

10.10 – Duycker – Amsterdam, NL
11.10 – Ls Relais Des Artistes – Le Bioux, CH
12.10 – Legend Club – Milan, IT
13.10 – Pitcher – Dusseldorf, DE
14.10 – The Underground – London, UK

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New Sepultura song “DarkSide” is upon you

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 4:55 PM (PST)


From the legendary band:

Everyone has a DarkSide!

A song Sepultura made for DarkSide Books. Enjoy!

Check it out HERE and pay respects to the band on their 30 Year Anniversary! I love the post-Max line ups as much as the early days of the band and the fact it is still an issue at all shows how ridiculous metal fans can be sometimes.

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“Aggravations, hostility…but there’s a difference. We are free!” – Derrick Green, from “Spectrum”

Metal icons Sepultura are true survivors, a band that has stood for years as heavy music ambassadors to Brazil and beyond. Now the heavy metal tribal kings are poised to make a glorious racket yet again with the release of Sepultura And Les Tambours du Bronx: Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio, out in North America on September 16th, 2014.

The album finds Sepultura plowing with vigor through classics like “Territory” and sing along fan favorite anthems “Sepulnation” and “Roots Bloody Roots” alongside the French industrial percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx, notorious for beating 225-liter barrels with beech wood bats or even axe handles! Could that much sound even be properly captured on CD/DVD? I checked in with imposing talent, vocalist Derrick Green, to get the story on one of the most impressive live statements of the band’s globe trotting career.

Click HERE for more!

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My Epic is excited to announce the release of the instrumental version of “Behold”, the band’s fourth studio album.  The album will be available through all digital outlets on May 27.  You can now listen to the song ‘Arise’ on our You Tube page (Not a Sepultura cover. Enabler did that). .   ‘Arise’ is the first track on Behold and is the first of a trilogy of songs depicting the return of Jesus.  This is a look at the magnitude & brevity of the world He holds together.

Pre-Orders are online now for just $7.99 on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Stay posted for more My Epic news coming very soon (hint: it involves vinyl!)

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Top Ten most metal classic RPG characters

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 9:31 PM (PST)


Kids today want to be on Instagram and listen to mall core instead of playing D&D and listening to death metal. Poseurs! You probably have never even heard of “Tasha’s uncontrollable hideous laughter”, you selfie taking tramps and bro-step dweebs!

Thankfully there is hope. Even Madonna is getting into dressing up like Game of Thrones now that she is a cool mom. Still, Game of Thrones is great and all but the lack of any real good adaptations to film or tv of classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons worlds is pathetic. The Dragonlance cartoon was horrible and had terrible animation. The D&D movie with Jeremy Irons was a joke (and he is a great actor). Lord of the Rings is still going strong as a franchise and there are plenty of geeks who grew up on TSR/Wizards of the Coast RPG worlds like Spell Jammer, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Dark Sun or Greyhawk. Can we please get a good version of something from one of these properties? Make them grim and awesome! Ogres! Umber Hulks! Boobs! C’mon!!!

Anyway, in a fit of geek rage I compiled an educational list of some of the most truly metal and bad ass characters in the history of AD&D role playing worlds. I have even paired them with a character appropriate metal song for you dorks out there. Put down your girlfriends (if you have one) and pick up some twenty sided dice!

To read the top ten metal AD&D character list click HERE.

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Sepultura posts new track “The Age of the Atheist”

Posted by GageT on Friday, September 20, 2013 at 8:54 AM (PST)

sepulturaagesingle_600Brazilian metal staples Sepultura have put up a new track for streaming called “The Age of the Atheist.” The track comes from their upcoming album The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart, which is due out October 25 via Nuclear Blast.

The track will be released as a digital single and on colored vinyl (with the B-side featuring a cover of Death track “Zombie Ritual”) on September 27, also via Nuclear. The artwork for the single, which you can see off to the left, was created by Brazilian artist Alexandre Wagner, who specializes in charcoal drawing.

Click here to check out the new track.

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Sepultura post new album trailer, announce North American tour dates

Posted by GageT on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 8:31 AM (PST)

sepulturaBrazilian headbangers Sepultura have just released part 2 of the trailer for their new album, The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart (due out Oct 29 via Nuclear Blast). The album was recorded with producer Ross Robinson (who has worked with Korn, Machine Head, and Fear Factory).

They also announced a headlining North American tour in support of the album. Joining them on this “Tsunami of Metal” tour is Unearth, Kataklysm, Scar the Martyr (select dates), Anciients (select dates), and openers Dark Sermon.

You can check out that album trailer (along with the first) and the tour dates here.

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Sepultura announces title of their upcoming album

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, July 19, 2013 at 10:16 AM (PST)

Sepultura-European-TourBrazilian metal band Sepultura have announced the name of their upcoming album, The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The HeartThe Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart will be the bands thirteenth studio album and a follow up to the 2011 album Kairos.

The album was inspired by Fritz Langs 1927 film Metropolis but is not a concept album. The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart was tracked by Ross Robinson’s in his studio in Venice, California, is set to be mixed and mastered by co-producer Steve Evetts and will be released by Nuclear Blast.

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Sepultura begins working on new album

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 9:54 AM (PST)

Sepultura-European-TourBrazilian metal band Sepultura have announced that they have begun working on a new album. The as of yet untitled album will be the bands lucky thirteenth studio album and a follow up to the 2011 effort Kairos. The band began recording earlier this week out of High Five Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the album is set for release late 2013 via Nuclear Blast.


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Deep Cuts: Sepultura

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, December 14, 2012 at 6:28 PM (PST)

For the third notch in the Metal Riot “Deep Cuts” belt, I decided to take a look at the legendary force of nature from Brazil, the almighty Sepultura. Whichever era of the band (and yes, whichever singer) they just keep kicking ass. Whether leading the charge for death thrash back in the day, championing world music and metal colliding in explosive fusion or drop tuning and adding groove, whatever they have done is almost always brutality defined.

Growing up, the first heavy tape I got was Agnostic Front on one side and Sepultura on the other. That one little cassette introduced me to the first hardcore and death metal bands I would grow to love. These are not so much simply artists as much as war horses who to me were heroes upholding pure expression through heavy music. Shit, Sepultura reminded people that metal existed in other places besides England and America!

Let’s take a peek at what Sepultura cuts made “Deep Cuts”. Click HERE and mosh!

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Sepultura to film next year’s performance at Rock in Rio on DVD

Posted by Metal Dude on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 7:31 PM (PST)

Sepultura have announced that their concert at Rock In Rio, which takes place in September of next year, will be professionally filmed for the band’s next DVD, to be released sometime in 2014.

No further more information has been available, but stay tuned for updates.

Sepultura’s last record Kairos was released in July of last year on Nuclear Blast. They are currently working on a follow-up record.

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Colorado thrashers, Havok, have released a cover version of the Sepultura song “Arise” off their upcoming EP, “Point Of No Return.” The EP was recorded by the band with some help from James Murphy. The EP will include two new Havok songs, the Sepultura cover, and a cover of Slayer‘s “Postmortem/Raining Blood.”

To check out the new song “Arise,” click here.

The new EP will be released May 22nd through Candlelight Records.

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Brazilian death metalers Krisiun will return to North America this April in support of their their recently released, 8th studio album, The Great Execution.  Joining them are bay area thrash act Death Angel, Brazilian/American thrashers Seputura, and Colorado thrashers Havok.

Krisiun vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo comments:

“Hey everyone!!! We in Krisiun would like to invite all you diehard metal brothers to come on out and support our upcoming shows around the USA and Canada. We are gonna share the stage with our fellow countrymen, the almighty Sepultura, for the first time, plus fucking Death Angel and Havok. We guarantee you this combination of bands will unleash hell every night. See you guys out there!!!”

Click here for complete tour dates.

The Great Execution was released October 31st in Europe and November 1st in North America via Century Media Records.

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