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Album Review: Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering (Tome 1)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 2:34 PM (PST)



Cryptopsy‘s The Book of Suffering Tome 1 should put the veteran Canadian’s back to the higher tier they deserve in the death metal world. The first in a series of EPs, it completely kicks your ass and exhausts but leaves you panting for more evil. Pre-order HERE.

These days “technical death metal” means precise widdly widdly and oddball arrangements to some rather than complex, relentless attack ala Cannibal or Aeon. I’d put proper Cryptopsy in the latter category, a band at their best when having fun writing arrangements unselfconciously but still pushing themselves to get as crazy as can be. People give them shit for The Unspoken King because it was a deathcore departure, but what’s funny is how few people notice how much the death metal side of Whitechapel’s This Is Exile, for example, sounded like it really wanted to be Cryptopsy at certain points. I don’t think a band should be punished for expanding their style anyway. Sure, a classic sounding doom album like Crypt Sermon’s latest Out Of The Garden nails a certain style and is above the doom pack this year due to killer performances such as “The Master’s Bouquet”, but if everyone always adhered to only certain forms we would have nothing but genre boundaries and no innovation.

So, The Book of Suffering. Definitely on the more classic Cryptopsy sound-side but full of thrills and some twists anyway.

For some reason the title has me thinking of Hermann Hesse’s “genius of suffering” Steppenwolf (a must read for anyone, let alone metal fans, haha). A treatise on spiritual loneliness and the moral shades of embracing the wolf within, the book often mentions Buddha.

“A man who can understand Buddha and has an intuition of the heaven and hell of humanity ought not to live in a world ruled by “common sense” and democracy and bourgeois standards. It is only from cowardice that he lives in it…and refuses to see that the wolf is as often as not the best part of him.”

Read more BELOW.


“We strive to create. It is an essential part of who we are as individuals. We will only stop when we are dead!” – Matt

Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy  was awesome and checked in to tell us about the Back To The US 2015 Tour the death metal veteran tyrants are engaging in (Tickets HERE! Get them). Cryptopsy have been curdling blood since before you popped pubes, so give them respect! Also, check their new crowd funding effort and chip in, metalheads!

I’ll tell you what…I just rode 6 hours on a bus today. Mother’s Day I went to babysit my sister’s kids out of state as a favor. It was good to se family but the long ride back to Upstate, NY was ringing my ears. People in early summer in NYC are either amazing to look at, day walker hipster scum or Romero zombie/walkers who stink of piss and mental illness. I mean, it depends on where you are. I love NYC to death, even now. Still, I had forgotten to take my meds for 3 days and swicthed seats so a nice Asian couple could sit together and my last hour home this “large framed” woman in a sleeveless shirt was sweating and fainting on me half asleep, really edging me out. Seeing all this beautiful former countryside roll by as I came back through Rhode Island and Mass and then crawled past NJ adult gift stores and empty lots, it bummed me out. I try to be compassionate and believe in the best in humanity but sometimes you see the swarming, hungry masses just now learning to not have GMOs in their Chipotle and you wanna barf and scream “why, God?! Why are we such slaves to wolfish, murderous impulse.” Then you want to listen to metal and scream and cry.

Fucking Cryptopsy, whichever album (and I do mean ALL of them – seriously, how could you think “The Headsmen” wasn’t fucking insane?!!) have more guts, dedication and tenacity than half the citizens of the United States in guitarist Chris Donaldson ‘s little picking finger alone. These dudes have slaved over countless riffs, logged many miles and held on to the torch of extreme and deadly music long before social media troll-core blog page comment nazis started wearing big ass ear gauges.

Read this exclusive interview with Canada’s dark soldiers BELOW. Special thanks to Paul Ablaze from Blackguard for hooking this up!

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Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, and Decrepit Birth announce European tour

Posted by GageT on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 2:10 PM (PST)

cattle-decapitation-cryptopsyThree of the heaviest bands around, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, and Decrepit Birth, have announced that they will be joining forces for a truly brutal tour of Europe.

Travis Ryan, vocalist for Cattle Decapitation, had this to say:

“It’s great to hit the road with our friends Cryptopsy and Decrepit Birth again… and this time, in Europe! We’ll be hitting some spots harder than usual and some spots we’ve never been and we’re always into that. This might be the only time this year you guys see us so be sure to come out and rage with us!”

Check out the tour dates here.

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New Music: Cryptopsy – “The Golden Square Mile”

Posted by SeanB on Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 8:25 AM (PST)

Canadian technical death metalers Cryptopsy are streaming a new song from their upcoming self-titled album.  The song is called “The Golden Square Mile” and has been described by the band as follows:

The song deals with an unexplained killing that took place in Montreal. This is the song that CRYPTOPSY will most likely choose for their first video of this new release. It’s also the only song in which all of the musicians took part in writing, including ex-member Youri Raymond. Hope you enjoy!”

You can find “The Golden Square Mile” streaming by clicking right here. You can also check out “Two Pound Torch” and “Red Skinned Scapegoat,”two previously released songs from the album right here.

This album will be Cryptopsy’s seventh full length album and the follow up to 2008’s The Unspoken King.  It is due for Century Media release September 14, 2012.

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Cryptopsy releases new album cover and track listing

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 11:37 AM (PST)

Canadian technical death metal band Cryptopsy have released the cover art and track listing for their upcoming self titled album Cryptopsy. The album is set for release later this year and is a follow up to the bands 2008 effort The Unspoken King.

Drummer Flo Mounier stated the following: “I’m a fan of different sorts of music, and I think it’s most fun when a band puts out an album that has elements of everything; you get this thing called diversity, not boredom. That’s what we’re trying to do. Still, I think people are going to be surprised how brutal this album is.”

To see the track listing an cover art click here.

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Jon Levasseur rejoins Cryptopsy

Posted by Ehrila on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 7:04 AM (PST)

Canadian extreme metallers Cryptopsy announced the following band update:

“We have some important informative news we would like to announce.

Jon Levasseur, former lead guitarist and major creative contributing force behind None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy, And Then You’ll Beg… has returned to the band. The combination of Jon and Chris Donaldson has revived the power and energy of the infamous Cryptopsy string section, without losing the backup vocals and creative talent of Youri Raymond, whom is now playing the six string bass. Eric Langlois has, for now, decided to step back and take a break from the Cryptopsy family.

The reborn and fully motivated chemistry of Matt, Chris, Youri, Jon and Flo is determined to make an impact in 2011 and beyond.

New material is in the works (with the actual lineup) and will be available to all with your support in late 2011. Meanwhile, three new songs have been completed and will soon be featured on a final Century Media release. This meaning, the future is ours and yours and promises to be true Cryptopsy.”

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Season of Mist announces Nader Sadek album, tracklist, and artwork

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 1:53 PM (PST)

Nader Sadek PictureExtreme metal label Season of Mist has announced the debut album of Nader Sadek, Egyptian-born designer and metal artist. Formerly the stage designer for Mayhem’s US tour in 2009, Sadek has joined forces with some ex-Mayhem and Morbid Angel members, as well as current Cryptopsy drummer Flo Mounier, to create his own metal project.

Here is Sadek on his first album and working with his new bandmates:

“We created a monstrous machine of an art piece that I believe will shock the senses and open people’s minds. The hybrid of influences is by far one of the most unique works to have come out in recent memory. Flo’s attack resembles machinery inside a tank on a battlefield, while still being able to lucratively reproduce the sound of hive of knives swarming and tearing skin to vapor. Each hit and bang is strategically and intelligently placed. Building on top are the mind bending guitars of Rune (Eriksen), which quickly stab razor-like, shredding the inner layers of the skin with palm muted aggression and psychopathic minor chords, creating a sculpture of flesh and metallic bone. Flowing into the bloodstream of this skeleton immortal life is injected though the burning voice of a god, Steve (Tucker) performs with aggression and anger unheard before. I am truly proud of this creation and grateful to my new brothers. I cannot wait for it to be unleashed onto the world!”

Click here for the tracklisting and album art and check out his official Facebook for a taste of the new album!

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